Psychic Backlash: Considerations

I could not help but notice this interesting article by Nick Redfern on the Mysterious Universe website. Let’s begin with a quote from the article that sums things up:

Sometimes, when a person becomes immersed in an investigation to a very deep and significant degree, the phenomenon under the microscope appears to realize that it is being watched and responds in violent, and sometimes even deadly, fashion.

It says something about our modern day indoctrination into materialism and scientism when people make statements like this. Since the paranormal world is not a world that can easily be placed under a microscope and examined, since it can not be taken apart and broken into its constituent elements, since it consistently operates in a way that confuses we modern humans and often seems to refuse to respond to the laws of Newtonian physics, humankind is forced to draw back from it and use one of its great defense mechanisms – turning the blind eye (also known as ‘if I ignore you; you aren’t there’).

There will always, though, be those folks who are curious. People like myself who are fascinated by the unseen and/or the strange, people whose imagination is fired by the idea that there might be forms of life out there that we do not yet fully understand, people who are willing to set aside the religion of materialistic scientism for moment and see what native peoples and folklore and (gasp) magical texts have to say about a world that most people do not see. Some of these people go on, take the plunge and enter into the magical world. Others are not quite able to do that but, with varying degrees of open mind, continue to investigate. Some of the investigators actually end up out in the field, trying to look directly at the things that most people try to ignore and often do ignore with great success.

As someone who lives in a world where spirits of all kinds are just as real as the consensual reality that most people agree to, I confess to giggling when I read an article like this. I know that I should not but really . . . you stuck your nose into a serious paranormal occurrence and something happened! Shocking!! Just because something does not register on the K2 meter or refuses to come out and play even though you leave bait behind for it, does not mean that it does not exist and it can not effect this reality.

I have, of late, been doing some serious evocation work (I may write about it at some point if the being I am working with is amenable) and I have seen some things happen in my life that I can only attribute to the workings of that being. Granted, much of what has gone on has been serious internal change for me and a process of realization that was triggered by this work but I have also seen some serious, “real world” changes happening around me. While the people in the article complained of psychic backlash, I have seen things take a definitive turn for the better as the result of my interaction with this Otherworld being.

If, however, I had been fool enough to go and jam a stick into a hornet’s nest of negative activity, then I would not have been surprised at all had I gotten stung, not once, but repeatedly. I know that I sound like a one note choir sometimes, but I can not stress enough the benefit of having someone on every investigation team (or at least available to the solo practitioner for consult) who knows the ins and outs of the Otherworld. Stop for a moment and think what happens if you lock eyes with another person who does not know you. At the very least, you are going to make that person uncomfortable. If that individual has an aggressive bent, then they might just see your staring as a challenge. If this is true of every day human beings, why would it not be true of beings who live in another world and who seem to play by very different rules from ours (at times). You might not get punched in the jaw but a being of the Otherworld, even one of limited power, can certainly manipulate energies so as to make you uncomfortable or worse.

I support people who investigate these mysteries. I understand the intellectual curiosity that provokes people to dig into these areas, to try to see what it is that people are reporting first hand. I also know that dealing with Otherworld beings can be extraordinarily beneficial but the investigator, whether he or she likes it or not, has to follow the same rules as the successful evocator. The evocator spends time and effort coming to a good knowledge of the being that they seek to evoke. The investigator must ease into the investigations in the same way, trying, once natural causes have been set aside, to determine what is being dealt with and if there is any need to shield themselves (or others) from possible harmful repercussions.


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2 responses to “Psychic Backlash: Considerations

  • ourinvisiblefriends

    Hey stormy,

    I’ve spent a few good hours reading every post you write and I must say, I do appreciate the work and time you take to write.
    I found you through Nick Redfern, and while I also think he is on to a few things, you just nailed it for me.

    I realise many of these guys are not, uh… shall we say.. students of western mysteries, as Dion Fortune liked to say. So I bet they DO get thier asses whacked every now and again when they barge into various places without the proper greetings and politeness.

    A light just went off in my head when I read that – that that is the difference between certain experiences I have had and theirs – they are, (for want of a better term and I don’t want to demean anybody but I have to say) muggles.

    Anyway, I’ll get off the bandwagon now and read more of your posts – loving every bit. Especially about the elf child.



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