Men in Black

Life imitates the weather here in Georgia: when it rains it ours. There have been a number of articles on the Men in Black in various forums that I follow over the past couple of days so I just can not resist the desire to comment on this one.

The Men in Black (MIB) phenomenon is one that has been a part of UFO lore since at least the 1940’s and, as with most things in the UFO community, the discussion of MIB’s causes immediate polarization. In one camp, we have the “hard ET” people who are convinced that “flying saucers” are spacecraft from other worlds and that the MIB’s are government agents sent to dissuade people from talking about or researching them. On the other side of the chasm, we have the group I favor, who see UFO’s as more of a paranormal phenomenon and are open to the possibility that the craft and the reported creatures who come from them might be a trans-dimensional phenomenon (in my terms, visitors from the Otherworld) and that MIB’s are far more unexplainable.

While I fall firmly into the paranormal camp in regard to UFO’s and their occupants, I have my reasons for doing so. While those reasons are not based on personal experience yet, my informants give me good reason to believe what I have outlined in my articles on The Grays. The MIB, though, is a separate issue altogether and, as with many things in the paranormal field, I believe there are likely a number of explanations for these enigmatic beings.

1) I am quite certain, given some of the witness statements, that some of the MIB’s are, in fact, government agents sent out to questions witnesses and discourage them from talking about their experiences in public. Given that there is a subset of UFO sightings that may have to do with secret military aircraft, this makes sense. Needless to say, the UFO “skeptics” and debunkers assume this theory for the MIB phenomenon, if they even lend credence to MIB witnesses, since it requires no effort of thought on their part and accords with their materialist world view.

2) There are those who theorize that the MIB’s are actually aliens in disguise. While I am not a big fan of the extraterrestrial (i.e. from another planet/galaxy) theory, it is possible that the MIB’s are actually representatives of what I call the Intruders, the astral/etheric entities who prey upon humans. If so then the menace and threats of the MIB’s are simply an extension of the Intruder’s overall plan to “harvest” the emotional energy of human beings. I find this theory awkward though since I am reasonably certain that the Intruders are master shape shifters. It’s possible that the awkwardness and out of time clothing and cars are all part of the plan to create an aura of “alienness” and menace. I feel that this is the weakest theory since these entities have been doing this for eons; if they want to be menacing, they have more than enough ways to do it without creating awkward MIB scenarios.

3) The tulpa or thought form theory has also been advanced to explain the MIB’s. If you do not believe that a thought form can take solid manifestation, then I suggest you peruse a copy of The Magical Use of Thought Forms by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and J.H. Brennan. My primary question in regarding MIB’s as thought forms is this. A thought form does not simply arise spontaneously – either it is magically crafted and empowered by the magical arts of the creator or it may arise from the concentrated thoughts of a large group of people, focused on a certain image, over a period of time. Since the MIB seems to go back to the very beginning of the “flying saucer” era, I am wondering what the precipitating event was? What image did people in the UFOlogical community focus on to create the MIB? It is not enough to say that the MIB came from the collective paranoia of certain members of the UFO community who were convinced of a government cover up; we have to be able to point to an image that these people glommed on to in order to create the thought form. If some of the MIB’s are thought forms, I would guess that the image from whence they were created would be the government agents encountered in 1 above.

4) This is where I may be crossing into uncharted waters. It is quite possible that some MIB’s are actual people and we have looked at the possibility of the MIB being either one of the Intruders or a thought form. My own psychic ticklers propose another solution to this problem. MIB’s seem to be adamantly, even vehemently concerned with getting people to leave the UFO phenomenon alone. They plague witnesses and researchers alike and those who have had encounters with them have often noted that they seemed slightly out of place, odd, different, creepy etc. Witnesses also often report that these beings just did not seem to belong in their bodies – they were awkward, their speech sounded wrong, they did not seem to understand appropriate and inappropriate behavior. All of these seem to me to be hallmarks of a being who is not used to living in a physical body and has not quite figured out how to run the thing. Is it possible that the MIB are a group opposed to the Intruders on the astral/etheric but who lack the manifestation skills of their opponents on this plane?

I grant that this is a wild theory and not the most elegant but it rings true to me on the intuitive level. If you could use one word to describe MIB encounters, “clumsy” might be a good one. Reading the accounts of other writers, I have been struck, again and again, by the feeling that these beings are just not used to physical manifestation but that they are trying, almost desperately to get people out of the UFO field. They seem to have a deep understanding of just how dangerous the intruders are. I do not think they are trying to cover up anything: I believe that they are trying their clumsy best to get humans out of harms way.


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