In response to Alien Infiltration Vs. Mind Games

I subscribe to the Mysterious Universe feed and, the other day, I got this tidbit in my Reader. Now, I have already written a bit about my take on most UFO abduction scenarios in my posts on the Grays, but I wanted to take a moment to address the unique witness statement of “Alison” quoted here.

As someone who looks at the paranormal and cryptozoological and occasionally the UFOlogical from a magical and folkloric perspective, one might assume that my instant response to Alison’s statements would be that the negative astral etheric entities responsible for most abduction scenarios had simply invented a new game. While this is certainly a possibility (these beings have shown themselves to be infinitely adaptable and good at getting the reaction they want from us), I think that Alison might have had an experience of another kind, much more human origin.

One of the commenters , Underseer, mentioned MKUltra and other known mind control experiments as a possible explanation for Alison’s experience. I am inclined to agree. Modern day warfare is no longer won with tanks and artillery. While much ado is made of drones and other killing technologies, the modern war is one that is often fought in the hearts and minds (if I may borrow a phrase) of the opponents and their supporters. Imagine, if you will, the advantage that could be had from being able to pluck key members of your opposition from their camps and altering their minds to make them believe that they had been picked up by members of an alien race (or the djinn, for that matter) and told to mend their evil ways. Such an ability could also allow the mind controllers to plant tracking devices in places where the abductee would not look for them, allowing the controllers access to all sorts of intelligence on the routes, locations and hiding places of their enemy. Even if the controllers are unable to bring the experience fully to the victims’s consciousness, the PTSD like symptoms engendered by such experiences would like result in an extreme decrease in the enemy’s efficiency.

If the controllers also happen to have experienced psi experimenters working with them, and again past projects seem to indicate this, it is even possible that they are seeking a way to loosen people up and make them more suggestible to telepathic receipt and transmission. What better way to keep track of your enemy than to be able to travel around in his head or to be able to reach out and touch him whenever you need intelligence? Now, I grant that this is pretty far fetched but I do not think it is beyond the realm of possibility.

As Underseer noted, such experiments would be costly, would require persons very skilled in working with cognition and memory and would be subject to extreme levels of secrecy. It does no good to develop such a program if the enemy knows about it. I think though that what Underseer is missing, in his or her supposition that the abductors would hide their secret at all costs, is that most people are quite willing to live in willful ignorance. Specifically, how many people are really going to take Alison’s story seriously?

The abductors in this case do not need to take drastic measures against Alison to make sure she does not talk. The only people who are going to believe her story are people on the fringe who can be easily discounted as “those UFO nuts” or smirked at as “conspiracy theorists”. I have written previously about the unwillingness of people who experience extreme hauntings to come forward or seek help. The question that rings in their minds, as it would with an abductee of any sort, is: who will believe me? If the abductors found that, for whatever reason, their experiment was going awry, it would be far easier for them to back away and fly off in their black helicopter than it would be to try to remediate the problem in another way. They doubtless have other test subjects and a certain number of failures are going to happen in any experimental protocol, no matter how well prepared.

Anytime we look at a phenomenon and say, “this is the cause, there is no other”, we are setting ourselves up to be proven incorrect since incontrovertible evidence is rare in these areas. I do believe that the majority of UFO abduction scenarios are caused by negative astral/etheric entities seeking to feed off the terror that they build into the experience. However, I also believe it quite likely that some abductions are the result of groups doing mind control experiments on unwilling subjects. For all I know there may be a third, fourth and fifth explanation as well. Polarization of thought (either A or B) needs to be replaced in these circumstance with more A and B and C and . . . thinking.


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