Cycles of the Year

A while back, I re-read John Keel’s book Operation Trojan Horse. While the book is basically about the UFO phenomenon, Keel draws some conclusions that are interesting to paranormalists of all types. One of many things that Keel brings up in this book is the idea that UFO phenomenon seem to occur more often at specific times of the year, on specific days and even at specific times. This discovery came about as the result of his statistical analysis of a mass of sighting data over the course of a significant period of time.

His conclusions:

1) sighting are most likely on the 24th of June, April, September, November and December
2) additionally, these events are most likely to occur on Wednesday or Saturday
3) sighting times are most likely to be between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. local time

I found this statistical correlation interesting since 24 June is close to the Summer Solstice, 24 April is within 6 days of the great Celtic Cross Quarter day of Beltane (May 01), 24 September is in proximity to the Autumnal Equinox and 24 December is, of course, in the heart of the Winter Solstice. The only one of these dates that does not easily correspond to one of the great tides of the year is 24 November but, interestingly, it is balanced almost exactly halfway between the other great Celtic Cross Quarter of Samhain (October 31/Nov 01) and the Winter Solstice on December 21 or thereabouts. Samhain and Beltane are both well known in magical circles as times when the veil between the worlds is thin but it is well recognized that any of the solstices, equinoxes and cross quarters are auspicious times for working. It is said that the “magical tides” simply run more strongly during those times.

Wednesday is named for the Norse god Odin (Woden’s Day) and is said to be ruled by Mercury – the planet of communication (Odin is a communicative sort when he is not claiming the battle dead or creating ulfhednar). Amongst Odin’s followers in the modern day religion of Asatru, you will find practitioners of oracular seidhr (pronounced sayth), a style of divination based strongly on the idea of walking between the worlds to communicate with spirits of all sorts seeking answers to the querent’s question. I have some experience with the Valfather and I can personally attest that, when his influence is felt, life can get . . . interesting in very unexpected ways. Odin views the veil between the worlds as more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule so it seems to me that this energy, combined with the magical tides mentioned above could make any weak places in the “Veil” even weaker.

In like manner, Saturday is actually named for the planet that rules it, Saturn. One of the notable traits of Saturnine magic is an ability to communicate with spirits. Many magicians avoid work with Saturn since it is the magic of constriction and even death (in the sense of old things dying so that new things may be born – a painful process but one that is necessary) but that “death” also opens one out to the spirit world in a way that is not possible in normal consciousness. I’ve noticed that, under the guise of convenience, many magical gatherings are held on Saturdays. I wonder if this is not because, subconsciously at least, the energy of that day and that planet, make it just a little easier to reach into the Otherworld.

The business with the hours of 8:00 to 10:00 could simply be explainable by the phenomenon choosing to operate under cover of darkness but there are also, in ceremonial magic, tables of magical hours that purport to tell the magician what time of day would be best for a specific working. I suspect that one might find that energies for communication between the planes ran heavy during these times periods on those specific days.

Statistical verification of what magicians have been saying for centuries? Probably not since I have no idea how good Mr. Keel’s math was. But it is interesting that these times came up in his research and I would love to know if some of the other paranormal phenomenon out there pop up more frequently in these times.


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