The Intruders

I have been reading Nick Redfern’s book Monster Diary for fun of late and decided, in a few spare moments, to check out one of his interviews on Binnall of America. I was delighted to discover that the interview in question covered Mr. Redfern’s book Final Events. This publication, one which I now want to read, covers the work of a government think tank that came to the conclusion that the UFO phenomenon has absolutely nothing to do with aliens visiting our planet from another planet/galaxy and everything to do with demonic forces arrayed against human kind and manipulating us toward Armageddon.

In addition to the demonic intervention theory, the members of this group, referred to in the book as the Collins Elite, came to a number of other frightening conclusion. It was their belief that the earth was basically a “farm” where humans were raised to feed hungry demon kind (shades of The Matrix) and that at death, these demons feasted on the souls of humans beings. I have not read the book so I do not know if this refers only to the humans who have had contact with them or humans in general but, as Mr. Binnall pointed out in the interview, the prospect is terrifying either way. If you are interested in hearing more about this theory, the discussion starts at about minute 87:00 on the audio I listened to.

I strongly agree with Mr. Redfern’s stance throughout the interview that, while the Collins Elite group had some valid ideas in re the thought that the UFO phenomenon might be caused by something inter dimensional rather than extraterrestrial, they did not expand their thinking past their own markedly Judeo-Christian mode of cognition. In their Otherworld, there are only two options – heaven and hell – and since these beings did not appear to be on the side of the angels, they had to, therefore, be residents of hell.

Now, as with most things, I do not rule out the interference of entities that might be classed by some as demons in the UFO field; however, as I have noted throughout these pages, the magical philosophy operates in very Shakespearean terms: there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your (or the Collins Elite) philosophy. Anyone who has had dealings with the esoteric quickly learns that the Otherworld is a multi-layered affair populated by an endless panoply of creatures. Some of those beings look with favor on humans, most are disinterested and some view humans as prey. While I do not think that our world is a vast farm set up to feed these parasitic entities, it is certainly the case that these predatory energies are constantly seeking new food sources and that the more intelligent “critters” are quite willing to create elaborate scenarios to terrify people into producing their favorite elixir: fear.

In my view, the abduction scenario is a favorite ploy right now but one can also class aggressive hauntings, sexual predation by spirits (lust is also good food) and other such phenomenon as the work of the “nasties”. Magic has always been concerned with, amongst other things, keeping these critters at bay; thus, the plethora of banishing rituals, methods for working with more beneficial spirits to protect against the predators and even evocation to summon the nasties and bind them to the magician’s will (not suggested). While I appreciate that modern investigators of the paranormal are attempting to make themselves more mainstream by trying to be scientific about their study, I think they are doing themselves and those they may be seeking to help a great disservice by failing to take into account what the magical traditions have been saying about these beings for years.

Both Mr. Binnall and Mr. Redfern, in their closing remarks, noted that there seems to be a dearth of new material coming forward on the paranormal, almost as if the entities have gotten tired of dealing with us. I predict that, quite the contrary, the entities, which I am going to dub the Intruders here so that I can quit casting around for something to call them, are regrouping. What will happen, in the next ten years or so, is that we will see something completely new coming forth in the paranormal field with a subsequent dash by investigators to try to fit this new type of incident into their world view.


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