Manwolves in the Bedroom

I am a fan of all things werewolf and shapeshifter and eagerly consume the works of Linda Godfrey whenever she puts out a new book on the manwolf phenomenon. I stumbled across this recording of a Coast to Coast AM interview with Linda Godfrey some tme ago and it seemed a good topic for a post.
At about the 27 minute mark in this recording, the host asks Ms. Godfrey what her most baffling case was. She has to think about that for a moment since she has heard some very strange witness reports and then decides that the cases that baffle her the most are what she calls the “home invaders”. These reports encompass seemingly solid, bipedal creatures with dog or wolf like heads that appear in people’e homes, often in the bedroom, and then, after their presence is noted, vanish.

Given that the percipients in these reports were often asleep or drowsing just before the incident, a researcher might be tempted to put these sightings down to dreams that carried over into waking reality for a time. I would gladly accept this theory if it were not for the fact that the witnesses in these events are all describing almost exactly the same creature. As Godfrey notes in the interview, the Manwolf that is seen outside, along the side of the road or cavorting in a field is distinctive in that it is a bipedal canid with a hunched posture and rough fur coat which varies in color from witness to witness. In contrast, the Manwolf seen indoors often appears in or near people’s bedrooms, stands more upright, has a uniformly black or dark coat and that coat is smooth to the point of resembling skin. A number of witnesses have likened the being to drawings that they have seen of the Egyptian god Anubis.

Now, I do not think that these folks are experiencing a visit from the god himself. I have stood in the presence of an Egyptian deity (quite by accident during a trip to visit an Egyptian display at a local museum) and I can tell you that, had these folks encountered Anubis himself, their reaction would have been a whole lot stronger than is recorded in Godfrey’s books. These sighting appear to fall more readily into the Phantom Black Dog category than the Manwolf category since they are clearly very solid apparitions that disappear once they are noted. I would also point out that PBD’s have been known to make bedroom appearances as well. PBD’s and Anubis are both, of course, associated with death. Interestingly, there is a lesser known jackal or wolf headed god form of Egypt called Wepwawet that is called by the moniker Opener of the Ways. He, too, was associated with movement into the Otherworld at death but he was also seen as carrying the standard of the pharoah into battle. So the question that I would love to ask all these percipients is: after your sighting, what significant events or changes occurred in your life.

It is easy to get fixated on death when dealing with phenomena like the PBD or an apparition of an Anubis type creature since there is a solid lore case to be made for the PBD, particularly, as an omen of death. People have seen Black Dogs, however, without dying or having anyone close to them die so we have to recall that death is just one of the major life transitions. Is it not possible that these sighting of Anubis look a likes and Black Dogs, in the home and at a close range, might be precursors of a major life event or at least a powerful warning to divert from a path that the witness is following?


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