On Talking Sasquatches

I found a perfectly delightful post from Nick Redfern on the Mysterious Universe site this morning. This tale of a telepathic Sasquatch in the Ouachita National Forest is exactly the sort of sighting/experience that convinces me that Sasquatch are not any sort of relic hominid skillfully evading humankind for all these years.

The whole post is certainly worth reading (including the colorful comments), I would draw the reader’s attention to the following:

But then something truly strange occurred: in somewhat hesitant tones, Donnie said they continued to look on in both awe and fear, when suddenly their minds were filled with a soothing female voice that uttered the words: “Do not be afraid. You will not be harmed. Do not come closer.”

While Sasquatch sightings normally fall into the “I was hiking through the woods and saw this giant creature” category, there are witnesses who report telepathic or even semi-verbal communication with these entities. If one adds these witness statements in with the subset of Sasquatch sightings that happen on and around UFO’s and then factor in the witnesses who state that they saw the creature and then it simply vanished, one becomes increasingly certain that one is dealing with a phenomenon that is not normally a part of this consensual reality.

The materialist “skeptic” will shrug his or her shoulders and dismiss the whole incident as shared delusion. The cryptozoologist will likely ignore such a report since it does not fit into his or her paradigm of searching for a new ape species. Fortean researchers will look at the report with glee and file it away as yet another incident of high strangeness. The commenters on this blog post who tried to explain the sighting attributed the incident to everything from aliens to the voice of the Goddess. I found the comments almost as interesting as the blog itself.

Part of the reason that I write this blog is to keep pointing out something that other researchers seem to be determined to miss in their rush to offer a “scientific” explanation of the unexplained. Very simply, my goal is to point out that science, while an extremely useful tool and mindset, is not the only way that humans can view their world. If one sets aside the scientific worldview for a few moments and puts on the glasses of the magic user, all of this “stuff” makes perfect sense. Society encourages us to think in either/or terms – either I view the world this way OR that way – but in actuality it is quite easy to shift perspective from one mode of thought to the other. Accepting magical thought does not mean a wholesale denial of the scientific method (in fact, magic users often keep detailed records of their experiments and use them to refine hypotheses), it simply requires a shift in perspective on suitable occasions.

What would I have told this terrified couple if I had happened to encounter them as they came out of the woods? I would have told them that their reaction was perfectly natural, that they were not insane or deluded in any way and that they were another in a long line of people to have encounters with these creatures.

You see, I am quite convinced that Sasquatch is a member of the faerie tribe, an Otherworld race that is one of the types of beings that make up what I call the Intruders. One need only look at Katharine Brigg’s encyclopedic treatments of faerie folklore to realize how many types of beings fit into this group and, while I have not run across a folkloric faerie that seems an exact match for the Sasquatch, my own experiments in etheric projection have convinced me that the Big Guy is actually a card carrying member of the faerie nation.

Here are just some of the aspects of this Ouachita sighting that scream faerie! to me:

* The sudden appearance of the beast – the couple describes it as crashing through the brush but one would think that, had it been making that much noise, they would have heard it coming long before they saw it. It is almost as if the creature stepped through a portal and into the brush near the couple.
* The extreme emotional reaction of the couple – the female literally falls to her knees and the male seems to have trouble standing as well. While I am certain that I would be shaken by the sudden appearance of an eight foot Sasquatch, the shock and awe of the witness’ reaction is something often associated with the faerie.
* The telepathic contact – folklore is full of instances of the faerie communicating with humans. The stories I have read have usually simply had the faerie speak to the human but this might be a case where the physical form that the Sasquatch chooses does not lend itself to human speech. Faerie are known for their magic so telepathic communication is definitely not beyond them
* The messages – basically, the couple are told to fear not, to not come closer and are strongly discouraged from taking pictures. Faerie are known for their privacy issues. Even if they suddenly appear from nowhere in front of an unsuspecting human, if they decide that the human is intruding, he or she is in trouble. I fear to think what might have happened if the duo had either tried to get closer or attempted to take a picture. Punishment for such an “intrusion” can range from a string of bad luck to death depending on the type of faerie. This one seems to have been a more Seelie court type since it gave fair warning.
* The voice – both subjects reported hearing a female voice though the Sasquatch was “obviously male”. As some of the commenters noted, the voice did not necessarily come from the creature before them. Like humans, faerie are known to have mates and this being’s mate may have been secreted out of sight and communicating for her mate. Alternatively, some of the faerie seem to have a hierarchical social structure. This big fellow could have been a bodyguard for his queen who was doing the talking.

When viewed through the lens of folklore and magic, then, this encounter, while terrifying, makes perfect sense. The couple did exactly what they should have done – they kept their distance, obeyed the voice in the matter of the camera and departed when they were given leave to go. Given that they had no training in otherworldly communication, they responded in a respectful way that ensured that no one came to harm.


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