Banishing 101

In my post about defenses from the Intruders, I outlined some strategies for dealing with an etheric intrusion – an astral being coming through the etheric (the plane closest to our physical world) and manifesting in a given area. Having a “monster” manifest in your back yard is not the only time when you might need a little magical assistance however so this article will be devoted to a less desperate measure.

Most of us have had the experience of walking into a home or other place and finding that the energy there was just “not right”. A lot of issues can cause that “not right” feel – from a recent argument in the area to the presence of spirit entities who are trying to get our attention from the Other Side. What is clear though is that such energies can consciously or subconsciously effect people and make life difficult until someone takes the situation in hand. Let me give you an example.

Some time ago, in my more openly pagan phase, a dear friend of mine asked me to perform a handfasting (a pagan wedding) ceremony for her and her beloved. I was quite honored to be chosen to do this and, in conference with her and her fiancΓ©e, we put together a lovely ceremony which would be performed at a local state park. I arrived at their home on the appointed day to find the energy in the place a mess and the bride to be in tears. It seems that some of the groom’s family were being difficult about something (I have forgotten what at this point), there had been quite to argument and things were tense. I confess to being a sucker for a damsel in distress so I went into her office and performed the LBRP (discussed below) taking the whole house into my visualization. When I walked out of the room, the energy had settled, the bride and groom were smiling again and the wedding party was assembling amicably for transport to the site.

Now, often the change after a banishing is not quite that dramatic but I use this story as a good example of what can happen when you consciously take your space and infuse it with spiritual presence. Before we discuss banishing styles however, let me add one caveat. Many magically inclined people, on encountering a situation where a banishing might be useful, whip out their wands (or other magical implements) and go to town without regard for what they are banishing. I strongly recommend taking a few moments before doing any banishing to tune in. What is the source of the disquiet? Is it simply negative emotional energy or is there something more? If what you are feeling is a spiritual presence, it does not hurt to voice your concern, tell it that its energy is negatively effecting people and ask it politely to leave. Often, this is just as effective as banishing and does not generate any ill will on the part of the spirit involved. No point giving something the bum’s rush when supplying direction to a new location will do.

In the case, though, where the cause of the “not right” feeling is afflictive emotional energy or a spirit that does not choose to back off, more aggressive taking of space may be required. There are as many different “zone rites” as there are styles of religious and magical practice. I encourage people to become familiar with several of them and memorize at least one. Your choice of zone rite should be predicated on your religious beliefs (if any) or style of magical practice (if any). For example, a Christian might easily use a rite based on St. Patrick’s Breastplate prayer as a very effective zone rite while a Wiccan will certainly be conversant with the idea of casting a circle to ward off negative influences. There is no absolute right way to banish; the important concept here is that the person doing the banishing really believe in what they are doing.

So, what if you are an agnostic with little or no magical background? If you are willing to suspend disbelief for a little while, you can still learn something like the Golden Dawn’s Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagrams (available in many forms online – just search LBRP). Yes, there are god names and , yes, there are archangels, but, if you can suspend doubt for a little while, this is an old and established banishing that has been used for a long time and has a deep channel of energy running through it. It takes a while to learn and needs to be practiced with some regularity but it is quite handy when the need arises. I must stress that, in order for a zone rite to really work for you, it has to be memorized. You may not have access to your books when you really need to use this rite. It also has to be worked regularly so that, when the time comes to use it, the energy is readily available.

In a pinch, you can do this little exercise which I derive from Jason Miller’s work. Imagine a column of white light flowing down from the sky above you, through the crown of your head and down through the center of your body into the ground beneath you. This energy is inspiring. Then imagine a similar column of blood red energy emerging from the ground, striking through your root chakra, and exiting out your crown. This energy is vitalizing. Once you can see the two columns clearly imagine them meeting at the level of your heart and forming a ball of dove gray light there. You can enhance this effect by placing your fist lightly (5 pounds of pressure) over your chest. See the ball of light intensifying and growing in strength until you literally feel that you can not hold the energy anymore, open your fist and then allow the ball to begin expanding, knowing, as the size of the sphere around you increases, that the light is removing all disharmonic and dross energies from your area. Make the sphere as big as you need it and then spend a few moments contemplating it and reinforcing its reality in your mind.

You do not have to become a full-on mage to work a banishing. A zone rite may be the only magic you ever do but it is a piece of magical tech well worth learning.


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5 responses to “Banishing 101

  • Stephanie Qich

    Hi! no reply necessary. Just wanted to say thank you. I had need of some esoteric info./guidance recently and your discussion about ‘stop look and listen’ prior to just going to banishing was very helpful and helped me know when i’d found what would work for me.

    hope you area having fun out there, you busy person you! *thank you* steph

  • Stephanie Qich

    Thank you πŸ™‚ “If you are magically inclined…..” well, recently it’s come to my awareness that if i had more knowledge, training and allies i could be of more service in my surroundings than i am at present (personal blahblah not wanting to post on public forum). I’d not heard of Josephine McCarthy until several months ago when i heard Occult of Personality’s epi. 100. I was taken immediately – very practical and down to earth, as well as stubborn and rushing in…..heehee…

    so, when i was on the hunt re: how to calm things down i ended up at her Inner Library site. so many incredible resource there – i could be practicing for years!

    interestingly enough, re:banishing and etc. – in the commentary to her Vision of the Void she describes ‘hiding out’ in the void from those who wish you ill. This exact same strategy was taught to me (by, as i found out decades later, some tatagathas) in my near death experience at age 20. They took a different route, tho, showing me how to access that state of mind/attention/consciousness/vibration/etc. thru the shushumna/center of the chakra system. I’ve used that many times and can vouch for it’s effectiveness.

    again, thank you so much for all you do πŸ™‚ have fun, steph

    & yes i want to get my hands on that book!

    • stormeye60

      I have just gotten into the book myself and am ready to order the others already. I actually heard Ms. McCarthy on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole. She has that dry wit and down to earth attitude that seems to be prevalent amongst a certain sector of British magicians. Wonderful interview. Thanks for the heads up on her site . . . I will definitely be checking that out.

      Banishing has its place. Sometimes you just need to be able to shove things to the side and clear some space for yourself or you need to be certain an area is absolutely clear before invoking/evoking but, for defensive purposes, I like the idea that if the bad guys can not see me they will not bother me. Seems more energy efficient to me.

      • Stephanie Qich

        Oh, i am hoping that you will be inspired to write a review – in due time of course! This time of year could always use more time, imo πŸ˜‰

        one of the things i really like about this article of yours is that you do a good job of laying out the way banishing works, when it can help, when it could hinder, and etc. Well said and quite helpful.

        You know, when i was in that NDE the beings first offered help and asked my consent before doing ANYTHING else. They taught me a variety of exercises and principles i’d need coming up. They also explained that when i would, for example, do mindfulness meditation it would build up a certain type of energy or substance which would be helpful to me in terms of physical health, emotional balance, spiritual understanding and so on (kinda what new agers would call ‘energy’ or ‘light’, as good a term as any). This ‘light’ is so beneficial that there’s plenty of beings who’ll just suck it off you like water thru a straw unless you take precautions. It’s not even like all of these beings are doing it on purpose, to a certain extent it’s just like water – it flows from high to low levels.

        Anyways, they taught me that ‘hiding in the void/in the sushumna’ technique as a way to build that energy/light, as i would need it in order to become healthy again (i was very very ill and expected to die – the NDE was a result of a last-ditch procedure which went awry). Seriously it has a million and one uses, and as you point out it is very energy efficient – you will in fact build your own energy levels (so to speak) thru hanging out there, as well as being likely to encounter allies.

        okay, to the laundry (literally πŸ™‚ !!! I hope you have a great weekend coming up and thank you again, steph

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