Thoughts on Relocation


Well, the only thing in life that is constant is change.  After living in the Atlanta area for some time now, and establishing herself in her industry, my wife has been offered her dream job in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we will be moving at the end of this month.

I will try to get far enough ahead with blog posts not to cause an interruption in my weekly schedule but circumstances with my work may prevent that.  It seems that, after 12 years of service, my day job is being outsourced to India and I am expected to train those who will replace me.  Since I am not the sort of person who leaves cohorts in a lurch, I will be travelling a good bit this month as I prepare for my departure at the end of September.  I apologize in advance if this causes me to miss a post.

While I will be sad to leave some of the colleagues that I have worked with for so long, I am viewing this outsourcing as an opportunity to explore new revenue streams.  As I mentioned when I came back to the blog after being out for a while, I have been taking my writing seriously and the energy I have poured into it is beginning to pay off.  One of my short stories was accepted for publication in the anthology Into the Abyss by Darkerwood Publishing.  I have a second anthology submission in that I should find out about soon and the publisher of that anthology will also be publishing my first novel but there is no release date for that as yet.  I am over 30,000 words into the second book of that fiction series.

I will also be looking at “day job” opportunities in the Charlotte area.  Since we happen to be moving to a financial center, I suspect that my 12 years of banking will help me find something suitable and I will, of course, be working with my spirits to find just the right thing.

In the mean time, though, I am packing the house a little at a time and getting prepared for the aforementioned travel.  I am not one who flies well; it is not a mode of travel that I prefer.  I feel that human beings are not meant to be packed into flying cigar tubes, hurled through the air at ridiculous speeds and then dumped on the ground in a place that they often have no connection to.  Such travel, in my view, disjoints the spirit and puts a person in a position of literally having to catch up with themselves both coming and going.  I find car or train travel much easier, but alas, I do not have that luxury in this instance.

So, I will focus on something more positive instead.  As we have had more time to prepare for this move than for our move to Atlanta (we moved from Columbus, GA, to Atlanta in about three weeks), we have actually been to Charlotte and set aside an apartment.  Our new place actually backs onto a greenway and, as I explored the complex, I found that shaded walkway to be quite active with land spirits.  I think that, once I am in and settled, I shall have an interesting time getting to know the curious ones of this new place and welcoming the spirits that follow me to their new home.

I have been getting indications, from, the ‘friends’ that walk with me, that they would like something more permanent to live in here in my home, so I will be looking into the construction of what some call a spirit pot but I prefer to call simply a spirit vessel.  As you might imagine, such a vessel represents a home for a spirit or spirits who follow you.  For example, one might make a spirit vessel for the guardians who protect the home so that they make the move without any disruption of their protection.

I will also, as I get my feet on the ground in Charlotte, be communing with those who walk with me to secure just the right position – a job that will provide support for my household and still allow me time to develop my writing career.  I am fortunate to have such a long time to my release so that I have time to move and get settled and I also have access to not one but two employment assistance programs, one from my wife’s new company, assisting with spousal relocation, and the other from the company where I am presently working.  I will take full advantage of those services and give them both a magical poke in the rear to put me on the track of the above-mentioned job.

So, it is a time of stress for me.  I have experienced some  of Selye’s top stressors since the beginning of the year: loss of a beloved pet, loss of a job and relocation to a new place.  I am striving to maintain my equanimity by continuing my daily meditation practice, work with my ancestors and other spirits and energy work.

May this year of change settle soon so that I may get a good view of my life and the direction it is going.






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