An Italian Crop Circle

I stumbled across this wondrous work of art on the daily newsfeed from The Daily Grail and thought this might be a good opportunity to let people know that, while some crop circles certainly seem to have quite mysterious origins, many do not. They are simply the work of creative individuals who don’t mind stepping a little outside the lines of the law to express themselves in a whole new way. While I certainly do not condone trespassing and crop destruction, I can not help but admit that these creations are magical.

In fact, circles seem to have an innate magic to them. Whether we are talking about the child who stares in wonder at a faery circle of mushrooms and imagines what might happen if he or she were to step in to the rugged individualist who wants a minimalist cabin out in the woods and constructs a yurt to meet the need, humans seem to have a fascination with circles and circular construction. I do not think that there is any one definitive reason for this interest but I do believe that one of the reasons for our love of circles is the intuitive knowledge that circles contain energy.

Neolithic people arranged stones in circles all around the Celtic lands, seemingly to mark significant astronomical events and probably to perform seasonal rituals around those events. Native Americans of some tribes still purify in a circular sweat lodge and move to face each of the four directions as they pray, forming a circle with their intent. Modern Wiccans worship and do magic in a scribed circle and ceremonial magicians are famous for their intricate circles, containers specifically put in place to keep the “nasties” out and to form a container for the energy that would summon whatever spirit the magician was trying to contact. If you look at some to the crop circle designs, it seems to me that the makers of those circles were unconsciously (perhaps) imitating the old wizards.

I have read that people who work on these crop circles, human beings who are performing this most creative act, sometimes find themselves confronted with strangeness – mostly the feeling of being observed but occasionally actual sightings of cryptids or UFO’s in the area. I forget which book it was in but I know that Nick Redfern references this phenomenon in one of this many tomes. I am not at all surprised. Anyone who has ever thrown themselves into a creative endeavor knows that, when things are going well, there is a certain flow there. If you have had this experience, then, my friends you have been working a wee bit of magic without even really realizing it.

So, we have a formula here. Energy + a container + the intent of the creators of the circle = something amazing. If nothing else, the circle makers have created a thing of beauty but, I suspect, that some of those folks have a bit of Puck in them, some mischievous intent as they go about their work. Maybe they are giggling inwardly about the silly people who think the circles are created by aliens, or earth energies or the faery. Maybe they have had a pint or two before beginning the process and they find themselves slipping, ever so slightly, into a trance state as they work on their creation. The energy of creation flows forth, the circle is constructed and begins to hold that energy, the thoughts of the participants give the circle a charge. Heck maybe one or more of the circle builders actually has some magical experience. Primary ingredients for portal formation and subsequent strangeness. The Intruders and other beings of the Otherside don’t really care how a door got opened; they just want to come sniff around. Next thing you know, you have some poor sod standing in the middle of a roadway with his circle making gear, waiting for his friend to pick him up and not caring if he gets arrested. He is not going back in that circle with whatever was in there (this actually happened in the Redfern book I am thinking of . . . Monster Diaries, I think).

So, even if we completely throw out the idea that crop circles are formed by anything other than human agency, we still have the ingredients for a magical incident in the creation of such a circle. For myself, if I could do it without destroying someone’s land, I think that one of these circles would be the ultimate container for a working to contact and commune with the spirits of that particular land. Of course, that would require a lot more concentration and visualization and energy raising than most of the circle makers are generating, but the idea of standing in the very center of something gorgeous like the circle in this article and doing magic really appeals to me.

Guess I am going to have to find a little place of my own out in the woods here and start my own circle of standing stones or something.


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