The Controllers – An Alternate Hypothesis of Alien Abduction

Back in the early days of this blog (February 2013, to be exact), I happened across a piece on the Mysterious Universe blog that gave me pause. I had just gotten done writing a set of pieces on a possible astral/etheric explanation of the alien abduction phenomenon when I encountered an article that made me consider the possibility that some of the abductions might be the result of mind control experiments being performed on unsuspecting and unwilling participants. In that blog, I referred to the performers of these experiments as ‘controllers’ and discussed the comments of one “Underseer” who had made some references and observations about mind control experiments in reference to the story of “Alison” told in the blog post.

Recently, I stumbled across the horrifying The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction by Martin Cannon as I was looking for research material on another subject. The essay appears to have been released in the early 90’s. While I do think that Mr. Cannon strays into the realm of the fanciful and, perhaps, even paranoid in some places in the text, overall, I think that even if we were to throw out 75% of what the author says, his hypothesis would still stand.

Westerners, and Americans in particular, have trouble believing that their governments misbehave. You have only to look at the horror and consternation that arises when the intelligence communities are caught doing ‘black bag’ work or, worse yet, being involved in assassinations or governmental overthrows to get a birds eye view of this phenomenon. There is a belief in America that our government should occupy the moral high ground and, when the CIA gets caught pulling off something like the Bay of Pigs (or trying to) or the NSA is discovered monitoring traffic that it has no business with, shock and dismay ensue.

There is a saying that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. While there are certain checks and balances inherent in most Western governments these days, when the issue of national security raises its head, all bets are off and the intelligence communities are the people tasked with gathering the information needed to be sure that borders stay secure. Given this mandate, plenty of financial resources and a penchant for developing alternative revenue streams when needed, these agencies can conceal just about anything and often do. After all, ‘national security’ is at risk, right?

The Controllers article makes, in my mind, a convincing case that the government of the United States (and other countries) has been involved in mind control experimentation of varying sorts since at least World War II with an eye toward using a person as a surveillance device, ‘programming’ people to act in a certain way given a specific cue, developing assassins from common folk (who could, again, be triggered by a certain cue), erasing the memory of a person, causing a person to have another personality which served as a spy, using sonics and microwave radiation to induce hypnotic states or to cause emotional reactions that might be used for crowd control. These are a few of the items mentioned in the article and I strongly encourage readers to look at it, even if they are not interested in the abduction phenomenon.

For those who are interested in abduction, though, and are not firmly ensconced in the “believer” camp which insists that these incidents are the result of space faring aliens taking an interest in the two legged, semi intelligent apes (their view, not mine) living on this planet, this article provides some extensive food for thought. Much, if not all, of the strangeness seen in abduction cases can be explained by the machinations of good old terra firma bound homo sapiens and their manipulations of the mind and perception. While I still believe that a significant number of these abduction scenarios involve Intruders from the Otherworld, after reading this essay, I am prepared to revise my estimates down in order to allow more room for Cannon’s hypothesis.

Again, I encourage a thorough reading of the referenced article since I can not possibly outline the complete contents of the essay in this blog. Suffice to say that Mr. Cannon’s article takes one on an extensive tour into the subject of implants and ‘stimoceivers’ – devices that can be implanted in the brain and used to stimulate certain areas of the brain as well as receive spoken instructions. Mr. Cannon then goes on to discuss the possibilities behind remote induction of hypnosis, brain wave entrainment, induced amnesia, screen memories, programming of ‘super spies’, bases for mind control research and much more. I repeat that I do not believe that every word of the article is gospel but, as I said earlier, if even 25% of this matter is true, then we have significant cause for concern. Mr. Cannon also does a very good job of relating his research back to the abduction cases, although he does have to take an extensive detour into the realm of mind control so that his hypothesis make sense.

I am not one to believe in conspiracy theories but I am also not one to turn a blind eye when a viable theory about a strange event is proposed. It makes sense that the US government (and others) would be interested in literally controlling the hearts and minds of certain individuals. We know, from materials that have leaked about projects such as MKULTRA, that such interest is fact. It is not a long step to accept that some of the information about this experimentation might be withheld in the interests of ‘national security’ and that the government needed a way to deal with the ‘disposal problem’ – what to do with the subjects of these experiments once the project was complete. If we are dealing with people who could possibly cause an individual to develop a separate identity that served as a spy, I find it plausible that these same people could cover their tracks with a ‘screen memory’ of abduction.

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