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Of Wolfmen and Warfare

I recently got a link to this post on an email list that I subscribe to. The list is about the djinn, spirits of Middle Eastern lore that are, amongst other talents supposed to be shape shifters so I surmise that that the shape shifting commonality is what got the author’s attention.

One of my main areas of interest is the lore of shape shifters. I find this fascinating because of some of my own experiences in the Otherworld, both dreaming and journeying. Nick Redfern, the writer of the piece, mentions the author Linda Godfrey. If you are interested in things that go bump in the night, I recommend both Redfern and Godfrey to you but, if it is the real life, possibly running in your local woods werewolf you are interested in, read all of Godfrey’s books on the topic. Ms. Godfrey has been researching this topic for the twenty years since she happened to be in the right place at the right time to be involved with the so-called Beast of Bray Road.

Mr. Redfern, in his article, wonders aloud about the association of “werewolf” sightings with military areas. While the sightings he details and reports from Godfrey’s work are certainly interesting, I’m not certain that the correlation is with the military or even with warfare. I think that the deeper juxtaposition might be with death.

Cannock Chase – as Mr. Redfern notes, there is a large cemetery there for German POW’s from World War II. If I recall from one of Mr. Redfern’s books, he even employed magical ritual near or in this cemetery to bring forth exactly these sorts of creatures.

Afghanistan – all one has to do is watch the news to see that, especially during the time indicated, death stalked the country side of Afghanistan on a daily basis. IED blasts and ambushes were a daily part of life and so, unfortunately, were the casualties.

Camp Custer/Fort Custer – again, home to WWII POW’s, some of whom died and were presumably buried in the area.

Royal Air Force Alconbury – while there is no obvious cemetery noted in this sighting I would have to wonder,given the other examples, who might have died and been buried in that area. England is a very old country with a lot of battle sites and one wonders if this RAF base might not be sitting on one.

In his lengthy article Black Dogs: Guardians of the Corpse Ways Bob Trubshaw makes an excellent case for associating the dog/wolf with death and the dead. Linda Godfrey, in her books, notes the higher incidence of sightings of the manwolf in cemeteries or near ancient Native American mounds (which may have served as burial sites among other purposes). So, my conjecture is that the creatures being sighted are actually either harbingers of death, guides for the dead into the Otherworld (psychopomps) or perhaps even guardians of the dead or the places of the dead. All of these functions are supported by the lore.

As to what these beings are . . . given the massive outlay of energy required to change a human into a wolf like creature and back, I find it doubtful that the classic movie werewolf exists. That said, these creatures could be entities from the astral who are able, like the monster in my last post, to slip through into the etheric and gather enough substance to themselves to be seen (and perhaps even effect their physical environment). There is also a lot of magical lore about the faery and the djinn as shape shifters. Such beings could certainly account for some of the sightings. Many of the faerie and djinn belong to the “unseelie” side and hold no love for humans – scaring the life out of soldiers in the field might be good fun to them. Finally, there is also magical lore that would account for a magician traveling in the etheric form of a massive wolf or wolf like creature. For a really good discussion of this and the idea of etheric shapeshifting, read John Michael Greer’s Monsters and specifically the chapter on werewolves.

In any event, my caution to you is this – if you should encounter a creature that looks like what you would envision a werewolf to look like, keep your distance. Such an entity can be dangerous in a variety of ways and should be accorded the respect that its fore bearers engendered.


A Modern Stigmata Story?

Like most paranormal geeks, I follow a number of blogs. This interesting link popped up on one of my favorites The Daily Grail: Mark of the Dream Beast: A Modern Stigmata Story?

Now, I do not pretend to have any idea what causes stigmata other than noting that the mind has a heck of a lot more influence over the body than we give it credit for. In this case though, the story of the young man that Micah Hanks refers to as Sam can be easily explained if looked at from a magical/folkloric mindset.

As I have explained in other posts, in magical philosophy, there are planes of existence other than the physical plane in which we normally live and human beings have been traveling in those realms, consciously or not, since the dawn of time. Although we may speak of the shamanic journey, qabalistic path working, astral projection or any of the other ways that one can wander in the Otherworld, one of the most common ways in which each of us journeys into the Otherworld is via dreams.

Of course, there are different types of dreams. I imagine that most of us are familiar with the daily download type of dream in which the dreamer is simply processing events of the day. As well, most humans have dreams that seem to emanate from the deeper levels of themselves, providing access to information that might not be available to the conscious mind. Whether we credit this information to the deep levels of our subconscious, to accessing the collective unconscious of CJ Jung or to the Inner Guide, that part of us which is hooked into the Divine, such dreams often provide us with answers to problems and other guidance that we find useful.

Some dreams though set us on our collective behinds and make us think. Have you ever had a vivid dream of flying, or of being in a strange place that was so real you could remember the sensory impressions when you awakened or had a nightmare that was so real that you forced yourself awake to escape whatever was chasing you? If so, then you have been “out of body”. Most dreams take us out into the astral, the realm in which all our thoughts have an impression and where you can find, literally, anything that has occurred to the mind of humans since they became conscious. Vast and difficult to maneuver, when we pop out on the astral in dreams we are normally drawn to “places” and experiences and beings that accord with our mind set or whose attention we have attracted in one way or the other. The vivid nightmare after watching a horror movie, the one that seemed to real for comfort and had nothing to do with the movie (except perhaps using it as a transitions into the dream), is a good example. You watched the movie and set your personal energy to a level that attracted something unpleasant to you. And you wonder why magicians practice banishing rituals?

Astral journey dreams can be unpleasant but they can not hurt you. I suppose that it is possible for an astral entity to scare someone with a weak heart to death but, other than that, astral entities have very little “traction” in the physical world. As I have gone on about at length in my little series on Grays, though, the etheric realm, the one closest to our own, the mirror realm of the physical world, is an entirely different matter. Traveling in that realm is a good bit more hazardous since the traveller becomes liable to what some occultists call the law of rebound or reflection – in other words, what happens on the etheric is reflected into the physical i.e. if you are injured in the etheric, you will suffer injury in the physical as well.

In Sam’s case, this appears to be what happened. Sam was asleep and had a vivid nightmare (astral). He “became aware that he was dreaming, and awoke from the nightmare” . . . or thought he did. Sleep paralysis can certainly be explained by various psychological and neurological issues but one of the things that occultists recognize is that sleep paralysis may also be caused by a lack of ability to use the etheric body. Most humans in our culture do not even recognize that “out of body” experiences are real much less that there are various “vehicles” one can use for traveling the different planes. The etheric body, in most people is not highly developed and when we do find ourselves in it, it is quite “stiff” at first and difficult to move. I think that Sam, rather than waking up, actually dropped from the astral level to the etheric (which looks just like our world, remember). Since he was not an experienced etheric traveler, he struggled to get moving but was eventually able to move enough to escape his attacker. He did get cut before he woke into the physical completely and that cut to his etheric body was reflected into his physical body.

All of this happened as Sam was actually making the transition from the etheric to the physical and into full waking consciousness. He might even have found himself standing next to the bed as he had been in the etheric. I will not conjecture as to why Sam had this experience; it is not common for someone to encounter a being in the astral that is capable of following one through to the etheric. Suffice to say that something attracted the “demon’s” attention and that Sam might want to consider some of the protective measures I mentioned in my series on the Grays.

Grays – Part 3 (Defenses)

In two previous posts, I have outlined the UFO abduction scenario and offered an etheric alternative to the standard “space aliens experimenting on humans” concept found in UFOlogical circles.

I want to make it clear that, while I view the actual abduction as an etheric event, it is quite possible for the Negatives (the abductors) to come through from the etheric and take some semblance of physical form. These manifestations are what makes the phenomenon so frustrating to investigate – on the one hand, UFO’s and their occupants seem to be able to do things that our technology can not explain, such as disappearing completely in the blink of an eye, but, on the other hand, physical evidence in the form of burned spots can be found in a certain percentage of sightings. This ability to come through also makes the life of cryptozoologists harder as I mentioned in my post on Sasquatch.

The other thing that I want to state emphatically is that UFO abductions are real. We can not discount the pain, confusion and outright terror experienced by abductees simply because their experience happened on another plane of existence. This is like telling the experiencer of a really vivid dream that it is only a dream and to go back to sleep. While the dream is happening, it is quite real and the emotions that come back when the dreamer awakens are also exquisitely real despite our efforts to minimize them. Because abductions tend to recur, they can have a seriously detrimental effect on the psyche of the experiencer over time and, because the Negatives can manifest into some semblance of the physical, they can cause actual physical harm.

One of the primary issues that abductees voice is a sense of powerlessness. The Negatives go to great lengths to encourage this feeling of a lack of control since it makes it easier for them to get what they want. While I can not, in a short blog, describe all the steps that can be taken to prevent or interrupt an abduction, I do want to put some ideas out there for those who might read this and need help.

1) If you are or think you might be an abduction victim, first seek qualified help. No, I am not talking about your local UFO organization. Such people are wonderful at collecting stories and trying to get evidence and you might want to talk with them simply to validate your reality around the incidents but, in the end, what you need are some people who are experts in “combat magic”. What you are looking for is a magical group that can prove to you that they can do an effective banishing and warding of your property and, especially your sleep space, as well as a knowledge of how to fight the Negatives on their own ground if needed. If you are not sure what to look for, I suggest reading John Michael Greer’s book Monsters paying special attention to the last section where he describes the tools and skills of the monster hunter’s trade.

2) Be aware that, even if you are strongly involved in a faith tradition, the signs or symbols of that tradition and its prayers or exorcism rituals may not help you. They are certainly worth a try but experience has shown that oftentimes Negatives become more noxious rather than less after one of these rituals. Hang onto your faith since it will help get you through this time, but know that you may need to look outside the box for help and be willing to do that.

3) Since the Negatives are essentially astral beings who come to the etheric and manifest through that plane to our own, one of the things you really need is to understand how to keep them from manifesting and how to hurt them enough to get them to leave you alone. This is where the Principle of Three comes in: Prevent, Repel, Disperse.
a) Prevent – if the Negatives can not manifest in your area, then you are safe. You may have heard of smudging, a ritual censing of an area with sage. Sage is a preventative; it’s smoke repels and prevents the manifestation of etheric forces in an area. It has been used by Native peoples in the US for centuries to cleanse themselves and their ritual areas and it works! The Lakota actually surround their Sun Dance grounds with the dried plant so that the smell will keep all negative energies away (and they use the smoke liberally throughout the ceremony). Be sure that what you are using is pure sage. Other grasses mixed with sage may actually be used to summon spirits.
b) Repel – of course, you can not have a smoking sage wand with you at all times. In that case it is useful to carry a repellent object on you to discourage Negatives from approaching you. Silver is the etheric repellent of choice amongst those who practice defensive magics. If you have a faith tradition then this might be a way to incorporate the tradition into your defense – get a silver necklace or ring of one of your holy symbols – and, if you do not belong to a particular tradition, wear a ring or necklace of silver in a pattern that pleases you.
c) Disperse – read the faery stories. The one thing that you quickly find is that human beings of that age dealt with the faerie using cold iron as their weapon of choice. A human being going out onto the astral or etheric has to formulate a cohesive vision of themselves to be truly effective. The same goes for etheric entities trying to maintain a manifestation on our plane of existence. Iron disrupts the cohesion of the being’s form and makes it impossible for the Negative to stay on this plane. People did not hang horse shoes over their doors for luck, they did it to prevent Negatives from coming through that door way. The biggest problem these days is finding actual iron since most metal objects are made of steel. In a pinch, a cast iron frying pan is a very effective weapon for preventing the manifestation of etheric entities in your space.

No defensive strategy is going to work 100% of the time. The intelligent Negatives have had some time to try to work out strategies for getting around people’s defenses. This is why working with a committed magical group who are able to work on the etheric and astral levels is so important. They can go to bat for you, if needed, and may even be able to teach you how to do it for yourself.

Grays – Part 2 (Etheric Explanation)

In my last post, I talked a little bit about the UFO abduction phenomenon and pointed out that the beings who accomplish these abduction appear to have a fairly set method of operation and that that modus operandi has been seen in other lore (such as faery lore) for some time. In this article, I want to put forward some ideas about abductions that are going to make me very unpopular with the UFOlogical mainstream.

I think that the first thing we have to look at as we try to “get a handle” on what is happening during an abduction is where the information is coming from. It does not require much reading to see that the typical abduction case starts with an individual (or, in some cases, individuals) who has had a troubling event occur (such as a UFO sighting and subsequent missing time) or who is suffering from PTSD like symptoms despite not having incurred any recent trauma. A well meaning investigator has a hypnotic regression performed and the abduction scenario unfolds. The natural assumption amongst almost all investigators is that the victim is being taken by aliens from another world flying high technology spacecraft.

As I have said previously, I have a lot of trouble with the outer space alien theory. It simply does not make sense to me that a race technologically advanced enough to make its way across a galaxy or galaxies, would have much interest in a planet full of bipedal apes intent on blowing each other up or that these aliens would be unable to totally erase the memory of any meeting with them. Given the “aliens” fascination with human reproduction, again, I wonder why? Surely a race of beings advanced enough for interstellar travel could find ways of taking samples that were less invasive and painful than those described in many abduction scenarios.

While many UFOlogists still seem to cling to the “space brother” ideal, a small minority of researchers such as John Keel, Jaques Vallee and Mac Tonnies, have taken another perspective. I am probably butchering their well thought out arguments but basically they have proposed that the “aliens” in question are actually from another dimension and that they do not have our best interests in mind. I am quite willing to go a step farther and say that the “aliens” that people are facing are 1) creatures of the Otherworld, specifically beings who can move from the astral into the etheric and, 2) interested in human beings only as a source of “food”. Furthermore, it is my belief that the so-called UFO abduction scenario does not happen on the physical plane.

Quick definitions from magical lore
Etheric: that plane of existence closest to our own – a sort of mirror world of our own plane of existence which some say forms the lattice upon which our physical world is built.
Astral: that vast plane of existence beyond the etheric peopled by all manner of unseen beings, some positive and some negative – the astral substance is effected by the thoughts of humans, at least at the “lower” levels, but can also provide access to more exalted beings such as angels or gods.

So, if we listen to the magical folk of the world, who have been doing what they do and exploring the other planes since the dawn of recorded time, we find that, as I have said in another post, there are beings in the Otherworld (my catch all term for both planes) that view humans as nothing but a food source. They thrive off the emotional energy of human beings, especially the more raw and primal emotions – fear, anger/rage, lust etc. We are going to call them Negatives in this article but be aware that they take a variety of different forms depending on what they are trying to accomplish.

If you consider abductions in this manner, it quickly becomes evident that this is the perfect set up for Negatives to provide themselves with an ongoing food supply. Let’s take the example of the individual who has a memory, under regression, of being paralyzed, floated out a window, taken to a craft, experimented on and eventually returned to the bed. The person was either sound asleep when this happened or perhaps they wakened slightly. In any event, they are still in the deeper levels of brainwave activity (theta, delta or lower), the brain waves that are associated with sleep or deep trance and the times when the “body” that correlates to the etheric (the etheric body) is most able to “escape”. The beings in question take hold of the etheric body and do exactly what the person ends up remembering only it is happening in the etheric, not on the physical plane. Once the Negatives are done scaring the bejabbers out of the person and having a little feast, they plop them back into their body and move on.

Now, that scenario, in and of itself is scary enough but the Negatives are not content to have a one shot meal. Once they have their hooks in someone, it appears that the Negatives will often return to victimize that person again. In addition, the Negatives have developed a wonderful method of instilling low grade fear and anxiety around these poor people by “revealing” to them various apocalyptic scenarios. Of course, the abductee is a fisherman from Mississippi so he or she has no “pull” and therefore feels even more helpless. To make matters even more fun for these sadistic entities, friends of the abductee may start seeing UFO’s and investigators who specialize in such things can recount a plethora of high strangeness which occurs when they get involved with UFO’s in general and especially with abductions. The Negatives are having a field day feeding on all the energy made available by their manipulations.

John Keel points out in his writings (I strongly recommend The Mothman Prophecies for a taste of the craziness that goes on around a UFO investigator) that the Negatives have adapted over the course of time. As I have mentioned, they started out using faeries and faery lore for their “legend” but, as humans moved to a more technological bent, they adapted, first using airships, then the foo fighters of World War II, then flying saucers to keep up with the state of human imagination. Nowadays, there seems to be a move toward more “organic” UFO’s and huge triangular mother ship type “craft”. Anything to soften the humans up, make them a little afraid and perhaps indicate to the Negatives where their next meal might come from.

In part 3, I am going to talk a little about what you might do to keep these critters out of your house and away from you.