Season’s Greetings

Whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of the year (or even if you do not celebrate at all), I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone all the best in this holiday season.

As this year comes to an end and we enter the mysterious time between the years, consider what it is that you want to release going into the New Year and what you would like to keep, what you would transmute in your life and what you would like to manifest. Spend some time, in this, the most silent time of the year, looking into that silence and allowing it to speak to you in a profound and magical way. I know that this is a time of family activity and sometimes stress but do try to take some time out for yourselves to see your way into a new cycle.

As the Dineh (Navajo) say, may you walk in beauty as the turning of the year approaches and may beauty go before and behind you as you walk your Way.

May this year be a year of peace and plenty for you and yours
May you realize that truly, sometimes, the joy is in the seeking
May your heart be open to realization with each new experience
May child-like joy and wonder stalk you at every turn
May the spirits of your choosing gather round you at this great crossroad
May the people of your choosing complete that great circle
And may you know blessings without limit as the gateway opens into another year.

Celebrate, my friends, no matter what your beliefs.

I am taking a little break and will talk to you in the New Year (07 January or thereabouts).



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