Actually Finding Sasquatch

I have made no secret, in these pages, of the idea that I do not think that the Sasquatch is a creature of this world. While I realize that this will instantly make me unpopular with the folks who are tramping around in the forest looking for a relic hominid or new species of giant bipedal ape, my examination of the stories surrounding this creature has led me inexorably to the conclusion that Sasquatch is a visitor to our realm and not a permanent resident. My purpose in writing this little article though is not to debate the physical existence of this creature vs. the thought that it physically manifests from the Otherworld. My purpose is, instead, to propose some ideas toward having an experience of this creature for readers who are so inclined.

Now, please be aware that I have not done extensive field testing of these ideas but, given some of the . . . interesting methods I have seen on television shows and in documentaries, my method ought to work at least as well as spraying gorilla pheromones and leaving Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cups on a stump.

First note: leave the “team” and most of the equipment at home!! If you really want to have an experience of a being that has proven itself to be elusive in the extreme, the last thing that you need is to have a bunch of people tramping around in the brush looking for the creature. Remember, even if I am wrong and this is an actual physical animal, one is not going to get a look at it by going into the woods and moving around, talking , leaving human spoor all over the place and generally announcing one’s presence to the entire forest population. Keep the numbers down but do take at least one partner for safety’s sake.

The first tool in the Sasquatch hunter’s arsenal should be stealth. Before even attempting to look for this being, I would strongly recommend some time learning stalking, tracking and camouflage from someone with experience. And no, I am not talking about the guy down the road who goes into the woods every season looking for deer and manages to bag one because he is carrying a high powered rifle with a scope. I am talking about the individual who can sneak up on a deer and get close enough to touch it. Find someone like that and they will be able to show the Sasquatch hunter how to move in the woods with minimal noise, thus increasing the chances of encountering all sorts of wildlife, including the elusive bipedal Tall Man.

In addition to teaching stalking and stealth, such a person should also be able to give the would-be Sasquatch hunter lessons in primitive living skills, also known as wilderness survival. My theory is that, if one can walk into the forest with nothing but a knife and live there comfortably for a few months, one literally becomes a part of the forest and thus much more difficult to detect. Now, I realize that this is beyond the ability of most people but the idea here is to take a minimalist approach and to try to stay in place for a while. A weekend camping trip out of the back of a pick up truck with roaring fires and consumption of alcoholic beverages when one is not out “hunting” is not going to yield a large percentage of wildlife sightings of any kind unless the local wildlife is habituated to human presence. While there do seem to be some instances where Sasquatch have appeared around such camp sites, I have the suspicion that they are bringing their offspring to look at the humans and teach them how not to behave.

Once the basic skills of stealth, stalking and survival have been met, we come to the more controversial part of my little Sasquatch hunting program: magic. If one is practicing one’s wilderness skills in areas where Sasquatch sightings are common, then there is a chance that an encounter may occur simply because one has the skill to move well in the woods and stumbles across a Sasquatch. So, where does the magic come in?

If, as many Native Americans believe, the Sasquatch is a spirit being then one increases one’s chances of an encounter by the use of magical evocation. If you are not an experienced magician, then become one . . .

Just kidding, it is actually quite simple to develop a small ceremony of evocation that one can use prior to going into the woods on a Sasquatch quest. Check out Jason Miller’s excellent book The Sorcerer’s Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick for a fairly accessible introduction to the practice of results oriented magic. The book rests on Miller’s notion that successful magic relies on a base of meditation, offering and invocation – in other words, practice, just as one would if one were trying to learn a martial art or master a golf swing.

Once those fairly simple basics have become habit, one could use some of the techniques learned in the book for creating one’s own Sasquatch evocation. Hint: look at the section on The Rending of Space in the Gestures section at the beginning of the book and then consider what one would like to bring through that “hole” in the Veil. Remember, please, to close that hole once the hunt is complete to avoid any untoward “critters” coming through at a later date.

As with all things mentioned here, this evocation will take some practice and tweaking before it bears much fruit but, if one is looking for an encounter with Sasquatch, I would think that one has developed some patience or one would have given up the search long ago. If the idea of doing a little evocation prior to going into the woods seems ridiculous, consider that the ritual itself, once practiced will take about five minutes. Even if Sasquatch is a physical being, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that animals are sensitive to psychic and magical currents. If Sasquatch is a physical being, it may still be attracted by the energy of the evocation. If Sasquatch is a creature of the Otherside, it will be attracted by the rite itself. This is a curious beast so one really has nothing to lose in trying to lure it out with magic.


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