Quareia – For Those Interested in a Magical Path

I normally post on Tuesdays but I wanted to make a short announcement here to those who read the site and are interested in the magical arts.


This link will guide you to the home page of a new school of magic called Quareia – Latin for the quarry.  The school is a joint project being developed by Josephine McCarthy, a noted British adept, and a group of magicians from across the world.  It is the result of Ms. McCarthy’s stated desire to establish a system of magical education that is free but that will develop the skills needed for anyone to become a magical adept.

Ms. McCarthy has taken her wide ranging magical skills and, in conjunction with magicians such as Frater Acher, a well known practitioner from Germany, has stripped magical practice down to its essentials so that anyone, of any tradition, can practice what she is putting forward.

I have had an opportunity to look at the first few lessons of her Apprentice curriculum and I can say without reservation that, if you are interested in magic and have some self-discipline, you could do far worse (and pay far more) than following this course of instruction.

Quareia is a work in progress; Ms. McCarthy has started a crowd funding campaign to develop enough funds for her to be able to continue working on the project full time until it is completed.  Her overall goal is not unrealistic and I encourage those of my readers who are so inclined to contribute if you are able.  This is a worthy work and one that desperately needs to be done.  Here is the link to the funding campaign:



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8 responses to “Quareia – For Those Interested in a Magical Path

  • Josephine McCarthy

    thanks for the mention! I just wanted to say, the German adpet I am doing this in collaboration with is Frater Acher (not Frater Ashen, who is a different magician). His website is http://www.theomagica.com/
    Thanks again for the mention 🙂

  • Josephine McCarthy

    lol, sorry, adept, not adpet….. he is not that cute..:)

  • stormeye60

    My apologies for the error – I have corrected the name. You are very welcome for the mention; I am astounded at the effort you are putting into the site. Good luck and best regards.

  • Stephanie Qich

    F&@K YEAH GO STORM!!!!!!!

    oh, i am sorry to unleash such an outburst of gauche obscenities at you!! But – to see you’d written a post with a lively number of comments (go storm!), to see the topic of the post (oh boy…..dare i hope…..), to scroll down and see my wildest hopes have taken flight – not only is my guy Storm finally getting the recognition he deserves for his dedicated, diligent work on this blog but it’s coming from just about the most glorious and knowledgeable of people!!!!

    i simply couldn’t help myself 🙂

    i’m also quite excited about Josephine McCarthy’s project, on a personal level but also for philosophical reasons. The more i see the more i find that the arguments against disseminating these fields of knowledge are weaker than those for letting it flow. If nothing else, this side of life (the paranormal, unseen, etc.) pops up without regard to people’s familiarity with it. General education will help create more sensible reactions, and there are times when intervention is needed – better to be prepared.

    Thank you so much Josephine McCarthy and you too storm for letting people know about this project. And so happy to see you getting some well-earned props!!! take care you and have a great day! steph

    • stormeye60

      Again, thanks, Steph for the hearty endorsement. I have to say again that I am simply astounded at the amount of work that Josephine McCarthy and her cohorts are putting into this site. For those, like me, who have stumbled through years of reading, experimentation, explosion and backtracking to even begin to have a system that works for them, Quareia is something that I would have wished for when I began my quest back in the 80’s. Believe me when I say that I will be doing some work to ensure that the Quareia crowd funding projects reaches its goal and then some (in addition to my physical contribution).

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