Creating Your Own “Demons”

I was recently made aware of a case that I simply had to post about since it is so apropos to the subjects that we deal with in this blog. I am going to outline the case in very broad strokes to avoid any backlash from this “victim”.

The subject is a female in her early to mid 30’s with a husband and children. The family has seen escalating paranormal experiences around them for some years and have been involved with more than one ghost hunting team during that time. Experiences began with the woman’s and later the family’s perception of a fairly harmless entity in the home – the spirit of a child, according to the subjects – but, after a time began to show signs of a hostile haunting. Movement of objects, unexplained smells, voices without an obvious source, scratches spontaneously appearing on the subjects etc. The activity became so frightening to the female subject that the family actually moved house. There was a brief respite but then the activity followed the family to their new location. Several types of “spirit laying” were tried, including a purported exorcism, which seemed to calm the activity for a time before the occurrences flared back up.

Now, on the surface, this sounds like a pretty nasty situation but here is the kicker: this entire situation was actually created by the “victim”, in this case, the female subject. Now, lest someone immediately accuse me of blaming the victim, I do not base my assertions on conjecture. Rather, several people with whom I am acquainted either remote viewed the property or, as I did, “went there” as part of a shamanic journey. Each of us, independent of the others and without knowing what the others had perceived, reported to a central person who then collated the reports and drew out the common themes. Every single one of the people who took part in this experiment said the same thing – that this woman had literally created her own “demon” (she maintains that the haunting is caused by a demonic entity which she accidentally opened the door to via occult experimentation in her youth).

I chose to do this experiment via shamanic voyaging since that is a fairly safe way of getting around in the Otherworld and one that seldom takes you into the denser etheric planes where you might be physically injured if you encountered a hostile entity. During my journey, I encountered the spirit of one of the local natives of the target area who informed me, in no uncertain terms, that this woman was “dumping her s***” in the area and that the local spirits of the land did not appreciate it in the least. This spirit showed me how the subject had, at first projected something harmless, to bring some excitement to her life and then, when the thrill of that wore off, pulled together just about everything she was afraid of and embodied that. Her take away? She had become a local paranormal celebrity as the woman with the case no one could close. Let’s call her Mrs. X.

There is a very simple reason why the various groups had failed to remove the entity. Mrs. X had built up a whole legend around these instances, starting with her “accidental” opening of the door through occult experimentation in her teens, all the way through to the the demon that supposedly haunted her. As I mentioned, she had become something of celebrity in the local area and this is what the whole phenomenon centered on – getting and keeping attention.

Now the dyed in wool skeptic will, at this point, roll his or her eyes and suggest that the woman was simply hoaxing for that attention and this was all there was too the case. However, I can assure you that not only did the whole group involved in this experiment have very similar perceptions but, as I mentioned, there have been several paranormal groups in the house and almost all have come away with some fairly credible evidence. I think it is safe to say there is something plaguing this woman and her children but it ain’t no demon, folks.

Look up the search term “The Phillip Experiment”. We have already talked about the reality of tulpas/ thought forms and their uses and abuses in Western magic. The Phillip Experiment and others like it showed that this ability to create beings out of the astral does not just reside with magicians. The experiment showed that if you put a group of people together, give them a central “legend” to work with (even if it is completely fictitious) and have them use the old forms of doing a seance, they can effectively create a spirit. While a western magician might be able to do this process in a few days or weeks, it took this group several months but, eventually, they began to get “replies” from their “spirit” that were strictly in accord with the legend upon which they had established him.

In this case, what you have is a perfect storm for the paranormal. An individual with a touch of latent magical talent. A life situation which makes the person long for some attention, for a chance to stand in the lime light. An exposure to the Otherworld through experiments in the rebellious teens. Lots of subconscious energy with no outlet. Viola’, you have a recipe that allows the “victim” to create her own “Phillip”, only this is not a dashing noble from the 18th century who supposedly died a tragic death but a monster crafted from the darkest impulses of the human subconscious. The only one who will ever be able to banish the thing will be its creator and she would rather cut off her own hand than give up the attention she has garnered.

So,for all you investigators and would be investigators out there – if you will not have or can not find a working magician for your team then it might be a good idea to invest some time in schooling some of your team members in disciplines like remote viewing or shamanic voyaging. You do not have to take the findings of these folks at face value but having access to people with these skills might prevent you from going into a situation that is out of control and which you have very little hope of controlling.


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