New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple


I do not typically espouse causes on this blog but, in this case, I feel an inner need to put the energy out to assist this organization.  Those of you who have been to New Orleans understand that their interpretation of African spiritual traditions is a vein that runs deep in the soul of the city.  The Voodoo Spiritual Temple is a deep part of this soul and they have recently undergone a terrible setback – a fire that destroyed the cultural center attached to the temple and damaged the temple itself.

New Orleans is a special place.  I had a chance to prowl the French Quarter on foot for a week, a couple of years back, and other than the ancient temples I visited in Japan, I have never stepped foot in a more magical place.  Voodoo is a part of that magic and the Temple is a strong part of the Voodoo of New Orleans.  Please go to the Temple’s website to learn more about what they do and how you can support them in the their re-building efforts.

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2 responses to “New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple

  • Jeanne

    I wish them much success in the rebuilding. And I agree, New Orleans is steeped in mystique, the air is think with it. Always enjoy a trip to NOLA.

  • stormeye60

    Thanks for your comment, Jeanne. NOLA is one of those places that has layers and layers of energy that can be peeled back and looked at if you have the time. I am looking forward to returning at some point.

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