Stormeye’s Real Life Adventures: The Elf Child

The late Dion Fortune (Violet Firth) wrote a number of books in her life time, some of them nonfiction tomes about various aspects of ceremonial magic and quite a few fictional works with magical themes. Amongst the latter works is Fortune’s novel, The Secrets of Dr. John Taverner, a work that many in the magical community feel is a fictionalized account of some of the cases that Fortune worked with her mentor, Theodore Moriarty. One of my favorite chapters in that book is titled “A Daughter of Pan” and deals with a human child who seems to have been born with the soul of an elemental, one of the Faerie, if you will.

I thought that such a thing was not really possible until, that is, I happened to meet the young boy that I still think of as the Elf Child.

As I have mentioned in previous installments of this “series”, once upon a time, I used to be a very open Wiccan and spent time in New Age shops doing Tarot readings. It happened that one Saturday, I was doing readings and a young woman stopped by with her son for a consultation. The reading itself was fairly ordinary; the young mother had been in a bad relationship and wanted to know what her future love prospects looked like. The cards were rife with messages about this being time that she should use for becoming better acquainted with her self, working on her spiritual life and telexing her hold on the idea that she had to be with someone. She was interested in Wicca so we spent a little time after the reading talking books and local events and groups she might explore.

Now, I make this sound like a fairly routine event. It was not. The young mother’s son was playing quietly in the corner, occupying himself with something I could not see, and, as I worked with the mother, I noted the youngling watching me with intense interest. Though I was focussed on the young woman, I could not help but notice this intense regard nor the remarkable features of this child.

The boy was only about 4 or 5 years old, very slight but with that sort of build that minds you that not all strong people have bulging muscles. His eyes were slightly slanted and the clearest green I have ever seen, his ears actually came to delicate points and his whole facial structure was all angles and high cheekbones. As I mentioned, he watched me with an intensity that was almost disconcerting, the type of regard that an animal in the wild might give to something that I thought might be a threat. I smiled at him when I had a chance but his eyes and his face remained serious.

Once his mother and I had concluded our business and I had determined that I had no one else waiting, I walked over to where he sat in the little play area at the back of the store. Mindful of my own excessive height, I knelt down some distance away from him and greeted him. No response – just that same cautious look. His mother hastened to explain that he did not warm up to new people quickly. I accepted her word but there was something about this child . . .

Of course, I could not go into full trance right there in the store but I did my best to have a “look” at the young one and what I “saw” startled me. While each seer has a different way of interpreting what they see, the human energy field has a certain look and feel to it and it is something that seers become very familiar with. This boy’s energy did not look like anything I had ever seen before; instead of a sort of ellipse of colored energy, I was seeing visions of the woodland and feeling an intense “green” energy around the boy.

With some trepidation, I extended my hand and pictured a small spark of energy floating there. The child smiled with delight and came closer. He could “see” and, in fact, he clambered up me like a tree once he understood that I was alright. As he clung to my shoulders, I pointed out, as delicately as I could, that the boy had very interesting energy. This got the mother going. I do not remember the details of the boy’s birth but it seems that the father appeared in this woman’s life and then disappeared shortly after the boy was conceived. She had gotten into the bad relationship we had discussed as a rebound.

Her son had always been quiet, from the moment of his birth, only sounding off as an infant if he were really in need of something. It took him a while to talk but, once he got the hang of it, he could communicate as well as a child twice his age . . . when he chose to speak at all. The mother had trouble keeping the boy in shoes, even in the blistering heat of summer, and she had trouble keeping him indoors at all. She was amazed that he had stayed put as long as he had; normally, after an hour of so of being inside, he was trying to get out the door. This despite his pale coloring and the heat of the AZ sun.

It was very plain to me, both from my psychic senses and simply from looking at the boy, that he was not entirely human. I wondered how to broach the subject to his mother so I asked her if she had read the Taverner book. She had and then went on to say that she sometimes suspected her son was like the girl in that book. I did not want to come out and tell her that he was, indeed, just like the girl in the book but I did suggest that his unique energy was going to create challenges for him as he got older.

If I had known then what I know now, I might have had some suggestions for her but I am afraid that I could only offer general advice. Honestly, I do not remember all that we discussed that afternoon but, by the time, the young lady left the store, she had developed a plan for keeping her youngster in touch with the thing that gave him life: Nature.


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2 responses to “Stormeye’s Real Life Adventures: The Elf Child

  • Stephanie Qich

    Happy New Year Stormy!!!! i’ve been remiss in expressing my gratitude for your recent posts, unfortunately i’ve a history with asthma/bronchitis and the christmas bug knocked me sideways so i’m just now getting back on track.

    I especially enjoyed the Santa Template, new to me and i have to agree with many of the author’s points – a very interesting way to think about the old time religions, for sure 🙂

    This post is just fascinating. How interesting it would be to find out how the entire family is doing now, mom kid and dad as well. What an interesting look you got at his energy body! I’m not much at ‘seeing’, being more of a clairsentient. But i do remember vividly once sitting on my patio in a meditative state, gazing at the bushes, trees, and birds in the back. I’m a birder, and little tweety birds flitting around in the leaves are notoriously tricky to find and follow (naturally).

    However, in this instance i was able to see the auras of the plants (very calming shimmering waves, like the surface of water under a lite breeze) and the birds. The birds’ auras were incredible – like shafts of prismd rainbow light shooting out from their bodies. Amazingly beautiful and unexpected, not to mention it made the birds absolutely distinct from the background. What a nice trick for a birder 😉 tho i can’t say i’ve cultivated the technique.

    Best wishes to you and your wife as you settle into your new home. As you’ve moved south i hope that at least it is warmer!!! take care and thank you again, steph

    • stormeye60

      Hi, Steph, and Happy New Year to you as well.

      I would love to be able to follow up on that case and see how the family fared but I am many miles away from AZ now and did not have contact info even then.

      It is warmer here but we are still having weather. There is actually a chance for snow tomorrow night – something quite rare in these parts.

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