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Missing 411: An Interesting Psychic Impression

In my recent post, Missing 411, I spoke at some length about the work of David Paulides and the many mysterious disappearances he has documented in wilderness areas all over the U.S. and, now, in other parts of the world. I noted, in that article, that there could be a number of explanations for the phenomenon, ranging from the mundane to the more esoteric. I also stated that:

it appears that soon I will be within striking distance of one of Mr. Paulides’ clusters in the Adirondacks. I will do some etheric reconnaissance and report the results here once I am settled.

Now, I had intended to do just that but, as you know, moving is not something that is accomplished overnight, especially when the move is cross country. I am getting settled in my new locale but I have not had a chance to set the geography of the Adirondacks in my mind so that I have reliable waypoints to visit in an etheric reconnaissance. Much of the difference between the etheric and astral has to do with congruence, the level of solidity that you bring to the projection. In astral projection, you can simply flit from place to place but in the etheric, you want to maintain a good connection with the physical world so you may follow a road or highway or known landmarks to enhance your feeling of really being there. As I have said, I and others who have tried this have had some pretty remarkable experiences working with this style of projecting.

The incident that I am about to relate happened under circumstances where I was not in deep trance nor was I working on any sort of projection. I was, in fact, taking a long walk up along a road that tracks up one of the many hills in my new area (I am in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains). Now, those of you who walk distances know that, once you get into your stride, you can often experience a sort of light trance, in the flow feeling. I’ve had some vision experiences when running or walking but, obviously, these things have to be carefully regulated since one does not want to mis-step and break an ankle or worse.

In any event, I was walking briskly along this road in my neighborhood,not thinking about anything in particular, when I became aware of a presence on one of the hillsides far across from me. The place where I was walking presented a vista, across a valley, looking out into the foothills. One particular hill had caught my attention. I would say that this small mountain was somewhere between a half mile to a mile away from where I was walking.

I did not see anything with my physical eyes although I thought I had seen a shadow or something moving across that distance and this darkness was what first attracted my attention. As I slowed for a moment, trying to parse out what I thought I had seen, I became aware of a sensation of cold, almost as though I had stepped into one of the cold spots that ghost hunters are always talking about. I want to stress that this was not a physical sensation but more of a psychic scent. I do shamanic work very frequently and I became aware, on the subtle level, of one of my power animals standing near by. He was not happy and he expressed this to me in no uncertain terms.

I had not come to a complete stop but had slowed considerably from the pace I had been keeping as I looked out over that vista. The feeling of cold hung with me and, in my mind’s eye, I could see something black stalking through the woods, looking at me as I looked at it. This would likely have been more frightening if the creature had been closer. As it was, I did not have a clear view of the entity, either physically or psychically and I suspect this is because the being did not want to be seen. If I had to venture a guess, the energy felt similar to the energy of the legendary Black Dogs of Great Britain (and to a much lesser extent, the Americas).

The coldness faded quickly after the creature realized I was there and looking at it and the whole incident could not have lasted more than 30 seconds but it certainly gave me pause. If there are Black Dogs or something similar in the woods not far from my home then what else might be wandering farther out into the wilds?

Now, just to put this in perspective, the Land around my new home is incredibly powerful and loaded with Faery energies most of which are quite neutral to humans and some of which are quite willing to work with us. I do not think that the forests around here are swarming with creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night. I rather suspect that the beneficent forces in the area keep such things in check, for the most part, but I am more convinced now that some of Mr. Paulides’ cases have an esoteric twist. Stay tuned as I get out into those hills more.

Creating Your Own “Demons”

I was recently made aware of a case that I simply had to post about since it is so apropos to the subjects that we deal with in this blog. I am going to outline the case in very broad strokes to avoid any backlash from this “victim”.

The subject is a female in her early to mid 30’s with a husband and children. The family has seen escalating paranormal experiences around them for some years and have been involved with more than one ghost hunting team during that time. Experiences began with the woman’s and later the family’s perception of a fairly harmless entity in the home – the spirit of a child, according to the subjects – but, after a time began to show signs of a hostile haunting. Movement of objects, unexplained smells, voices without an obvious source, scratches spontaneously appearing on the subjects etc. The activity became so frightening to the female subject that the family actually moved house. There was a brief respite but then the activity followed the family to their new location. Several types of “spirit laying” were tried, including a purported exorcism, which seemed to calm the activity for a time before the occurrences flared back up.

Now, on the surface, this sounds like a pretty nasty situation but here is the kicker: this entire situation was actually created by the “victim”, in this case, the female subject. Now, lest someone immediately accuse me of blaming the victim, I do not base my assertions on conjecture. Rather, several people with whom I am acquainted either remote viewed the property or, as I did, “went there” as part of a shamanic journey. Each of us, independent of the others and without knowing what the others had perceived, reported to a central person who then collated the reports and drew out the common themes. Every single one of the people who took part in this experiment said the same thing – that this woman had literally created her own “demon” (she maintains that the haunting is caused by a demonic entity which she accidentally opened the door to via occult experimentation in her youth).

I chose to do this experiment via shamanic voyaging since that is a fairly safe way of getting around in the Otherworld and one that seldom takes you into the denser etheric planes where you might be physically injured if you encountered a hostile entity. During my journey, I encountered the spirit of one of the local natives of the target area who informed me, in no uncertain terms, that this woman was “dumping her s***” in the area and that the local spirits of the land did not appreciate it in the least. This spirit showed me how the subject had, at first projected something harmless, to bring some excitement to her life and then, when the thrill of that wore off, pulled together just about everything she was afraid of and embodied that. Her take away? She had become a local paranormal celebrity as the woman with the case no one could close. Let’s call her Mrs. X.

There is a very simple reason why the various groups had failed to remove the entity. Mrs. X had built up a whole legend around these instances, starting with her “accidental” opening of the door through occult experimentation in her teens, all the way through to the the demon that supposedly haunted her. As I mentioned, she had become something of celebrity in the local area and this is what the whole phenomenon centered on – getting and keeping attention.

Now the dyed in wool skeptic will, at this point, roll his or her eyes and suggest that the woman was simply hoaxing for that attention and this was all there was too the case. However, I can assure you that not only did the whole group involved in this experiment have very similar perceptions but, as I mentioned, there have been several paranormal groups in the house and almost all have come away with some fairly credible evidence. I think it is safe to say there is something plaguing this woman and her children but it ain’t no demon, folks.

Look up the search term “The Phillip Experiment”. We have already talked about the reality of tulpas/ thought forms and their uses and abuses in Western magic. The Phillip Experiment and others like it showed that this ability to create beings out of the astral does not just reside with magicians. The experiment showed that if you put a group of people together, give them a central “legend” to work with (even if it is completely fictitious) and have them use the old forms of doing a seance, they can effectively create a spirit. While a western magician might be able to do this process in a few days or weeks, it took this group several months but, eventually, they began to get “replies” from their “spirit” that were strictly in accord with the legend upon which they had established him.

In this case, what you have is a perfect storm for the paranormal. An individual with a touch of latent magical talent. A life situation which makes the person long for some attention, for a chance to stand in the lime light. An exposure to the Otherworld through experiments in the rebellious teens. Lots of subconscious energy with no outlet. Viola’, you have a recipe that allows the “victim” to create her own “Phillip”, only this is not a dashing noble from the 18th century who supposedly died a tragic death but a monster crafted from the darkest impulses of the human subconscious. The only one who will ever be able to banish the thing will be its creator and she would rather cut off her own hand than give up the attention she has garnered.

So,for all you investigators and would be investigators out there – if you will not have or can not find a working magician for your team then it might be a good idea to invest some time in schooling some of your team members in disciplines like remote viewing or shamanic voyaging. You do not have to take the findings of these folks at face value but having access to people with these skills might prevent you from going into a situation that is out of control and which you have very little hope of controlling.

An Italian Crop Circle

I stumbled across this wondrous work of art on the daily newsfeed from The Daily Grail and thought this might be a good opportunity to let people know that, while some crop circles certainly seem to have quite mysterious origins, many do not. They are simply the work of creative individuals who don’t mind stepping a little outside the lines of the law to express themselves in a whole new way. While I certainly do not condone trespassing and crop destruction, I can not help but admit that these creations are magical.

In fact, circles seem to have an innate magic to them. Whether we are talking about the child who stares in wonder at a faery circle of mushrooms and imagines what might happen if he or she were to step in to the rugged individualist who wants a minimalist cabin out in the woods and constructs a yurt to meet the need, humans seem to have a fascination with circles and circular construction. I do not think that there is any one definitive reason for this interest but I do believe that one of the reasons for our love of circles is the intuitive knowledge that circles contain energy.

Neolithic people arranged stones in circles all around the Celtic lands, seemingly to mark significant astronomical events and probably to perform seasonal rituals around those events. Native Americans of some tribes still purify in a circular sweat lodge and move to face each of the four directions as they pray, forming a circle with their intent. Modern Wiccans worship and do magic in a scribed circle and ceremonial magicians are famous for their intricate circles, containers specifically put in place to keep the “nasties” out and to form a container for the energy that would summon whatever spirit the magician was trying to contact. If you look at some to the crop circle designs, it seems to me that the makers of those circles were unconsciously (perhaps) imitating the old wizards.

I have read that people who work on these crop circles, human beings who are performing this most creative act, sometimes find themselves confronted with strangeness – mostly the feeling of being observed but occasionally actual sightings of cryptids or UFO’s in the area. I forget which book it was in but I know that Nick Redfern references this phenomenon in one of this many tomes. I am not at all surprised. Anyone who has ever thrown themselves into a creative endeavor knows that, when things are going well, there is a certain flow there. If you have had this experience, then, my friends you have been working a wee bit of magic without even really realizing it.

So, we have a formula here. Energy + a container + the intent of the creators of the circle = something amazing. If nothing else, the circle makers have created a thing of beauty but, I suspect, that some of those folks have a bit of Puck in them, some mischievous intent as they go about their work. Maybe they are giggling inwardly about the silly people who think the circles are created by aliens, or earth energies or the faery. Maybe they have had a pint or two before beginning the process and they find themselves slipping, ever so slightly, into a trance state as they work on their creation. The energy of creation flows forth, the circle is constructed and begins to hold that energy, the thoughts of the participants give the circle a charge. Heck maybe one or more of the circle builders actually has some magical experience. Primary ingredients for portal formation and subsequent strangeness. The Intruders and other beings of the Otherside don’t really care how a door got opened; they just want to come sniff around. Next thing you know, you have some poor sod standing in the middle of a roadway with his circle making gear, waiting for his friend to pick him up and not caring if he gets arrested. He is not going back in that circle with whatever was in there (this actually happened in the Redfern book I am thinking of . . . Monster Diaries, I think).

So, even if we completely throw out the idea that crop circles are formed by anything other than human agency, we still have the ingredients for a magical incident in the creation of such a circle. For myself, if I could do it without destroying someone’s land, I think that one of these circles would be the ultimate container for a working to contact and commune with the spirits of that particular land. Of course, that would require a lot more concentration and visualization and energy raising than most of the circle makers are generating, but the idea of standing in the very center of something gorgeous like the circle in this article and doing magic really appeals to me.

Guess I am going to have to find a little place of my own out in the woods here and start my own circle of standing stones or something.

Getting Help: Wicca

It has been some time since I touched on this subject and, in the last Getting Help post, I did promise that these articles would be ongoing so I thought it high time to come back to the subject.

As I mentioned in the previous Getting Help post, people who are faced with a hostile haunting or other types of incursions from the Otherside are often seized with a sort of paralysis in which they do nothing to help themselves because they do not think others will believe them and they have no idea where to turn for help. When the witnesses do break their lethargy and seek assistance, they often call upon the groups or individuals who put themselves out there to investigate such claims. This can be a problem, in and of itself, since these groups and individuals (whom I will refer to as “investigator” for simplicity) vary wildly in their abilities and professionalism.

If the witnesses happen to be lucky enough to find a good investigator, that person is faced with a daunting task should they discover that the incursion is not the product of natural occurrences or the mental problems of the witness or witnesses. Most investigators are just that, investigators, and they do not come equipped with the bag of tricks needed to rid a home or other location of an incursion from the Otherside.

The good investigator will recognize that he or she needs assistance and this is where things tend to get muddy. Since most investigators have no magical background at all, they do not know where to start looking for help. Many will default to the religion of their youth and seek the services of an exorcist from that church. While some denominations have practitioners who specialize in this sort of thing (another post at another time), many investigators come from agnostic backgrounds and really have no idea what to do next.

Being an investigator though, the person will likely begin to explore options and, if their search leads them into the realm of magic and magical folk who know how to do things like banish, the person they are most likely to encounter, since they are the most “out” of the magic users, is a Wiccan.

Wiccans also often refer to themselves as witches and I am not even going to get into the controversy surrounding the use of the two terms – that would require a whole other post and is not related to the topic of this blog. For our purposes, a Wiccan is a person who follows the nature based, Goddess oriented religion founded by Gerald Gardner in the 1950’s. Wicca finds its roots in what appears to be a fragmentary folk magic tradition passed down to Gardner from his mentor, Dorothy Clutterbuck, as well as elements from Aleister Crowley’s OTO, Masonry and other esoteric traditions of the time. While it is something of a mish mash, Gardner and his priestess Doreen Valiente managed to produce a set of rituals and initiations that have worked for thousands of people over the time since Wicca was founded. Magic and its use is one of the core elements of Wiccan practice.

A fully trained Wiccan should be able to carry out the diagnostics necessary for discerning what type of being is causing an incursion and should be able to suggest some remedies to an issue or, at least, suggest next steps if he or she does not feel qualified to handle the situation. If things are really out of hand, most Wiccans worship and do magic in groups called covens and they can can, with permission from the leadership of the group, call on the coven for assistance in working any magic that may be required to remedy the situation. A Wiccan should also be able to do something similar to what a medicine person does and negotiate a “treaty” with a spirit or they should have someone in the coven with the necessary sensitivity to do this.

Note the bolded use of the word should. Wicca became enormously popular in the 80’s and 90’s and a surfeit of books telling people that they could become initiates of Wicca simply by reading and following the instructions produced a huge crop of “Wiccans” who had very little claim to the title and a whole lot of attitude and posing. Some of these people did go on to seek real initiation in the Craft (as Wiccans sometimes call their religion) but many of them simply did their own thing and the result is a giant pool of people calling themselves Wiccan, many of whom could not magic their way out of a wet paper sack but who will be quite happy to tell you how powerful they are, should you ask.

Example: I knew one young lady in the Phoenix, AZ, area who, after reading a couple of books by one of “those” authors decided that she was now a High Priestess and ready to lead her own coven. The results, as you might imagine, were disastrous and culminated in the lady and her group being arrested in a public park after hours. She and her group were found standing in a circle, holding lit candles in the midst of tinder dry brush in a sensitive mountain nature preserve area.

So, could a Wiccan assist you in the investigation and resolution of a hostile haunting or other event? Absolutely, but you have to find one who actually knows what he or she is doing. In my experience with well trained Wiccans, they are almost as hard to find as medicine people and, should you find a candidate, checking their credentials can be frustrating since they are often oathsworn not to reveal anything about their coven or lineage. While the individual may be more than willing to help, once you find him or her, they are likely not going to be willing to confide anything more than generalities to you until they get to know you.

Tests which indicate that you might have found a trained Wiccan:
a) Look for a person with deep knowledge of and interest in occult fields ranging from magic to divination and herbal lore – check any statements your candidate makes with outside sources and bring up any discrepancies you find with the person. They should not make grandiose claims to hidden knowledge but should be able to explain their point of view.
b) Ask the person to do a generic banishing in an area – nothing which they are oathsworn not to reveal. If you are at all sensitive, you should feel a definite change in the atmosphere of the area. The Wiccan should be able to do this without a script of any kind and with minimal preparation.
c) Ask the person about aspects of the religion (seasonal festivals, for example). All the Wiccans I know operate on the Eight-Fold Cycle of the Year invented by Gardner and the druid Ross Nichols. The Wiccan should be able to tell you about any festival, what it means, general ideas about how it is celebrated, etc.
d) Look for a person who does not flaunt their religion but who seems to hold tier faith deeply. Ask them about the Goddess and the God and get them to explain a little about their thinking on the gods. Each Wiccan is allowed to think what they like about the gods but the person’s explanation should reflect some thought and meditation.
e) Ask the person what they do as a daily practice. Most Wiccans will practice some form of meditation daily and will often accompany that with a self blessing, banishing or other magical work. Again, remember the oaths that are sworn by these folks and realize they may have to speak in generalities.
f) Well trained Wiccans most often come from a variety of off-shoots of the original Gardnerian stream. Ask if the person can tell you something about the “trad” that they come from and how it fits into that stream. Research, research, research.

This post has turned into a mini-book so I will stop now. Suffice to say, that, as with medicine people, finding a well trained Wiccan can be a time consuming and frustrating task. There are a lot of posers out there. Keep your eyes and ears open and trust your instincts when choosing someone to work with on an investigation.

Thoughts on The Real Men in Black (Redfern)

A while back, I published this post on the Men in Black. In that post, I gave a brief overview of some of my thinking on the subject and put forward the seemingly wild conjecture that the MIB might actually be entities moving into our world to try to move us away from the clutches of the Intruders. As I noted in that article UFOlogy is not one of my primary areas of interest but I do find the MIB phenomenon interesting as a sort of modern day monster story so I picked up a copy of Nick Redfern’s book The Real Men in Black to glean more information.

As I have said in other articles, Mr. Redfern’s work sometimes passes into ‘what horrors have we yet to discover’ mode but the man is trying to make a living selling books. He has to appeal to a wider audience than just egg-headed folklore geeks like myself. Despite this tendency to the sensational and a habit of re-using cases throughout his many books, Mr. Redfern is my go-to person if I want a fairly wide ranging, informative, easy to read introduction to a topic. This author did not fail me with The Real Men in Black; the book is well researched and provides an extensive bibliography for anyone interested in exploring the subject more deeply. Be forewarned though . . . one of the points that Mr. Redfern makes repeatedly in this book is summed up in a quote from Fortean researcher Brad Steiger:

The Men in Black are real, and if you truly devote yourself to pursuing this, then one can become in great danger. We’re up against something that none of us can truly comprehend.

While I am not sure how dangerous the MIB are, it does seem that paying attention to them draws their attention to you and that attention can be distinctly creepy. Be aware of this and prepared to deal with it if you choose to research this topic in any depth.

About the book . . . it is divided into two sections. In the first part of the work, you will find a general overview of the history of the phenomenon with special attention paid to Albert Bender, Gray Barker and John Keel, the writers/researchers who brought forth the MIB myths as we have it today. Mr. Redfern then goes on to provide a sampling of cases from the seminal time period of the 50’s up to the present. In the second part of the book, Mr. Redfern brings forth the many theories about who the MIB’s are and where they come from. This section ranges from real life agents of government to over-enthusiatic members of UFO research groups on to the more sinister concepts such as demonic activity, tulpas/thought forms and/or time travelers from our distant future.

In the section on demonic intervention, Mr. Redfern speaks to what I think is the real point of the MIB mystery (setting aside the government agents for a moment). In this quote, the author has been speaking to Ray Boeche, an Anglican priest who has spent time studying the UFO and MIB phenomenon in depth:

Boeche cites the words of the late author/researcher Ivan Sanderson, whose influence on paranormal research still resonates nearly 40 years after his untimely passing. Sanderson asked: Are the Men in Black extraterrestrials, the descendants of extraterrestrials, or even the agents of extraterrestrials? Or, he wondered, do we need to allow for a totally new category of intelligent beings that are interacting with us? Boeche answers that “we must acknowledge a different category of being. We must awaken to the realization that we are caught in a web of deception, and that the web is closing in on us. We are being watched, probed, and manipulated by forces from outside our known physical universe. We are not alone, and we may not like it much when we find out what sort of company we have” (Boeche 1994).

While I put hellish demons fairly low on the list of possible Intruders, I think that Fr. Boeche is quite correct. There is too much of the UFO phenomenon and particularly abduction experiences that screams of Otherworld manipulation to ignore the thought that the Intruders have simply slipped into a guise that will make more sense and be deeply frightening to the modern homo sapiens.

The MIB could very well be entities from the Otherside as well, bent on keeping humans from the nasties that wish to prey on them but unfamiliar with the mechanics of moving through the etheric and into the physical. A being that was not comfortable with a physical form and not familiar with how to make it move would have all the hallmarks of an MIB – the form that is not quite right, awkward gait and posture, unawareness of social conventions, the feeling of the creeps that people get around them (human intuition recognizing something “other”), the hypnotic effect some MIB’s seem to have and their ability to disappear seemingly at will. In addition, a powerful entity from the Otherside might also interfere with electrical communication devices and, given that these beings seem to interact with humans only when they come through to warn someone off and have no social skills, what might be meant as a sincere warning to walk away from a dangerous situation could easily be taken as a threat or perhaps even voiced that way.

Again, I am not saying that my theory is the correct one. I would still be inclined to deal with an MIB as I would any Intruder unless I was absolutely convinced that I was correct. Still, in all that I have read about these beings, despite the horror they engender in some, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for them since they are so obviously out of step with what is going on around them..

30 Day Energy Challenge

I follow the blogs of several well known magicians and wanted to bring this awesome opportunity from Andrieh Vitimus to everyone’s attention before the cut off date for the challenge. I am participating and so are a lot of other folks. The nice thing about this challenge is that you do not have to be an experienced magical practitioner to participate and, in fact, Mr. Vitimus provides some suggestions for work if you have no idea what to do.

I realize that many of my readers may simply be interested in the paranormal and have no real interest in magical practice. I absolutely understand that magic is not the path for everyone and I respect people’s choices in that regard. Having said that,there are a whole lot of people out there who talk about magic and even proclaim themselves to be practitioners whose idea of working magic is going to library and checking out the latest book from magician X, whom they admire. Now, I freely admit to being a bibliophile but, if you want to truly understand magical practice, at some point you have to set the book down and DO something. That is where an opportunity like Mr. Vitimus’ 30 day challenges comes in handy.

Some practitioners actually belong to esoteric groups and study with those groups. If the group is a really good one, with plenty of members, the apprentice mage might actually have a mentor to help guide them through their studies. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, most people end up beginning their path in magic on their own. They might pick up a copy of Mr. Vitimus’ Hands On Chaos Magic or Jason Miller’s The Sorcerer’s Secret or even Don M. Kraig’s ‘ancient’ but still useful tome Modern Magick and begin to work through the material on their own. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this but it can be a lonely path and there will be times when it is extremely difficult to stay motivated to continue. Remember, doing magic is not about waving wands; it can certainly bend your reality in ways you can not even begin to imagine but it also requires a lot of deep inner work that can be damned uncomfortable.

So, the temptation is always just to set the book or books aside or to read a lot of books but to not really do much with the material. Inertia takes over and the magical muscles that one may have developed get flabby.

Alternatively, if, like me, the magician has a pretty steady practice, sometimes that can be a pitfall too. Most people think of magic as either a fiction or a way to make things easier. Let me be the first to pop that bubble. Magic in no way makes things easier. The magical path requires grit, determination, discipline and mental acuity. As I’ve said, it requires deep inner work and the admission of weaknesses as well as the acknowledgement of strengths. As with any spiritual path, there are days when the mage wonders why he continues to do what he does: the practice seems stale and nothing much seems to be happening.

Whether suffering from inertia or staleness, that is precisely when the Universe will drop something like the 30 Day Challenge in the magician’s (or aspiring magician’s) lap. Doing even basic energy practices (I am working with an elemental exercise for my 30 Days) in a disciplined way over a month’s time can instill a habit of DOING in those who have been sitting on their back sides for too long and can break a more experienced practitioner out of a stale spot.

Also, a basic challenge like this that does not require a great deal of knowledge is a great way for someone to start on the magical path and get a good taste of the way. Some people, after the 30 days may decide that magic is not for them but many will realize that this is the thing their soul has been looking for. A challenge like this could be the beginning of a lifetime adventure. I started off, many moons ago, challenging myself. I had picked up a copy of the Kraig book mentioned previously and challenged myself to do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagrams for a month. After spending a month doing the LBRP everywhere from my bedroom to a broom closet at work, I’ve been doing magic of one sort or the other ever since.

So, for those readers who are interested, I strongly encourage you to check out the challenge link and take the plunge. In one way or the other, it will change your life.

Werewolves of Livonia

Yes, I know, Warren Zevon is beginning to play in your head already, at least if you are of a certain age. This blog had such a great title and contained so much good information that I had to post it for your consideration: I Saw a Werewolf Drinking a Piña Colada in the Duchy of Livonia, and His Hair was Perfect.

Enjoy . . . I certainly did. But then again, I am a history and folklore geek so be forewarned. Consider this proof that I do not have to write a thousand word blog every time I sit down. I just have to post to one 🙂