Perhaps it is just me but there seems to be more and more mention of the idea of using drugs to open consciousness in some of the media I follow these days. It seems that I can not go a day without someone on one site or the other going on about psychedelics of varying sorts and how depriving people of the right to use them is actually limiting the potential for human growth. Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, the venerable head of Servants of the Light and a fine occult author, once commented that she did not give a damn what Timothy Leary or Carlos Castaneda had to say, drugs had no place in magic. I am paraphrasing slightly but I would extend that sentiment to include the thought that such drug taking may, in fact, be outright dangerous.


I wrote about the use of drugs for opening consciousness back in 2013 and, looking back at that post, all of my points are still quite valid. In this post, however, I want to look at the very real esoteric risks entailed in the use of psychedelics.

I have repeatedly, in these pages, cited the old occult adage that one should never summon what one can not banish. I have also, as a corollary of sorts, proposed that one should never open a door which one can not close. The use of hallucinogens violates both these rules and places the individual in the position of not only throwing open a Way into the Otherworld but of passively accepting what comes through that Way.

While my esoteric background is extensive and something I have referred to throughout these pages, I also freely admit that I am not writing from that knowledge alone. I was a wild child as a young man and I have, in fact, ingested some of these substances (sticking to the natural ones, since I was loathe to take things that came out of a lab, even then). I am not proud of this fact but I want the reader to understand that I have experience and I have had the opportunity to examine that experience with the eyes of a seasoned magician.

Essentially, what happens when one takes these drugs is the equivalent to the experience that I described when talking about the Ouija Board. There is a transitional time period where everything seems normal, then, as the chemical takes effect, a doorway is opened into the Otherworld. With the Ouija Board, much then depends on the users. Sometimes, the people using the boards do not have sufficient psychic “bandwidth” to put out any sort of call on the Planes. I have heard of people having ‘dud trips’ with substances but most of the time, between the user’s desire for an experience and the chemical amplifying this desire, the result is somewhat similar to opening a door and shining a beacon through it.

That beacon, of course, attracts the beings of the Otherworld. Make no mistake, folks, even the experiences of people who report seeing geometric forms are spirit experiences and many people using these substances report further experiences of interacting with beings of varying sorts. There is also a good deal made of the feeling of expansiveness and the almost mystical sense of inter-relatedness.

Okay, kids, here is where I get into the scary part. As I said, I have analyzed my experiences through occult eyes and I have discussed this with my own, carefully evoked and tested, spiritual allies. There is the remote possibility that the user of these substances may open their portal at just the right time and summon in something truly benign or even beneficial. I can not discount that eventuality but, according to my sources, the chances of this happening are somewhat akin to winning the lottery while being struck by lightning.

In most circumstances, the user has either opened a portal and disturbed beings that did not wish to be disturbed, summoned beings that are all too happy to provide an experience in exchange for an energetic snack or called in beings that will very expertly manipulate the user’s psyche to pull up thoughts, images and memories from the subconscious or some combination of the above. The results of these interactions can be very intense and may, indeed, by life changing since they alter the user’s perception of the world but such experiences come with a price.

First, let’s say that the user has disturbed that which did not wish to be disturbed. This one is pretty easy; this is the quintessential ‘bad trip’ – a nightmare of images and feelings that the user is locked into until the drug wears off enough to close the portal. I am sure that we have all heard stories of people dying or being injured as the result of accidents incurred while fleeing a bad trip. The danger here is self-evident and the risk of this happening ought to be enough to put most people off this idea.

The less evident danger is with the beings that provide experiences or manipulate the psyche or both. These critters are predators/parasites and you are a meal. Nothing more. They have the ability, since you have invited them in, to flood you with the brain chemicals, such as endorphins, that accompany ‘flow’ experiences and make you certain that you are experiencing a mystical opening. They also have the ability (remember the whole concept of glamour) to appear in any number of guises (remember they can read you like a book since you have no defenses) and to provide information or ‘guidance’ that would not normally be in the user’s consciousness. There may even be physical manifestations as the result of one of these trips. All of these “come ons” are designed for one thing – to get you to open to the being so that it can easily and freely access your energy system. The user has become a snack and the beings have left behind damage to the energetic field that takes days and sometimes longer to heal leaving the user of these substances open to other energetic parasites.

Even if I have my numbers skewed and this experience does not happen as often as I have been told, the fundamental questions remains: would you rather explore your consciousness on your terms or have those terms dictated for you by forces chemical and Other?


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2 responses to “Psychedelics?

  • Hiapsi Kooni

    As a Yaqui I have to state for the record, Im sorry Carlos Castaneda fans, there is no and never was a “Don Juan.” I cannot say where he got his ideas from but they bear little resemblance to any Yaqui spiritual beliefs. Im refraining from calling Mr Castaneda an outright fraud in terms of his magical beliefs, but I will do so in his attributing them to my tribe. This type of distortion, and dishonesty and using a real people to give those lies a veneer of truth is why many Natives are distrustful of outsiders.

  • Hiapsi Kooni

    BTW Im not implying that you are a Castaneda fan since I have no idea how you feel about him lol. I just know that in many “New Age”, “Shamanistic”, “Magical” etc circles, he is still widely quoted and seen as an authority. Many people I have spoken to in person who have only heard of my tribe through Castaneda tend to look at me as though i kicked their puppy when I tell them there is no Don Juan. I know that CC may have gotten some of his ideas through his anthropological studies, and i dont totally rule out any wisdom being gleaned from his book.

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