Mirage Men

Amongst the many feeds I follow to keep my finger on the pulse of the paranormal community, The Daily Grail is consistently one of the most intelligent and thoughtful. Recently, they published an article entitled A Fractured Hall of Mirrors which caught my attention. The piece is an in depth review of the new documentary film Mirage Men. I have not seen the movie – apparently it is making the rounds of film festivals – but after viewing the trailer and reading TDG’s comments, I felt that I might interject something into the commentary.

Greg Taylor with The Daily Grail ends his review with this recap:

Mirage Men is necessary viewing for anybody with an interest in either the topic of UFOs, or the role of government agencies in spying on and/or deceiving their own citizens. The former may be a specialised group, but the latter should include everyone. A highly recommended documentary – if your eyes weren’t already open, they will be after watching this film.

As I have admitted before, UFO’s are not my primary area of interest, although with the increasing prevalence of stories of “grays” and other supposed aliens invading people’s homes I find myself being drawn increasingly into the stories of this new iteration of the Intruders. In my view, the UFO phenomenon is just the latest face on a long series of invasions into our physical world by beings that I call the Intruders – those residents of the astral who are able to project through the etheric and manifest on our plane. While I am not of the opinion that humanity simply serves as a food source for these beings, it is certainly the case, again, in my opinion, that the Intruders have developed a number of different scenarios to put humans in a condition where they can feed off their emotional energies.

The Intruders are nothing if not persistent but their presence is always given away by the predominant emotions of fear or terror. Referring back to Mirage Men, we see what appears to be an orchestrated campaign by the U.S. government to introduce disinformation of varying sorts into UFO investigations. The central character in this melange of confusion seems to be Air Force Office of Special Investigations agent Richard Doty. In fact, Doty apparently appears on camera and speaks freely about what he has done – a mystery that Mr. Taylor comments on: why would he be so free in his responses?.

According to Mr. Taylor, various theories are bandied about to explain the disinformation campaign:

Was the disinformation meant to distract investigators from secret government projects. If so, as Pilkington points out, why did they encourage Bennewitz when they could have just told him (as the patriotic citizen that he was) to cease and desist for the good of the country? Was it intended to discredit the investigators for some reason? Or perhaps it was a psychological study in how people react to certain information and events, perhaps it was intended originally for ‘real’ enemies like the Soviets during the Cold War, or maybe it was all an exercise in how supposedly secret information is transmitted and by whom.

Perhaps, though, it was none of the above. Let us suppose, for a moment, that we are in the top echelons of the government of the most powerful nation on earth. The United States of America is an economic powerhouse (especially during the time period in question) and has a huge standing military. Countries all over the world, even those that are ideologically opposed to the U.S., carefully monitor our domestic and foreign policy since decisions in those areas will have ramifications throughout the world. Those who run this country are acutely aware of all of the above and, in this era of the Cold War, are loathe to show any indecision or uncertainty that might be perceived as weakness. Remember, during the Cold War, our enemies were many and our perceived enemies or potential enemies were even more.

Now, introduce the wild card. The United States government becomes aware that this country and countries around the world are having unexplained visitations by aerial phenomenon that can not be identified. These “vehicles” seem to appear and disappear at will and easily evade even our most advanced fighter aircraft. To make matters worse, there are even reports of interaction between the “craft’s” occupants and human beings and the interactions seem to have a hostile character in many cases.

What do the government folk do? Go on the air and tell everyone that we have visitors but we do not know who they are, where they come from or what the hell they want? Such an action would be tantamount to the most powerful country in the world admitting that it was helpless to deal with these phenomenon and that was just not going to happen.

What to do then? Humans have a tendency toward bi-polar thinking, in my experience. If not this, then that. So, when the decision was made not to come forward and tell the public what was known, the opposite end of the spectrum was to muddy the waters with a disinformation campaign that not only befuddled those who were sincerely trying to investigate the phenomenon but also provided the public with some images that they could hang on to (little green men, basically). Humans have a tendency to denigrate and try to dis-empower that which they fear (see all the foofy angels and Tinker Bell fairies out there) so the little green men quickly became a way for people to laugh off the uneasiness that they felt when faced with witness statements on this phenomenon.

At the same time, of course, while one segment of the government was injecting these ideas about “aliens” into the public consciousness, the other section of this program was working hard to “debunk” UFO’s and their occupants in the holy name of Science. The net result? A smoke screen that persists to this day and that I feel the Intruders are using to good advantage to continue their predations on human kind.


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