A “Psychic” Experiment

In the past few months, I have been doing some experiments in etheric projection. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, here is a handy definition:

. . . etheric projection involves leaving your body, but instead of travelling to the astral plane, you remain focused in the physical, material plane. However, because your astral body vibrates at a higher frequency than its physical surroundings, you normally remain invisible to people who are in their bodies, and you also have the ability to float about and pass through solid objects.

Author Robert Bruce refers to this environment as ‘Real Time Zone’, and believes that this is the level of nonphysical existence in closest proximity to the physical. It basically occupies an intermediate place between the physical and astral realms. (Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4712029)

I have done neo-shamanic journey work for some time but this type of work, where one seeks to move out of body, go to a specific site and report, is something altogether different. Make no mistake, the shamanic journey is a very valid and powerful method but etheric projection does wonders for the projector’s confidence since one has an opportunity to validate at least some aspects of the experience.

I do these projections blind. That is, before I make the “trip”, all I know about the area is a set of geographic coordinates. I use Google Earth to get an overhead view of the place so that I can orient myself better but I have no idea what the interior of structures might look like nor do I have a clue as to the history of the place. I first tried this technique with a local site that was alleged to be haunted (I had seen the outside but not the inside) and then turned my attention to several sites that a friend gave me that were complete blinds.

While I do not pretend to be an expert with this technique, I have consistently gotten very good results when I have checked in after a projection. I have been able to describe, in detail, the interior of structures and the descriptions have been validated by my friend. These descriptions are not perfect but they are good enough that I think they would convince most open minded people that I had been there in some way or another.

The really interesting thing with this technique though is that, as one experiences this sort of out of body experience, one is also able to discern interesting aspects of the energy of a place. For example, as I explored the allegedly haunted building I spoke of earlier, I found that the haunting was not so much a result of the incursion of a human soul part but of emotional impressions left in the atmosphere of the place that had taken on a “life” of their own (something like a thought form) and stagnant energy that had pooled in various places throughout the building.

Interestingly, when I was called on to explore a section of farmland in one of the Midwest states, I had the very peculiar vision of a set of earth energy meridians, ley lines, almost intersecting at this site and forming a sort of energy pocket that John Keel might have described as a window area. In addition, as I arrived at this site in my etheric form, I had a very clear sighting of a Sasquatch type creature vacating the area and a strong sense of reluctance to step out into open areas. I felt that there was some threat from above. The whole place just had that sort of high strangeness feeling to it. When I checked in on this site, it turned out that it was in a “hot zone” for Sasquatch sightings and that there were UFO sightings in the area as well.

Not everyone can jump in their Mystery Machine and take off for parts unknown to explore unexplained phenomenon but just about anyone can learn the techniques of astral/etheric projection and do some exploration on their own. Personally, I think it would be fascinating, to have a team where one or more people were able to project to a site, blind, but save their reports until after another group went to the site and did a more conventional investigation. Once both teams had concluded their work, the two sections could compare and contrast their findings.

I see a lot of advantages to this approach from an investigative standpoint but a very practical aspect of doing etheric projection to an investigation site prior to going there is early warning. The vast majority of hauntings and Otherside events are relatively harmless but, in the small percentage where a hostile entity is involved, an etheric projector can slip into the site, verify the nasty and slip out without getting into conflict with the hostile (once the projector has some experience). In that case, the projector or projection team would warn the physical exploration team that there was an issue and to take appropriate protective measures. And since a good paranormal investigation team will have a resident mage (correct?), the chances of injury will be greatly decreased and the chances of effectively dealing with the problem will be increased.

A final word on etheric projection. There are a lot of books out there that purport to tell the individual how to project. Before you even think about attempting any of these projection methods, take care of business in this world. Learn how to ground and center yourself, learn basic psychic shielding and learn how to banish before you try any projection work. Be safe.


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