Missing 411: An Interesting Psychic Impression

In my recent post, Missing 411, I spoke at some length about the work of David Paulides and the many mysterious disappearances he has documented in wilderness areas all over the U.S. and, now, in other parts of the world. I noted, in that article, that there could be a number of explanations for the phenomenon, ranging from the mundane to the more esoteric. I also stated that:

it appears that soon I will be within striking distance of one of Mr. Paulides’ clusters in the Adirondacks. I will do some etheric reconnaissance and report the results here once I am settled.

Now, I had intended to do just that but, as you know, moving is not something that is accomplished overnight, especially when the move is cross country. I am getting settled in my new locale but I have not had a chance to set the geography of the Adirondacks in my mind so that I have reliable waypoints to visit in an etheric reconnaissance. Much of the difference between the etheric and astral has to do with congruence, the level of solidity that you bring to the projection. In astral projection, you can simply flit from place to place but in the etheric, you want to maintain a good connection with the physical world so you may follow a road or highway or known landmarks to enhance your feeling of really being there. As I have said, I and others who have tried this have had some pretty remarkable experiences working with this style of projecting.

The incident that I am about to relate happened under circumstances where I was not in deep trance nor was I working on any sort of projection. I was, in fact, taking a long walk up along a road that tracks up one of the many hills in my new area (I am in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains). Now, those of you who walk distances know that, once you get into your stride, you can often experience a sort of light trance, in the flow feeling. I’ve had some vision experiences when running or walking but, obviously, these things have to be carefully regulated since one does not want to mis-step and break an ankle or worse.

In any event, I was walking briskly along this road in my neighborhood,not thinking about anything in particular, when I became aware of a presence on one of the hillsides far across from me. The place where I was walking presented a vista, across a valley, looking out into the foothills. One particular hill had caught my attention. I would say that this small mountain was somewhere between a half mile to a mile away from where I was walking.

I did not see anything with my physical eyes although I thought I had seen a shadow or something moving across that distance and this darkness was what first attracted my attention. As I slowed for a moment, trying to parse out what I thought I had seen, I became aware of a sensation of cold, almost as though I had stepped into one of the cold spots that ghost hunters are always talking about. I want to stress that this was not a physical sensation but more of a psychic scent. I do shamanic work very frequently and I became aware, on the subtle level, of one of my power animals standing near by. He was not happy and he expressed this to me in no uncertain terms.

I had not come to a complete stop but had slowed considerably from the pace I had been keeping as I looked out over that vista. The feeling of cold hung with me and, in my mind’s eye, I could see something black stalking through the woods, looking at me as I looked at it. This would likely have been more frightening if the creature had been closer. As it was, I did not have a clear view of the entity, either physically or psychically and I suspect this is because the being did not want to be seen. If I had to venture a guess, the energy felt similar to the energy of the legendary Black Dogs of Great Britain (and to a much lesser extent, the Americas).

The coldness faded quickly after the creature realized I was there and looking at it and the whole incident could not have lasted more than 30 seconds but it certainly gave me pause. If there are Black Dogs or something similar in the woods not far from my home then what else might be wandering farther out into the wilds?

Now, just to put this in perspective, the Land around my new home is incredibly powerful and loaded with Faery energies most of which are quite neutral to humans and some of which are quite willing to work with us. I do not think that the forests around here are swarming with creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night. I rather suspect that the beneficent forces in the area keep such things in check, for the most part, but I am more convinced now that some of Mr. Paulides’ cases have an esoteric twist. Stay tuned as I get out into those hills more.


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6 responses to “Missing 411: An Interesting Psychic Impression

  • Stephanie Qich

    hi! i’ve been catching up on a bunch of your posts the last couple of days, really what a treat! your new home sounds great, and how interesting about the various spirits around and about the location. I wonder why the entity you saw on your jaunt was running about ‘de-cloaked’ (until you spotted it). Any ideas? And if you have any more specifics to let us know about what has led you to this conclusion: ” I rather suspect that the beneficent forces in the area keep such things in check, for the most part…” i for one am all ears!

    I grew up in northern california (sf bay area) and my family has very deep roots in the foothills of the sierras, just south of yosemite. my mom and dad took us camping all over california growing up, but we went to chiqita creek (in that foothill area) at least once, sometimes twice, a year, and spent lots and lots of time around highway 49 – so named because it runs thru the heart of ‘gold country’. When i was younger, long before i realized anything about ‘psychic impressions’, i felt the desolate heart of those violated, previously sacred, mountains. I can tell you that they have not forgotten the abuse they suffered during (and after) the gold rush. This includes having the indigenous peoples destroyed, and losing their practices which made california a paradise. (see Kat Anderson’s “Tending The Wild”.)

    So i am all but certain that some of these disappearances have a strong esoteric angle. I just think Paulides is an unreliable investigator/reporter.

    i’m much more interested in what you have to say! As you put it, concerning magic (and art, and craft, and etc.) “…at a certain point you have to get off your butt and DO something!” (paraphrasing, accurately i hope). Happy Monday! steph ‘mrs. eccentric’

    • stormeye60

      Hi, Stephanie:

      I do not think this being was “de-cloaked”; I don’t think it was manifest in this consensual reality. One of the advantages or disadvantages of moving between worlds is that I sometimes become cognizant of creatures who are “over there”. I think this may be a function of the entity approaching close enough to the veil for someone to be aware of them. The border between this world and the others is not as rock solid as some would have you believe.

      My comment about the beneficent forces keeping things in check was more along the lines of an intuitive feeling that things in this area have a certain balance. I don’t have anything specific on that yet but I will certainly write on it if I do.

      Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog.

  • Stephanie Qich

    Hi! “I do not think this being was “de-cloaked”…” – okay, thank you, i simply misread your words. i thought you were saying the thing was starting to ‘bleed over’ to our side, which would be hella alarming! so i asked.

    I’m familiar with the thin veils between the worlds. A near death experience (non standard) ~30 years ago took care of that, along with the many many experiences since (including training in meditation, energy work, and living in a tibetan buddhist meditation center for a while).

    I look forward to any further developments. I would not be surprised if they occur, so many times one gets the gist of something long before you find out just how right you were. Thank you again, you fill a unique spot on the interwebs ecosystem!! steph

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  • Cliff Sullivan

    Very interested in hearing more from your experiences. Thanks for your efforts!

    • stormeye60

      You are very welcome. I have, quite honestly, been a little distracted of late with another writing project but the Missing 411 cases still pique my interest. I’d love to do some etheric projection work on a fresh case.

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