The Slenderman Meme

While I am in the throes of preparations for a major trip overseas, I felt that I would be remiss if I did not comment briefly on the craziness that has been going on around the Slenderman meme this past week or so. From the horrific stabbing in Wisconsin to a possible second attack in Ohio, interest in this internet urban legend has never been greater. Now, we are being told that the Las Vegas man who took part in the slaying of three people, two of them police officers, was known to cosplay the Slenderman. I have heard that even the normally staid Washington Post has published an article on the origin of this character.

For those who are not familiar with the Slenderman and his origins, I refer you to the excellent work of Cat Vincent, one of the contributors to The Daily Grail.

The Slenderman: Tracing the Birth and Evolution of a Modern Monster

Killing Slenderman

Both The Gralien Report and Mysterious Universe have offered extensive thoughts and commentary on this issue. I encourage interested readers to definitely check out these podcasts for some insightful commentary on this situation.

It has been my position, throughout these pages, that our western scientific materialist modality, while extremely useful, is not the be all and end all of knowledge. I have stated over and over that there are other ways of accessing knowledge and other powers of the human being that science, as we know it now, simply can not explain. That failure to ‘explain’ does not make make these powers any less real.

When dozens, or hundreds or maybe even thousands of people bend their minds toward creating something designed to scare the hell out of people . . . when the creators of that fiction begin to have nightmares about their creation . . . when the writers about this being begin to incorporate the idea of the tulpa or thought form into its ‘back story’ . . . when people start to spontaneously report seeing this being . . . then, my dear readers, something way off the reservation has occurred.

Whether the Slenderman is a powerful thought form wreaking havoc on the minds of those that pay attention to it or a creature of the Other Side that has found a convenient form and portal for entry into our world or simply the mass hallucination of a lot of overwrought minds, it is time to send this horrible thing back to wherever it came from. Cat Vincent mentions the power of laughter in his article on killing the Slenderman (cited above). I agree. The Slenderman survives because people have taken his creation so seriously. The whole purpose of the thing was to create fear.

Let’s not give in to fear. Light a candle, turn on the lights or start a bonfire. Laugh, love and generally step out of the darkness for a little while. The nasties, whatever they may be, abhor such behavior.


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3 responses to “The Slenderman Meme

  • Stephanie Qich

    Hi stormeye! first, bon voyage and i hope you have plenty of ‘playtime’ in your upcoming trip. And of course i’ll be looking forward to any reports of your experiences and impressions when you come back.

    I’ve been remiss in posting (sorry) but have been enjoying your posts as much as ever. I wanted to poke my nose in here and let you know that Micah reads my ‘grinning man’ story in hour one of the Gralien Report you link to in the post. I have to say it was gratifying to hear my story presented so expertly (i’m not known for my storytelling skills, to the contrary i am afraid), and a treat to see that podcast mentioned on your blog! Since you mentioned it and i’ve such a fan of yours i just had to say something or burst (!!!).

    re: slenderman, I agree with your approach. Laughter is the best medicine; as gloomy and dark as things get the sun does come up every morning, babies are born, puppies romp. You may even be making a little video for grandma and be interrupted by none other than Splendourman himself!

    Anyways take care and have fun!!! steph

    • stormeye60

      Good afternoon, Steph:

      Good to hear from you. Gralien Report is one of the podcasts that I listen to often since I feel that Micah Hanks does a nice job of presenting a lot of topics with a genuine skeptical view (i.e. he thinks about things and does not seem to operate from the mind set that things have to be a certain way).

      I am sure the Japan trip will be excellent.

      Take good care,

      • Stephanie Qich

        wow, Japan!! i am very happy for you, i am sure you will have a fantastic time! yay!

        re: the gralien report. actually, now that i find out you’re a fan as well, i would like to discuss a bit with you – if you have a minute and the inclination, send me an e-mail address at Happy Weekend!!! steph

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