The Michigan Dogman

The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the U.S.

Author: Linda S Godfrey
ISBN: 978-0-9798822-6-5
Publisher: Unexplained Research LLC

I am just back from my moving adventure and trying to get back into the swing of things again so I thought I would post a book review that I actually posted to another source back in 2012. Not to beat around the bush, I highly recommend this title.

If you are at all interested in the manwolf/dogman phenomenon, werewolves, phantom black dogs or any other sort of canid cryptid, go buy this book. In fact, if you simply enjoy a good story that will send shivers up your spine, go buy this book.

I have actually been waiting to read this work for a couple of years. I have consumed, and thoroughly enjoyed, Ms. Godfrey’s previous offerings, The Beast of Bray Road and Hunting the American Werewolf. I have found both books to be packed with information, presented in a wonderful, wry manner and those who read this blog regularly will know that I refer to them on occasion. Ms. Godfrey obviously does not take herself too seriously even though she is now a nationally recognized expert on this phenomenon.

I only wish that this author’s publisher would see fit to put her books out on Kindle since some of us have very limited shelf space for real world books. I waited for some time, in hopes that the book would come out in an e-version, and finally gave up and purchased a paper copy. Despite this small peeve, the book was well worth the wait. In Hunting the American Werewolf, Ms. Godfrey extended the reach of her research from her local Wisconsin/Michigan area to other parts of the country, as she received more and more reports from people across the U.S. The Michigan Dogman, despite its somewhat misleading title, continues this trend and the largest portion of the book is taken up with witness reports from across the United States. There is even a report from Canada included in the very last section of sightings.

One of the things that I love about Ms. Godfrey’s work is her willingness to let the witnesses speak for themselves and not try to jam their reports into preconceived categories. Ms. Godfrey relays the sightings in straightforward and clear terms and does not fail to report details that are, decidedly, strange (for example, witnesses that had UFO phenomenon happening in an area before or after a sighting or testimony that the creature simply vanished into thin air or seemed incorporeal). What emerges is a ménage of high strangeness and it is only at the end of the book, when the witnesses have had their say, that Godfrey presents some of the many competing theories about the nature of the manwolf/dogman.

I enjoyed the last section of the book as much as the sighting information. Ms. Godfrey covers some of the same thoughts and theories that I have touched on here in the blog and does so in a concise fashion that allows the reader to acquaint him or herself with the subject without being overwhelming. Godfrey includes a reasonably extensive bibliography for those who are interested in pursuing subjects further and makes recommendations for books in the text.

All of Linda Godfrey’s books are must reads for those interested in the subject matter of this blog or even those who are simply interested in strange phenomenon. Her sometimes humorous and always balanced approach to the subject makes for a quick, smooth read and her cartoon illustrations had this folklore geek laughing out loud (see the Black Dog illustration on p. 191 as a wonderful example). I’ve seen and heard Ms. Godfrey in interviews and she has consistently stated that she really has no idea what the manwolf/dogman is. It is the rare researcher who does not have a “pet” theory or who is willing to say that A, B and C (and maybe even D, E, F . . . ) might be true. Ms. Godfrey is such a researcher and I hope that she continues to be the nexus for reports of this kind.


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One response to “The Michigan Dogman

  • jovita villalpando

    my daughtet saw a dogman outside in her backyard in irving tx near dallas.she said it was 2 or3 in the morning,it was trying to hide behind the lounge chairs. i think he was trying to get the cat. she said it was very tall and it looked like like a werewolf.her back yard is a lake. there is alot of ducks,fish and igrets i think they come to eat them

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