First Impressions of My New Home

The great moving adventure is almost complete. After weeks of planning, phone calls, packing, frustration and general mayhem, and a moving company that was less then stellar in their performance, I am finally in my new place in the foothills of the Catskills in New York state (about 45 minutes south of Albany, for those of you who might know the area). There are still boxes to unpack but the furniture is settled, the computers are set up and my internet access is up. Amazingly, this provider seems to be higher speed and more stable than the one in Georgia so I am happy about that.

I have not had a great deal of time to explore yet but I just had to comment on the “feel” of this new area. While I am a Southerner by birth (originally from Texas) and I felt very comfortable with the manners and culture of Georgia, I never really felt at home there. For one thing, even though Columbus was not a huge city, I was coming from a semi-rural area in New York state. I did not realize, until I got to this new location, how “noisy” my apartment in Georgia had been.

Now, yes, I am talking about the sort of noise where people are wandering around talking and playing their radios too loud but, mostly, I am referring to the sort of psychic noise one experiences when one is at all sensitive and placed into close proximity to a lot of people who are all packed together. I am no telepath; I did not sit around in my apartment picking out the thoughts of those around me but I was, unconsciously, always aware of everyone in the dwellings around me. There was a sense of pressure that has been relieved since my new place is the top story of an old home with only one person (the landlord) living below me.

That, in and of itself, is a blessed event but I have to say that the Land here feels completely different in a strange and wonderful way. Again, I liked Georgia just fine but I never had the sense of belonging there that I did after I had sunk roots in Western New York where I had lived previously. As I drive and walk around my new home though, I am struck by an almost golden aura over the forests that gives me moments of deep peace and wellbeing and a strong desire to go and lose myself in those forests for a while and commune with Those who live there. Of course, it is coming into autumn, the season of my birth and my favorite time of year, but I never had this sense of peace about the forest and Land of Georgia. There is definitely something here that speaks to me.

The other thing that I have noticed as I have acquainted myself with my new home, is a surfeit of faery. The house where I have my apartment is surrounded in a wild tangle of greenery – the landlord is not a gardener apparently – and, as I enter or leave my domicile, I am very aware of the spirits who dwell in that wild tangle. I can feel them, too, and sometimes catch a glimpse of one in the woods lining the roadways around here. No Disney pixies, these, but the spirits of trees and plants long rooted that have been allowed to thrive with little or no human interference. Certainly, there has been habitat destruction here as roadways were carved and utility byways were cut through the forests but the area has not been turned into a concrete heat sink and the local spirits seem much more inquisitive about humans than those I have encountered in other places. Once again, I am looking forward to getting out and nosing around in the woods to see what I might encounter. It seems to me that I may have a whole forest of friends waiting for me to come out and play.

I am minded of my post about the Missing 411 books. While these forests certainly seem friendly, my research indicates that David Paulides has placed one of his disappearance nexus areas just north of me in the Adirondacks. Given the huge amount of spirit and especially Faery activity that I sense in the area without really opening up and trying to “see”, I am inclined to hold to my original theory that some of these disappearances could be the work of the Fae. While much of this might be the work of what the Scots would call the Unseelie Court – those Faery beings who are actively hostile to humans – I would not be at all surprised to find that some of disappearance are simply the result of people accidentally wandering through a portal and being trapped on the Otherside.

I know that sounds like something out of a fantasy novel but, if one looks at folklore pertaining to the Fae, such an accidental trip into the Faery realms is often described and the hapless human in question, unless is he or she is unusually witty, often ends up being trapped and having to be rescued by someone with knowledge of those realms – if anyone even realizes they are gone. I shall certainly keep you all apprised as I explore further.


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