Manwolf Episodes

Those who have been reading for a while may have discerned that my favorite folkloric creature is the werewolf and that I am quite interested in the werewolf’s modern day iteration, the Manwolf. I have written about this creature previously but wanted to offer the following to readers who might be interested in some interesting video. I have provided links below to two of my all time favorite episodes of the old MonsterQuest series.

American Werewolf

America’s Wolfman

MQ was a show that aired on the History Channel from 2007 to 2010 and, while some of the shows were obviously the result of the writers being stumped for something to put on that week, many of the episodes were quite interesting and, dare I say it about a TV show, even informative. Other than these episodes, about my favorite monster, the series did several episodes about Sasquatch that bear watching if the reader has an interest in that area of cryptozoology.

The episodes linked here are based, for the most part, on Linda Godfrey’s second book Hunting the American Werewolf. Several of the witnesses from that book appear in these videos and some of them even consent to take a lie detector test to determine the veracity of their claims. Interestingly, the examiner, who appeared to have good credentials, was certain that the witnesses he interviewed were speaking the truth. If we do not take the “skeptical” path and dismiss the testimony as a hoax or mis-identification, either these folks saw something really unusual or they at least believed that they had seen something unusual.

So, I recommend taking a look at these videos. They give a good overview of Manwolf phenomenon, have some interesting witness stories and the 3D computer generated recreations of the creature might just give you the chills. If you are interested in the Manwolf phenomenon, Ms. Godfrey has two other books out that will entertain and fascinate you: Hunting the American Werewolf and Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America.

Happy howling!


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