Warning: Black Eyed Kids


I was very disturbed to read the following account about Black Eyed Kids in Week in Weird.  I was so disturbed, in fact, that I wanted to take a good look at this case.  I did some trance work as well as asking one of my spirit helpers about the event and can share the following with you.

If you are not conversant with the Black Eye Kid (BEK) phenomenon, please do a search on the term.  You will find any number of interesting stories about these beings.  I am going to assume that most of my readers know about BEK’s and are familiar with the sighting pattern.  I want to go on to what I learned in my more esoteric research.

Lesson 1 – the BEK is not a creature to be trifled with.  Despite the fact that these beings appear to people in the guise of children, they are extremely dangerous and need to be avoided if at all possible.  The BEK (or at least the BEK’s in this report) is a species of Intruder (those beings capable of coming through the astral, into the etheric and attaining some measure of physical manifestation when conditions are right) that you might think of as vampiric.  No, they are not the source of the vampire legend, that is another story entirely, but they are creatures that seek to steal the life force from living things and humans are the choicest morsels on their menu.  Interestingly, this vampiric behavior seems to be part of their growth cycle (note the ‘parents’ who came to pick them up in the report) and these creatures really are the young of more vicious predators.

Lesson 2 – NEVER, for any reason, invite one of these creatures into your home or vehicle.  Every witness in these cases has experienced cold terror once they have determined that are not dealing with human children.  This is the body’s and your psychic sense’s way of telling you to get away from the source of your discomfort IMMEDIATELY.  I would rather be pranked by kids wearing contact lenses than take the chance of inviting one of these beings into a place where I might be vulnerable.

Lesson 3 – It really is true that these creatures can not enter without an invitation.  I can not be entirely sure why this is but I theorize that it has something to do with the space being wholly yours (especially in the case of a home) and the young ones not having the strength to penetrate that barrier as yet.  As we well know, when the Intruders get older, they are quite capable of penetrating the boundaries of a home.

Now, in this case where the BEK’s, have gotten into a home and the residents are now suffering ill effects, I spoke with one of my helpers, whom I will call B (and to whom I offer thanks in the public forum).  She says that the ill effects these people are suffering are caused by the shredding of the energy body in the attack; they are quite literally leaking vital force and the BEK’s in questions have attached to them to keep ‘feeding’.  The couple require the services of a skilled energy healer who can a) remove and banish the attachments, b) do first aid on the energy body to seal any leaks and c) work with them over time to re-build their auras.

On another front, B advised that this couple seek immediate magical remediation for the breach in their house defenses.  I would recommend looking at my very early post Grays – Part 3 for some useful information on preventing, repelling and dispersing etheric manifestations.  I would strongly recommend placing cold iron at all entries to the homes, smudging with sage to prevent manifestation and the wearing of silver to repel the Intruders.  Having a house blessing done in the faith of choice is not a bad idea either and I might even stage a family reunion in the house to re-assert the sense of home that has been breached by the experience.  And, if they are so inclined, the couple could certainly learn a simple banishing ritual to be used regularly in the home to reinforce its boundaries.

To my readers, again, let me stress that if you should encounter one of these creatures, get away as quickly as you can or, if you are in your own home, firmly tell the thing they are not welcome in your home and close the door.  They may knock and plead but, if they refuse to go, call law enforcement.  If they are pranksters, they will flee and if they are Other, you will either glean witnesses for the event or the BEK will be gone before the police arrive.  A win/win situation, in either event.

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