More on the Creature of Mud Creek Road

In my last blog, I talked about an astonishing incident, reported by a couple in November 2011, in which they reportedly saw a being morphing from what they first took to be a naked human to . . . something else. The female percipient likened the witnessed transformation to watching someone become a werewolf while the male witness felt that he was, in the end, looking at a gargoyle without wings. I pointed out that, given the shiftiness of human perception, even in more normal situations, and the energies that surround an Otherworld incursion, the being in question might have been something reasonably harmless which was adopting protective camouflage.

I think this is a good theory since both witnesses survived the incident (and, yes, I am serious) but there are some other possibilities that merit discussion. I will start with the least likely and move to those I feel have more likelihood.

As unlikely as it seems, this case may have been exactly what it seems – a human shifting from one form into another. I have given my thoughts on why I think this is extremely unlikely (energy outlay = highly improbable) but let’s examine how this could be the case. In order for a human to transform from human to animal (or gargoyle for that matter) and back, a massive power source would be needed. People make the mistake of thinking that magic is easy – wave a wand or chant a spell and viola’, you get a result – but this is not the case. Magic like any other effort requires a power source. In mundane terms, the magician trying to pull off a “real world” physical transformation would need to find the equivalent of a nuclear reactor to power the working. Think gods, archangels, powerful old Faerie (which some see as gods) etc.

If a human being had gained sufficient access to such a being’s power (and I can not see an archangel being involved here unless it was to prove an ethical point) then anything, including a physical transformation is possible. As I mentioned before, there are legends of the gods and Faerie turning people into animals so there is some precedent as well. Still, I can not see such a being wasting that much energy. Its far more likely that the generator of such power might simply cast a powerful glamour to make both the “werewolf” and those around him/her believe that the individual was becoming a monster of some sort. Alternatively, the power source being might assist with some real werewolfery and help the person encase themselves in an etheric shell that looked and felt like a wolf or wolf man. In either case, both the shifter and the people seeing him or her would be absolutely convinced of a physical transformation and only punching the etheric shell with cold iron would dispel that notion. Most folks are not going to want to get that close to a raving werewolf.

So, such things are possible and there have even been people who learned or had a natural gift for the building of the etheric shell around the physical body but there is another magical technique that could have produced this frightening phenomenon. In the Norse story Hrolf’s Saga, we meet a hero named Bjarki who went forth into battle in the shape of a great bear. The interesting thing about Bjarki, if I have my sagas straight, is that while the bear was out fighting, Bjarki was out cold in his tent. In other words, this Viking warrior had mastered a form of projection that allowed him to manifest a bear on the field of battle, a solid physical form that played havoc in the enemy ranks until some clown woke the magician and forced him out onto the field of battle in his human form (the battle was subsequently lost, by the way). Such a gift of etheric projection would be extremely rare and would require a huge amount of time, training and discipline on the part of the projector as well as some serious help from the Otherside but I would imagine that anyone seeing the projection coming forth and taking form would be pardoned if they were convinced that they had seen a human transforming into something other. It’s that perception thing again.

Finally, and most likely in my view, is the possibility that the couple witnessed the incursion of an Otherworld being into our world. The Faerie, as one example, are noted shape shifters as are their cousins the djinn. While the creature might have just been adopting protective camouflage, it is also possible that it felt territorial about that area and wanted to scare the couple off, that it was more of a nature spirit and disliked humans on general principle, that it was a very powerful thought form placed there by First People shaman to protect a sacred site or that it was a spirit that fed on emotional energy and so performed this little scenario for a quick snack. In any of these events, I am sure that the experience was truly terrifying and I hope that discussing it with investigators has helped these two young people deal with an incident that would make even the most dyed in wool ‘skeptic’ think twice about his whole philosophy and outlook on life.


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One response to “More on the Creature of Mud Creek Road

  • Dr Dan H.

    One possibility is that it the act of opening a portal from the Otherworld to this one which is the important bit; the energy source is associated with the portal in some manner.

    So, let us imagine a scenario: we have a very minor faerie who has the ability to open a portal, but who otherwise is pretty small beer. Said faerie wants to change form, but cannot muster the power to do so in the Otherworld. So, it opens a portal to this world, goes through and uses the energy coursing through the portal to effect the change.

    All this is stressful for the poor old faerie. It opens the portal and goes through, hoping that there’s nothing much dangerous over here. It doesn’t pay much attention to its surroundings, because to it they are frankly bloody alien and make very little sense to it. Its senses are also not like our senses. So, our faerie pops through, finds a bit of open space which seems pretty secluded and commences the difficult exertion of changing form.

    Then a car turns up. This is at night, and the faerie doesn’t notice the noise, or the headlights, or even the full beam lights when turned on; different senses indeed. One small white light at night attracts our attention immediately; this beastie doesn’t notice two 40-watt halogens. Only when it finally senses people, intelligences taking an interest in it does it act. All it does is run like hell away; it doesn’t attack, threaten, menace or interact at all but just runs.

    This faerie may or may not even be sentient as we know it; it certainly was not formidable in any sense of the word. I do wonder how many of the interactions where we came off badly were either from our not knowing the unwritten rules, or just from us being big, scary, alien monsters with a habit of cornering the Otherworld of rabbits and mice. I do rather doubt that we have confronted Otherworld predators very often, if at all.

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