More On Collecting Haunted Objects

In my last post, I ranted a bit about the danger to persons of accumulating objects that have been subjected to prolonged negative or even hostile energies, up to and including curses. I would like to follow up on that post with another article taking a somewhat broader view of this awful practice.

Again, I am not going to name names or point fingers. Some of the people involved with this practice are well known and quite popular in the paranormal community. Many people look to these folks as “experts”. I can not judge their expertise, having only had a chance to hear them on TV or podcasts but I think it is fair to say that, while they may have been on a lot of investigations, and may even have been lucky enough to help with some hostile hauntings, this practice of bringing items home and forming museums reveals a real gap in their knowledge of the spirit world and magical practices that can have catastrophic results.

Now before my dear readers think I have gone around the paranoid bend, I want you to consider for a moment an aspect of the paranormal and magical that we have discussed time and again in these pages – the concept of portals or window areas, liminal spots where the veil between the worlds seems thinner and where high strangeness seems to manifest on a regular basis. People involved with Forteana will think immediately of the Bridgewater Triangle, Cannock Chase or the Sedona ‘vortex’ areas. These places are some of the more famous paranormal hot spots around but, as I have pointed out, these portals may open almost anywhere and they may open for a variety of reasons.

Now, what do you suppose happens when you take a number of objects that have been exposed to the disharmonic emotional energies of a hostile haunting and put them all in one spot? Add in the fact that some of those objects may have been charged by magical practitioners who are not so careful of their fellow humans. Further, consider that spirits or their energies may be attached to some of these items. If you take all those eggs and crack them into the same skillet, it is quite possible and, in fact, likely, that, at some point, the energy will hit critical mass and open a doorway between the worlds. Now, take in the fact that like tends to attract like and you will see that such a place could very easily become a portal for the Intruders and all manner of other negative entities.

Fortunately, the astral worlds are vast and one open door, even one shining with dark light, will only attract so many entities. Astrological and other factors will prevent the door from being fully open all the time but let me assure you that such a site does not simply rest dormant. Until it is closed and the portal is effectively closed down, that site will allow through spirits of the sort that give people nightmares, literally. Even if these beings do not have the ability or strength to take on physical form, they can still effect the minds of unwary humans around them and produce the negative emotions upon which the entities feed. In extreme cases, I am convinced that such beings can effect the mind of an already unbalanced individual to commit acts of suicide or murder.

Fortunately, such incidences are rare and spirits of this nature can be effectively driven off with banishing rites and held at bay with the use of talismanic magic if they persist. Far easier though, would be remedying the source of the situation by shutting down these museums and safely disposing of the relics.


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