The Silence Re-Visited

In a previous blog, The Silence, I spoke about the quiet that paranormal witnesses often describe in their witness statement and some of the theories that surround that silence. In this installment, I would like to take this thinking a little farther.

David Paulides, the author of the Missing 411 series describes an incident, in this episode of Beyond the Edge Radio, in which he was out in the forest with an skilled guide and experienced an extended period of silence in the woodland around him. The shows host and co-hosts all agreed that this was “creepy” and, having experienced something similar in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, I would have to agree. What if, though, such incidences are more than just creepy. What if they are a symptom of impending high strangeness and might even be used as a sort of early warning system for investigators in the field?

My theory is actually pretty simple. I admit to a silly love of monster shows and particularly enjoyed a BBC production called “Primeval”. In that show, “anomalies” open up and allow all manner of creatures, past and present, into our current space time. Now, you may call them anomalies, inter-dimensional rifts or rips, window areas, portals, the entry to Faerie or “a damn big hole in the sky” but it all boils down to the same thing – access points from other worlds into our world.

Likewise, there may be dozens of ways in which these access points occur ranging from natural magnetic processes to magical intervention. The skeptics can spend their time sitting around in denial but anyone who has spent any time listening to witnesses or looking at what little physical trace of these incidents is out there knows that there is a lot of weird . . . stuff happening in our world and sticking our heads in the sand is not the proper approach. Additionally, those of us who spend time in magical practices develop a deep understanding that there are worlds other than our own and that those worlds are inhabited by a plethora of beings.

Setting aside, for a moment, the idea that some of those beings are engaged in an organized deception campaign designed to feed their need for our energies, one never knows exactly what might come through one of these access points. I suspect that some of the more outlandish witness reports might be of creatures from other worlds that we do not often contact or who reach into the minds of humans looking for a form to assume. Given the richness of human folklore and imagination, there are all sorts of forms these beings could assume if they did not have a ready made “mold” of their own when they manifested.

The other important thing to remember is that these access points are two way. Beings can come through and, if we are lucky or unlucky enough to find one of these access points, we can step from this world into another and sometimes come back. Faerie lore from all over the world tells us this is possible though the person who has been to Faerie often suffers unusual consequences for his or her temerity. I have to wonder if some of Mr. Paulides’ missing people have not actually wandered inadvertently through one of these access points and been unable to return. It makes sense, from this theoretical frame work, to assume that, even if a person did make it back to this world they might not drop exactly where they left. This would help to account for small children and handicapped people being found miles from where they were lost, confused and unable to relate what happened to them (such a journey is bound to be a shock to the nervous system).

Unlike the characters in “Primeval”, investigators do not have “anomaly detectors” to work with in the field. While I suspect that an EMF detector would go nuts next to one of these access points, the investigator would have to be right on top of the “door” before he or she would pick up the readings. So, how do we know if we are in an area that is going to yield investigative results? Obviously, one has to look for areas of high activity but, once these areas have been located, The Silence might be a good early warning system, at least in more outdoor places.

Now, if my experience is anything to judge by, the investigator is going to have to have a firefighter’s personality – he or she is going to have to be willing to run toward that which most people are inclined to run away from. In other words, if the Silence settles in an area, the investigator is going to have to try to quickly and quietly move toward the center of the lack of sound and get any equipment in place in the same manner. If anyone actually wants to try this, please remember, safety first. Move in teams, watch your footing (especially when moving equipment), know some basic banishing techniques and don’t be too proud to retreat if things get out of hand. As I have pointed out, over and over in these pages, beings from the Otherworld come in as many varieties as humans do (more, actually) and with as many different motivations and ethical structures. Stealth and caution are the order of the day should you happen to find or get close to one of these access points.


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5 responses to “The Silence Re-Visited

  • Dr Dan H.

    I probably shouldn’t say this, but it is actually possible to experimentally re-create the Silence in a couple of different ways. The first of these where woodland is concerned is merely to give the inhabitants of the wood a damn nasty shock. Drawing through with a foxhound pack will do this, as will beating through a wood to drive pheasants to a line of guns (especially if there are walking guns behind the beaters, to give any recidivist pheasants a nasty shock if they fly the wrong way).

    Either of these will cause the wood to go silent for a day or so; this is a sort of shocked “Have they gone yet?” sort of silence.

    The other way is endogenous; epileptic seizures progressively shut down parts of the brain, and a shut-down of hearing is sometimes one of the first symptoms. Now, this doesn’t need to be endogenously-triggered; external triggers like electromagnetism could easily do this.

    • stormeye60

      Good afternoon, Dr. Dan

      Thanks for your thoughts here.

      I can not say that I have had the experience of being in the woods after a foxhound pack or pheasant hunt such as you describe. I imagine that either would be enough to make creatures in the wood keep silence for some time. Given that the Silence is something observed again and again in Fortean cases of varying types, I think this idea of extensive hunting in the forest is an explanation that could fit some but not all cases, particularly in the opening days of deer season (in my area, at least).

      I certainly accept that brain malfunction can cause a variety of phenomenon that seem paranormal (I may even have discussed it in these pages); I see no reason not to add epilepsy to the list of possible causes for the Silence in some cases. I am very much a this and that person and not an either/or person and I very much feel that these phenomena can be caused by a very complex interplay of events.

      • Griffin

        David commented this-
        even the insects went quiet.

        Anyone who has spent time outdoors will tell you-
        In their prime seasons,
        insects never go quiet for long,
        if at all.

        He said that it was a tangible quiet,
        not just an audible quiet.

        Paulides stated this more as an experienced woodsman who knew that he was suddenly out of his element.

        It does grieve me how quickly people jump to conclusions or go as hominem on things-
        I seriously doubt that Dr.Dan even heard the testimony in question.

  • Stephanie Qich

    hi stormeye60!!! have you listened to Mike Clelland’s podcast interview with Chase Kloetzke? she explains the case in TN where she went as a MUFON field investigator to a farm where ‘it all started as just lights in the sky’ and she, after 18 years telling people ‘oh, that;s Venus, a cargo helicopter, a drone…..” –

    …. falls into the OZ factor, sees those lights, a huge black triangle floats?flies?moves? overhead, no equipment works, a huge curtain of fearfearfear comes crashing down on the seven people in this darkened cornfield they all run pellmell to the truck, the flashlight is bouncing bounc – the light lands on a grey, just standing there stillllll – run run run runr……

    anyways, they get back to the house, the family doesn’t want the dad to report all this, most of the cameras and etc. didn’t work so all they have is pictures of lights in the sky. The other investigator quits the UFO business, Chase quits MUFON, and (It is strongly implied) Bigelow continues to suck up all the really interesting info that comes to MUFON or other reporting agencies.

    oh, and they had had continuing, repeating activity at this location prior to Chase’s visit. And afterward Chase says that ‘someone did not want us there (in that cornfield)”, that is why they were subjected to the ‘curtain of fear’.

    i would say that repeat activity at a unique location is another of the ‘signs’. Happy Saturday! steph

    p.s. yes lady coyotl makes a tiny, yet significant, cameo appearance

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