Thanks and Opening to the Spirit World

The packing and shuffling of my life continues as I prepare for the Great Trek north but I did want to stop for a moment and make a small post so that everyone would know that I am still alive.

First of all, during the course of the moving madness, I gathered my 20th follower for the blog. Now, I know that there are blogs out there that have a heck of a lot more than 20 followers but I do not do any sort of promotion or market to increase readership so I think that 20 is a good number for a few months of blogging. I am also rapidly approaching 2000 views of the blog – again, not a huge number if measured against traffic at other sites but evidence to me that some people are interested in this topic and willing to search it out. I offer my heart felt thanks to all of you who follow the blog and all who have visited. I am truly honored that you take the time out of your busy schedules to spend a little of that time reading and thinking about what I have written.

To the topic at hand . . .

I recently finished reading Orion Foxwood’s excellent book The Candle and the Crossroads. For those of you interested in the magical arts, this book is, in my opinion, a must read before venturing into any of the branches of Southern magic (conjure, hoodoo, etc).

Many of the books that I have looked at on this subject are what I call recipe books – they give extensive lists of spells and supplies needed for same but operate on the assumption that the person reading already knows how to power the magic. Mr. Foxwood does not make this assumption but, instead, begins with the basic elements that a person would need to know to practice in this area of magical tradition. His explanations of his subject matter are clear and, at times, almost poetic and the quotes from teachers and practitioners at the beginning of each chapter are sure to bring a smile to those who have worked in the magical realms before. While I am not particularly attracted to conjure practice, I did find Mr. Foxwood’s words on working with ones own spirit, for instance, to be quite thought provoking.

Time is short, though, so I thought I would offer a quote from the book as a way of giving the reader an idea what it is about:

P. 195 in the Kindle edition
(Blogger’s note: Foxwood is describing a rocking method of light trance induction used by some of his elders in this section) I have come to realize that this was a trance, but I think it is that and so much more! My experience is that it is an actual opening between the human spirit and the spirit world. It is a change of perception, a change in spiritual presence, and an encounter with spirit beings that are alive, powerful, and often just beyond the reach of our everyday senses.

This door can be drawn closer to our consciousness by techniques designed to reach for it. We may use prayer, chanting, psychotropic drugs and alcohol (which are more dangerous), simple rites, and conjurations. This chapter is about taking what we have been working with in the previous chapters and adding some simple and powerful powerful ways to work with threshold power . . . these are thresholds into the human and human-focused levels of spirit. The next levels of threshold work are with nonhuman beings connected to principle forces (the roads of spirit and good fortune) and the power of conjure itself.

I have spoken, on a number of occassions, on this blog about the concept of magicians opening doors to the other realms. If you are at all interested in the how of these sorts of workings, then taking a look at this book will give you a better grasp of the concepts,even if you are not interested in working with magic yourself.


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