The Wolf Pack: Another Early Warning Sign

I have periods of time in my work where I am tasked with doing a very necessary chore but one that does not require a great deal of brain power. I use those times to catch up on various paranormal podcasts (with headphones on, of course). Recently, I caught Linda Godfrey, the noted bipedal canid researcher, on Beyond the Edge Radio and she was talking about an episode of the TV show Paranormal Witness that was based on a sighting report contained in one of her many books.

“The Wolf Pack” is the story of a family who encountered not one or two but five upright bipedal canids on their property in Maine. The three people in the home at the time were literally kept from leaving during an entire night, despite the father’s best attempts to reach either his vehicle or his guns. While the TV episode does its best to make this scenario even more creepy and atmospheric than it already is, the bare facts of the case are enough to give one pause and to give us further cause to consider some of the signs that surround the opening of an access point between the worlds.

First of all, as I have mentioned before, I do not think that what Ms. Godfrey calls a manwolf or a dogman is the same thing as a werewolf. In magical terms, a werewolf would be a human being who seems to be capable of accessing wolf energy (or perhaps their own predatory shadow) and generating an etheric shell which resembles either a quadruped wolf or some hybrid thereof. It appears that the creatures Ms. Godfrey is studying are something “other” – either an unlikely canine mutation or beings of the Otherworld who sometimes cross over into our dimension for purposes that we can not entirely ascertain.

I talked in my last article about the Silence as an early warning sign for the opening of access points from one world to another. That was certainly the case in this occurrence. There were two times when the witnesses noted that the forest around their home had gone dead silent. In the first instance, they noted that deathly stillness on the night when they saw the lights in the woods that seemed to be a precursor to the wolf pack event. The second instance of the Silence happened right before the creatures were actually spotted.

One of the reasons that I do not think the manwolf is a canine mutation (and that Sasquatch is not a bipedal giant ape) is this phenomenon of the Silence. If the manwolf were a physical world predator, then you might see a localized area of silence in its immediate vicinity but chances are that other animals in the woods would make the beast’s presence known. This is why predators are not always successful when they hunt; other animals, if they detect the predator, will alert. When the Silence descends though, it is just that, a silence that is undisturbed by any movement or sound in the wood. To say that this is not natural is an understatement. To my knowledge, the only source of the Silence is an incursion from the Otherworld and, since we see this phenomenon associated with both the manwolf and Sasquatch, this leads me, again, to the conclusion that these creatures (and many other strange things reported) are just visiting this realm.

We see another warning sign of Otherworld intrusion cropping up in this incident: the lights that were seen in the forest some time before the manwolf event manifested. While some might instantly jump to UFO’s as an explanation (and technically, since these lights were flying and were unidentified, I suppose they were UFO’s), I am inclined to view these lights more along the lines of the legendary ghost lights seen in areas across the country. What many UFO researchers do not take into account is that there is a long history of association with these floating points of light and spirits, mostly of the dead or the Faerie. In other words, the ghost lights appear to be “lightweight” manifestations from the Otherworld.

In my view, the ghost lights might be the first signs of manifestation around an access point or the first beings able to make it through a portal that is not fully open yet. People who have had close contact with these lights often note that they seem to be sentient and will actively avoid people or play a sort of hide and seek game with humans, moving off to a distance and encouraging following, only to move off when the person gets too close. The concept of being Faerie-led into a bog or other dangerous place derives from these will-o-the-wisp type of lights. I have seen lights or so called orbs manifest in and around the circles used by magicians although I think that these may simply be signs of the gathering energy in a working. Perhaps these lights draw energy from the opening portal in much the same manner.

So, now we have identified two phenomenon that seem to accompany openings of access points from the Otherworld into this one and subsequent high strangeness. I am going to be considering other early warning signs that one might use to predict or at least recognize an outbreak of high strangeness and I will write about those in future blogs.


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