I ran across The Vicar’s Lamp blog the other day. The Vicar is an occasional guest poster at Who Forted? and I have admired his thoughtful and magical approach to high strangeness. Reading his posts, one quickly has the impression of a strong intellect steeped in what some call the Hidden Wisdom.

Having said that, I have to disagree with the good Vicar to a degree on the contents of this post. The Vicar references renowned Fortean/UFOlogical authors John Keel, Mac Tonnies and Jaques Vallee in his post and refers to their concept of ultraterrestrials – beings who inhabit this planet, alongside human beings but not always visible to us, who have had a profound effect on the development of our species. What I do not think is true though is an idea expressed in this quote:

The Gray is a humanoid. It is a being from this world, evolved before us and living alongside of us with a possible common ancestor as the root. It built the great megalithic structures we cannot comprehend, and it is responsible for the frequent sightings of impossibilities in this world – the UFOs and USOs, the Bigfeet and Sea Monsters, the paranormal visions and manifestations. Some of these phenomena may be intentional manipulations or obfuscations.

I also take issue with the thought expressed here:

If we doubt the possibility of ultraterrestrials, we choose to ignore the vast and ever-growing body of information derived from contact with the weird and the unknown. We choose to overlook the long-standing factor so essential to the human experience – that very different, very superior creatures seem to interact with us every so often. We cannot get hard, physical evidence of these things with any reliability, for much the same reason that no ant court has managed to charge a human child with genocide and enter a magnifying glass into evidence. In the case of the Fae, the Others, the Air-Lords – we may call them everything and nothing – they are the masters of this, their planet. We are merely other creatures in the menagerie, as compelling to them as chimpanzees are to us – and likely also just as primitive and repulsive. Man is his own zookeeper.

I think that the Vicar, like many others who want to create a sort of unified field theory of the paranormal, has simply used too wide a brush in his thoughts here. Honestly, this surprised me, coming from a person versed in the magical arts. I would think that he would be familiar with the multiplicity of spirits in the magical pantheon and the propensity of some not only to manifest on this plane but also to directly and indirectly effect the lives of human beings. I would think too that he would be aware that these beings are of all different species and would not make the mistake of a non-mage by casting them all under one roof – whether that be called ultraterrestrials or some other name.

I’ve already dealt with the idea of a unified field theory of the paranormal in my thoughts in Guiley’s works on the Djinn so I am not going to repeat myself here. What I want to address in this post is the idea that humankind is simply an experiment by the overlords, that we are the chimpanzees in these being’s zoo.

Again, I am astonished to hear anyone conversant with the Hidden Wisdom even express such a thought. Every flavor of the esoteric that I have ever encountered, even the teachings of the Left Hand Path, includes the idea that human beings have That within them which is special. I have learned, in my own studies, that this special something is the Spark of the Divine which resides within each human being and that it is this Spark which constantly calls us to union with That from which the Spark derives, into a conscious life of co-creation with the Divine (however one sees that). Being the enslaved experiment of a “master race” would, I think, be rather counter-productive to the spiritual evolution of humanity that is taught by so many of the esoteric schools.

While I do agree that certain spiritual agencies appear to have interacted with humans over the course of history, and that those interactions may even have produced some of the megalithic wonders that we still see on the planet’s surface (Stonehenge and the pyramids, for example), I do not think that those interactions necessarily arose from the same source (ultraterrestrials, in this case). Rather, I see these interactions with the Other Side and the beings that manifest from there as a complex interplay of spirits who are able to make the trip from the astral into the etheric and then, for some, into a physical manifestation. As I have said before, many of these beings could care less about humans, some are concerned with our spiritual evolution and well being while others regard us as prey.

Yes, our relationships with those beings has shaped our history, in good ways and bad, but I am doubtful that there has been an over-arching “plot” to subjugate the human race or keep us as zoo animals. Such thinking arises from our own paranoia and failure to take a deep breath and allow ourselves to explore the Other Side rather than adhering to fundamentalist thought that tells us that such explorations are dangerous or that the Other Side and its denizens do not exist or that, because there seems to be evidence that some on that Side want to use us as cattle, this must be true for all spiritual forces.

As I have expressed before, humans tend to be bi-polar thinkers. A thing must be either this OR that. In order to deal with these issues, we must learn to back up and try to look at the whole picture – in this case, the whole history of human and Other interaction – before drawing conclusions.


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