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I am running a little behind in my podcast listening so just had a chance to listen to the Beyond the Edge Radio episode (20 April) featuring J C Johnson and Chief Leonard Dan of the Crypto Four Corners group. For those of you who want to hear about a veritable cornucopia of high strangeness, you will definitely want to check out this podcast. I have not heard about so much high strangeness focussed in a specific area since reading about the Skinwalker Ranch.

The Four Corners referred to in the name of the group is the intersection of the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. The Four Corners Monument is actually located on the Dine’ (Navajo) reservation and the area that this cryptozoology group covers is mostly located on the reservation, dealing extensively with Dine’ people. Listening to the podcast, Crypto Four Corners has investigated reports of the Furry Ones (Sasquatch), skinwalkers, giant rabbit-like ‘rodents’, mini T-Rex, ‘Night Stalkers’ (gargoyle like creatures), little people, centaurs, gryphons, winged hominids and dogman/manwolf. I know, from other reports that I have seen elsewhere on the Internet that J C Johnson has also reported a sighting of a dire wolf or something similar while on a San Juan river expedition.

The sheer volume and variety of reports discussed in this show was absolutely mind boggling. Sasquatch track lines that disappeared into the thin air, centaurs stopping traffic on major roadways, gargoyles taking off and landing in corn fields and grey alien incursions in the middle of the night, resulting in extended gun fire at the intruders (I will be commenting more on that issue in my next post). Those incidents are but a few of the ones discussed on the show and I strongly urge my readers to go have a listen.

At about 40:00, though, J C Johnson makes a statement that puzzles me. He states flatly that there is no window area or portal in the area that his group covers, that he believes, in fact, that all these creatures exist physically out in the desert. Honestly, I was taken aback by this flat statement. If what Mr. Johnson suggests is true then repeated overflights of the area ought to yield some very interesting photos since he is living in the midst of a veritable Jurassic Park of Forteana.

I think that the point that Mr. Johnson might have been trying to make was that the creatures that people are seeing in the region are ‘real’ – that is, they have mass, weight and presence to the five human senses. I would be the last person on earth to argue that the Dine’ and others (such as the British tourists who had a centaur encounter) are not seeing something. Those who have read this blog for a while will know that I even make a case for some creatures of the Otherworld to take on physical form or, at least, a hard etheric shell when they are in our world. These beings are, when they are in our realm, no less real than we are.

The fact of the matter, though, is that Mr. Johnson and his team operate on a reservation where it is not at all uncommon for people to consult with medicine people for the relief of their illnesses while at the same time availing themselves of Indian Health Services. The Dine’ have a complex and beautiful ritual life full of ceremonies to keep them in balance with their land. Those ceremonies make reference to their gods and draw on the power of their myths to bring about this balancing effect. As with all good ceremony, ways are opened to the Otherworld and spirits and energies flow through freely. The singer is taught how to open those ways and how to close them down again but such ceremonies are bound to leave a residue of power on the land.

I am not insinuating that the Dine’ medicine people are inept and unable to close their own portals but I would suggest that, given the frequency of these ceremonies over the course of time, a certain mystery has been built into the land, a certain thinning of the veil between this world and the Otherworld. Also, we have to remember that not all the magic worked on the Dine’ reservation is beneficial. The Dine’ have a long history of skinwalkers, evil magicians in their midst, who gain their powers by breaking tribal taboos and who are not, I am sure, as tidy in their magical actions as the medicine people. One suspects that these rogue magicians might have left any number of doors open to the Otherworld and may, indeed, have called through some of the less savory elements seen on the reservation.

The so-called skeptics will say that the surfeit of activity on the Dine’ lands is simply the result of superstitious reinterpretation of perfectly ordinary phenomenon and that certainly could be the case in some instances. Traditional Dine’ seem to have developed some of the skinwalker mythos simply to explain non-harmonious events in their lives but the fact remains that you have many individuals on the reservation who have lived in a particular place for generations and who know the land on which they live better than any outsider ever could. If such a person told me that they saw something strange on their land, I would be very much inclined to believe them.

At about 1:27:00, Mr. Johnson talks about a case in which a set of Sasquatch tracks found in a field show a lengthening of stride and then simply disappear. Mr. Johnson conjectures that the creature simply sprouted wings and flew away. I think it far more likely that the creature simply returned to the place from whence it came and took a flying leap through a portal back into the Otherworld. I respectfully submit that my theory in no way negates the ‘reality’ of the track set and is a little more elegant explanation of the large amount of high strangeness in the Four Corners area.

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