Stepping Down Activity

Due to:

1) involvement with and commitment to two magical groups

2) inner work and contacts that are requiring more and more of my time (see 1 above) in meditation, offerings, ritual work etc.

3) a strong desire to do more inner investigation and reporting on this blog and thus a need for time to do the work and write it up

4) a spouse who is trying to work full time and finish a PhD program

5) commitment to a martial art that requires practice time

6) a need for some down time in order to keep up my health . . .

I am going to step down my posts on the blog to once a week or so for the next little while. I do not want to fall into the trap that I see many bloggers falling into, desperately trying to find enough content to post and time to post it. I fall definitely on the quality end of the quality v. quantity range.

Keep you eyes peeled, more good stuff to come!



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One response to “Stepping Down Activity

  • Stephanie Qich


    Storm, you are one busy busy guy! you are very generous to share with us thru your blog, i am frankly agog that you have been writing these posts with all that you do. Please give spouse an extra big appreciative hug from all us fans out here 🙂 And i for one will be very happy whenever you decide to show up!

    Have a great weekend, steph

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