30 Day Energy Challenge

I follow the blogs of several well known magicians and wanted to bring this awesome opportunity from Andrieh Vitimus to everyone’s attention before the cut off date for the challenge. I am participating and so are a lot of other folks. The nice thing about this challenge is that you do not have to be an experienced magical practitioner to participate and, in fact, Mr. Vitimus provides some suggestions for work if you have no idea what to do.

I realize that many of my readers may simply be interested in the paranormal and have no real interest in magical practice. I absolutely understand that magic is not the path for everyone and I respect people’s choices in that regard. Having said that,there are a whole lot of people out there who talk about magic and even proclaim themselves to be practitioners whose idea of working magic is going to library and checking out the latest book from magician X, whom they admire. Now, I freely admit to being a bibliophile but, if you want to truly understand magical practice, at some point you have to set the book down and DO something. That is where an opportunity like Mr. Vitimus’ 30 day challenges comes in handy.

Some practitioners actually belong to esoteric groups and study with those groups. If the group is a really good one, with plenty of members, the apprentice mage might actually have a mentor to help guide them through their studies. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, most people end up beginning their path in magic on their own. They might pick up a copy of Mr. Vitimus’ Hands On Chaos Magic or Jason Miller’s The Sorcerer’s Secret or even Don M. Kraig’s ‘ancient’ but still useful tome Modern Magick and begin to work through the material on their own. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this but it can be a lonely path and there will be times when it is extremely difficult to stay motivated to continue. Remember, doing magic is not about waving wands; it can certainly bend your reality in ways you can not even begin to imagine but it also requires a lot of deep inner work that can be damned uncomfortable.

So, the temptation is always just to set the book or books aside or to read a lot of books but to not really do much with the material. Inertia takes over and the magical muscles that one may have developed get flabby.

Alternatively, if, like me, the magician has a pretty steady practice, sometimes that can be a pitfall too. Most people think of magic as either a fiction or a way to make things easier. Let me be the first to pop that bubble. Magic in no way makes things easier. The magical path requires grit, determination, discipline and mental acuity. As I’ve said, it requires deep inner work and the admission of weaknesses as well as the acknowledgement of strengths. As with any spiritual path, there are days when the mage wonders why he continues to do what he does: the practice seems stale and nothing much seems to be happening.

Whether suffering from inertia or staleness, that is precisely when the Universe will drop something like the 30 Day Challenge in the magician’s (or aspiring magician’s) lap. Doing even basic energy practices (I am working with an elemental exercise for my 30 Days) in a disciplined way over a month’s time can instill a habit of DOING in those who have been sitting on their back sides for too long and can break a more experienced practitioner out of a stale spot.

Also, a basic challenge like this that does not require a great deal of knowledge is a great way for someone to start on the magical path and get a good taste of the way. Some people, after the 30 days may decide that magic is not for them but many will realize that this is the thing their soul has been looking for. A challenge like this could be the beginning of a lifetime adventure. I started off, many moons ago, challenging myself. I had picked up a copy of the Kraig book mentioned previously and challenged myself to do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagrams for a month. After spending a month doing the LBRP everywhere from my bedroom to a broom closet at work, I’ve been doing magic of one sort or the other ever since.

So, for those readers who are interested, I strongly encourage you to check out the challenge link and take the plunge. In one way or the other, it will change your life.


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  • running

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though
    you relied on the video to make your point. You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something
    informative to read?

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