The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: Thoughts on Transparency

I recently had the opportunity to listen to the Mysterious Universe episode on the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.  I am not as interested in UFO’s as perhaps I ought to be, given the subject of this blog, but I try to keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on in UFOlogical circles and the hearings were certainly the big news in that realm at the time.

Those who have been reading this blog for a while know that I am not a proponent of the little green men from outer space hypothesis regarding the UFO phenomenon. I do not think that we need to look into the vastness of interstellar space to find a solution for a phenomenon that has plagued humankind for centuries. In my view, UFOlogical phenomenon fall into two broad categories: what I call the Intruders, in one of their many guises, or top secret governmental experiments with aircraft and, perhaps, mind control.

One of the themes that is recurrent, in listening to this podcast and throughout the UFO community is that the government (usually referring to the US government but also taking in other world governments or even so called shadow governments) is hiding evidence of aliens and alien incursion into our societies. The UFO investigators, and there are many good solid people in the field along with some very questionable characters, maintain that humankind (the ubiquitous we) should be made aware of what the government(s) know and then go on to postulate reasons why this information is not publicly available. One of the primary reasons put forward by many researchers for this lack of forthrightness on the part of governments is the idea that humans could not cope with the truth.

This reasoning, of course, meets with scorn from the UFO community – a group of people who actively seek out these phenomenon and who have interviewed countless witnesses who seem to be quite alright despite their experience. I would argue, though, that the governments of the world may not be so far off base. A single human can cope with the seemingly insurmountable and find the wherewithal to truly overcome and achieve the impossible. Even a small group of people, when given sufficient motivation and cohesiveness, can work together and deal with situations that would boggle most people’s minds. Humanity as a whole or a large group though?

Stop for a moment and consider those around you. In the microcosm of your workplace or your neighborhood, of your town, village or even city, most people are living lives set along very rigid lines. They rise at a specific time, they do their morning routine, they go to their jobs, they come home, they spend some time watching TV or use other media and retire, only to begin the cycle again the next day. Change is something that occurs when they have a flat tire on the way to work or trip over a curb and break an ankle. It is an unwelcome intruder into their lives and they work hard to restore “normalcy” as soon as possible. Even weekends are patterned and scheduled to produce feelings of normalcy and comfort. I know that, even though I can hardly qualify as “normal” in any sense of the word, I have my schedule and like to keep to it when the spirits will allow it.

Imagine please what would happen in this world of enforced normalcy if the US government one day stepped to the podium and announced, unequivocally, that our world is being visited by beings from another dimension, that we have no effective counter for these incursions, that these beings may or may not have our best interests in mind (likely not) and that these “aliens” seem quite capable of plucking us from our homes and roadways, in some manner, to “experiment” on us. I predict that the fallout from such an announcement would fall into one of two broad categories in the greater population (i.e. not the UFO community).

The first group and likely the largest would be the “malaise” group. While being, perhaps, mildly interested in the phenomenon when it is first made evident to them, these folks would look at what was presented, determine that it had nothing to do with them, since they had not seen a UFO or been abducted, and file the phenomenon away as another potential danger that one faces in life along with mugging, internet scams and child abductions. In other words, the UFO phenomenon would fall into their category of “dangerous things to keep an eye out for but not to worry about too much”. The malaise group would fall back into their normal patterns quickly although they might be even less likely to go into remote or isolated areas (remember, these people have been trained to view nature as inherently dangerous by the media). The malaise group would, of course, sit idly by and watch as the second group stepped to the fore.

I call this group the witch hunters. Some of the UFOlogical community would join this group immediately since they have been convinced for some time that the damned government was hiding something and now, finally, their suspicions have been confirmed and the situation is as bad as they thought. The witch hunters would demand immediate action against the “aliens” and would form the sort of squeaky wheel minority that could move a government to attempt a response. I suspect that once the word was definitively out, these people would end up turning on fellow humans since the phenomenon itself is so unpredictable and ephemeral. The logical choice of target? The government that kept this secret for all these years. Given some good marketing and organized political lobbying, these people could easily develop a following of politicians who were willing to toady for them. It is not hard for me to imagine “witch hunts” in the McCarthy style as a result and a lot of politicians stepping to the microphone to announce their support for an increase in the military research budget to fight this new threat.

Of course, there would be voices for a more moderate and studied response but, in this age of polarization, it seems unlikely that the mass panic feared by some would ensue – although I am certain that there would be some astonishingly kooky apocalyptic cults derived from the announcement – but rather that a certain vocal sect of people would turn on the government and make life hell for them, at least for a time. I suspect the government lack of transparency in the UFO situation is the result, as mentioned in the above referenced program, of deeply engrained Cold War mentality but also of a sort of enlightened self interest on the part of governments involved.


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