Six Months . . . Still Blogging and Looking To The Future

I was looking at back posts for the blog the other day and realized that, without me quite realizing it, I had passed the six month mark for this blog and was well on the way to the one year mark (10 January 2014, for those who might be curious). I wanted to stop here, take a breath and thank everyone who has visited the site and especially those who are not following the blog. I also want to offer my sincere gratitude to those of you who have commented and offered encouragement over the past several months. I want to assure you that I am nowhere close to running out of ideas and will continue to do what I have been doing over the last (now) nine months.

Looking to the future though, I would also like to continue with my own etheric explorations of paranormal sites. In this post, I talked about a short series of etheric projection experiments that I did with a paranormal investigator that produced some very interesting results. I would love to continue to explore this realm and am considering reaching out to other investigators. If you happen to be reading this piece and know someone who might be interested in my input into their investigations, please feel free to leave a comment.

Here’s how it would work. I want to know absolutely nothing about the site except it’s physical geographic coordinates. If those are not available then a street address will do. All the investigator has to do is supply me with that information and I will do the rest. I use the coordinates to look at a “from the air” view of the area so that I can vector into the proper site. Once the projection is done, I will supply a full report of everything I see and encounter, if applicable, and the investigator is free to use that information or not as they choose. If I encounter anything that I deem hostile, I will let the investigator know in no uncertain terms and will hope that the team in questions will take necessary precautions. I will not, of course, be responsible if the team ignores my advice and gets eaten by monsters.

Again, many thanks for your continued support of the blog. Back to our regularly scheduled program.


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3 responses to “Six Months . . . Still Blogging and Looking To The Future

  • Stephanie Qich

    Hi!! steph here. so i was listening to David Paulides on a recent interview on Where Did The Road Go? link:

    anyhoo, towards the end of the talk (more weird stories, just heartbreaking) Mr. Paulides puts out a call for certain peeps that he and his group would like to talk to in order to deepen their research. One of these is ‘Military trained remote viewers’ – now i get the impression your training is kinda on the opposite end of the scale from the military, but i immediately thought of you and your offer in this post.

    I am thinking that if Mr. Paulides and his group cannot scare up any ‘military trained yadda yaddas’ that they may well be interested in someone with your experience. Even if they can scare up some military types the input of remote viewers from other traditions could provide a valuable comparison.

    Just a thought. Hope you are doing well, we’re being visited by a lady coyotl here and her presence is making itself quite strongly felt! I worry that she not become too accustomed to humans (and am taking precautions), but really the opportunity to see all those trickster characteristics in action – the naive curiosity, seeing ALL with a dumbfounded fresh eye, the awkward grace – it’s an honor.

    take care, hope this is of interest, steph ‘mrs. eccentric’

    p.s. if this pans out and you don’t let us know what happens (of course when appropriate) – grrrrrrr. 😉

    • stormeye60

      Good evening, Steph:

      I will definitely check out the link when I have a chance. I have actually considered contacting Mr. Paulides to see if he would be interested in running a projection experiment so this might be a good time to approach him. Thanks very much for the heads up.

      Coyotes are interesting, indeed. Enjoy your visitor 🙂

      • Stephanie Qich

        hi! very glad to hear your positive response!

        have not seen lady coyotl in a couple of days, she very well could have been moving thru in search of winter territory, tho really it’s hard to say – coyotes have definitely been on the increase in the larger area here the last several years.

        i can say that the mice situation, which was beginning to be extremely trying, has died down considerably. poor mice, always on the lookout!

        but i am very grateful to the coyote people, and happy to say to publicly. 🙂 keep us updated! steph

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