I hope that everyone had a good and safe New Year celebration and that you are looking forward to the New Year with excitement. As some regular readers may know, I relocated to the Capital Region of New York this past summer. As sometimes happens, things did not work out as expected and my wife and I will be returning to Georgia this month. I hope to be able to maintain my weekly blog schedule but apologize in advance for any interruptions that may occur in the next few weeks.

I’ve thought hard about what to post in this first blog of the New Year (and for the first anniversary of this blog) and I thought that I might take a moment to talk about resolutions.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions and many people break those resolutions within a few weeks or months. Ask anyone who has ever worked in a fitness center and they will tell you that New Year’s is their busiest time of year and that by February, things have calmed down considerably. Change is difficult so I would propose that, in order to make an effective change, we have to work with ourselves and with those spiritual forces with whom we are aligned.

One of the things that I learned in doing the 30 Day Magical Challenges last year, is the force of feeling responsible to someone besides yourself for making a change. When I undertook these challenges, I was making a commitment to myself and to the others doing the challenge that I would perform a certain magical act for 30 consecutive days and record the results in the Challenge blog. So, some of the reason that I succeeded with these challenges was that bane of teenagers everywhere: peer pressure. Unless you are one of those rare people who truly does not care what people think, if you commit to something in front of witnesses, you are that much more likely to follow through.

In addition, I learned from doing these Challenges that it takes a while to make a habit. I have heard ‘experts’ in this area state everything from 28 straight days on to several months but, in my experience, if you do something for a full 30 days, you will have made a habit of it and will be a lot less likely to slough it off. For all of you out there that have committed to getting fit in 2014, sorry but this means that you have to do something every day for the next 30 days in order to make working out a habit. Please note that I am not advocating a full on workout everyday (even elite athletes do not do this) but that you do some physical activity even on recovery days to keep up the habit.

Finally, I have always been of the opinion that, if you are trying to bring lasting change into your life, you should determine what it is you want to change and then take that change to the spiritual forces at work in your life. This year, I have two resolutions that I wish to bring to reality, and so I have taken those resolutions to my patroness and the coterie of spirits who follow Her in ritual. I requested Her presence, laid out what I wanted to accomplish and asked for Her help in making it so. Simple but effective. I will also be doing journey work in the near future to ask the aid of my animal allies and ancestors in my endeavor. As I pursue the goals I have outlined, I will continue to work with these Powers and others that make themselves known to bring about the best possible result.

Obviously, the above is my way of doing things and your mileage may vary but everyone who follows a spiritual path has some way of interfacing with the Powers that Be. Use that interface to request the assistance that you need in making your resolutions reality. Whether you are evoking archangels, invoking the lwa or lighting a candle at your local church, you know what works best for you.

You will probably read a any number of articles on how to make your New Year’s resolution stick. I encourage you to read those words with an open mind and apply any teaching that you think will help you. For myself, I like to keep things pretty simple thus the recommendations above to use peer pressure to your advantage, make a habit of your new behavior and get the spirits involved to assist you. I think you will find that you stand a much better chance of making real change in your life if you consider these steps.


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