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Sasquatch and the Otherworld


Last week, I wrote about the excellent book Enoch: A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams.  In that post, I talked about how, over the course of writing this blog (203 posts!) I have referred to the creature that I call Sasquatch (Bigfoot seems derisive to me) many times and have held, since the beginning of the blog, that Sasquatch is something other than a North American wood ape.

One has only to look at the work of researchers like Stan Gordon or read books like Hunt For The Skinwalker to see that at least some of the manifestations of Sasquatch fall outside our consensual reality.  Apes, to my knowledge, do not go poof when you shoot then, nor do they simply disappear into thin air as a witness watches.  Add this to the near legendary hide and seek ability of the creature, lack of physical remains, reports of people hearing the being walking near them but being unable to see it, the panic that often ensues in a sighting, even when the ‘monster’ is some distance away, the reported cases of Sasquatch and UFO’s together and tracks that are clearly delineated in a line until they simply vanish and one begins to see a pattern of things that are quite out of the ‘normal’.

Open minded researchers who ask witnesses if they have ever had anything else out of the ordinary happen to them will often find that the percipient has, indeed, experienced other Fortean or paranormal events.  Native peoples have a variety of legends about these creatures and, as I mentioned in the blog last week, they tend to regard the Sasquatch (or whatever they call it in their language) as a separate tribe of ‘people’ in much the same way as they view the Little People (what Celts might have called the Fey).  To them, these beings exist but you are not necessarily going to be able to go out into the forest and grab hold of one and bring it back to camp.

The primary reason that I do not think Sasquatch is a simple bipedal ape wandering our forest though is personal.  I discovered a while back that Sasquatch is actually a being that one may be able to evoke magically.

The tale is a rather convoluted one and one where I can not reveal identities but suffice to say that I had contact with a certain researcher back in 2012 or thereabouts.  This person was interested in all manner of Fortean phenomenon and was preparing to go out with another friend, who happened to be a Sasquatch researcher, on a forest expedition.  We had talked about my theory that Sasquatch were more aligned to the Fey than to orangutans so this individual asked what it might take to summon a Sasquatch.  I considered this for a couple of days, not sure if it would work for someone who was not a practicing magician, but decided that it was worth a shot.

I sent the person very detailed instructions on how to open a way between the worlds based on Jason Miller’s rending of space in The Sorceror’s Secrets and issue a Call for the being known as Sasquatch. My acquaintance took my advice to heart but, in their later report to me, stated that they just felt too silly doing some of the things that I recommended (the rite that I set up was pretty over the top ceremonial magic and I would likely do things differently now, should I have the chance).

Despite not having followed my instruction completely, what this person did do seemed to work.  The researcher reported that, all through the trip, the party felt watched and that they had a couple of instances of unexplained bipedal footsteps in the night, a rock throwing incident and one of those corner of the eye sightings that could have been anything but appeared to be the shadow of something upright and bipedal.  Given that the pair were out in the unmarked wilderness, it was unlikely to be another person.

While I could not call the experiment an unqualified success, it was successful enough to make the novice researcher decide that being a witness might be neat but that actually trying to pursue a Sasquatch was likely not a great idea.  Although this person did not feel really threatened, their psychic senses told them that whatever was out there was ambivalent to them at best.

Now, I know that my animals (dog and cat) are attracted to the energy when I meditate or do magical work so it may be that a wood ape would be attracted in like manner.  Given the very specific nature of the working (what was done of it) though, I think it very likely that the researcher actually did manage to call the Hairy Ones through.  Either way it made for an interesting weekend for the researcher and confirmed that I will have to try this experiment when I have a chance to explore the North Carolina woods on my own.

Enoch: A Bigfoot Story


I really considered giving this blog another title but, in the end, I decided I could not.  This is a post about the book by Autumn Williams and my thoughts on what she and her witness “Mike” had to say but I want to state, up front, that this is not a review.  This book was written back in 2010 so some of the information in it may be outdated but I do not think that what I gleaned from the work will be effected by the age of the book.

First of all, I want to offer belated congratulations to Ms. Williams for what is a very well written first book.  She does an excellent job of blending her internal dialogue and struggle with the stories and opinions that “Mike” is sharing with her and I think that she handles the narrative like a professional journalist.  I had just completed Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air previous to reading Enoch: A Bigfoot Story and I think the two compare favorably.

That is as close to a review as I will get though.  Anyone who has been reading the blog for a while knows that I am of the opinion that Sasquatch is not a native of this particular plane of reality.  Looking back at the archives, there are so many articles with bits and pieces of my thinking on Sasquatch that I can not cite just one that outlines my feelings on the matter.  I think that, given some of the witness reports, at least some of the giant creatures that are being seen out there are more on the paranormal end of the spectrum.  “Flesh and blood” creatures do not disappear in a flash of light when shot at, for example.

Regardless of my opinion though, I read Ms. Williams and Mike’s words with great interest.   It is quite obvious to me that Mike is either the mother of all tale tellers, weaving a story so complex that I, a fiction writer of sizable novels, would need Evernote to keep track of what happened when, or he has had an ongoing set of experiences with something.

Is his interaction necessarily with a giant ape / relict hominid?  No.  I could very easily make the case that Mike has stumbled on or close to a portal to the Otherworld and he is dealing with manifested creatures from that realm.  There is no reason why a Sasquatch in entering our realm could not bat Mike into the swamp and Mike’s behavior : leaving food offerings, being, for the most part, very deferential of Enoch and others of his kind, not overstaying his welcome, developing a loving friendship with the being  and a willingness to go into a really wild place to interact with the being(s) could just as easily describe the life of a Faerie Seer as it could a Sasquatch witness.

Long story short, though, whether he was interacting with a giant ape, a relict hominid or some species from the Other Side, his experiences are valid and instructive.  Ms. Williams’ small appendix at the back of the book giving advice to people who think they might have Sasquatches on their land could be a primer for people seeking to interact with the spirits of their land but that is not really the point I wanted to make in this blog.

I have taken the spirit view of Sasquatch for some time but I have always said, too, that I am willing to be surprised.  What I found most pleasant about this book was the repeated advice from the author to would-be witnesses not to chase these creatures.  I have said on more than one occasion, and Ms. Williams supports this on almost every page of her book, that the person most likely to view a Sasquatch is going to be living like a Sasquatch.  Why do you suppose that hunters seem to see these creatures all the time?  Because witness testimony seems to indicate that the Hairy Ones are hunters.  If I am looking for deer and the Sasquatch is looking for deer then chances of our paths crossing increase exponentially.

Mike, of course, really did create the perfect storm of opportunity to see and interact with one of these creatures.  He basically plopped himself down in a swamp and stayed there for long periods of time, not running around hooting and hollering and banging on trees, but simply living.  As he and Ms. Williams both note, his temperament was such that extended separation from humans did not bother him and it shows in the way that he took himself out to camp and simply stayed.

Once he learned his lesson about technology and the Sasquatch, he also quit trying to film the creature and simply relaxed and enjoyed his company.  I agree with Ms. Williams wholeheartedly that all the tech in the world is not going to ‘prove’ that Sasquatch exists.  Nothing, short of a body is going to ‘prove’ to the scientists and other skeptics that these creatures are real and such a scenario would be a nightmare for the creatures and for the human who brought the creature in (not that I think that a human with a gun could manage it).

In Native cultures, the Hairy One may be scary monsters used to keep children in camp but they may, just as easily, be seen as guardians of the woods.  The First Nations folks see these beings as a separate people, a spiritual people, in much the same way that Europeans, a little more than a century ago, understood the Faery to be a people who lived side by side with them and sometimes interacted with them (and even interbred with them – try that without some sort of physical interface).  In Iceland, to this day, there is tremendous respect for the elves who are believed to live in stones and other natural features of the land.  There is a common theme here; it is a theme of relationship.

As I said earlier, the Celts and other European peoples, not so long ago, behaved toward the “Little People” much the same way that Mike behaved toward Enoch.  They offered food on a regular basis, spoke about them with respect (and obliquely so as not to draw too much attention), interacted with them when given the chance but always kept in mind that these were a strange and powerful people that you did not want to anger.

I have hammered at the idea of respectful interaction with spirits in these pages and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my urgings to the creature known as Sasquatch.  Folks, I do not care whether the Hairy One is a giant ape, a relict hominid, a spiritual creature or some combination of the above or none of the above, interacting with such a being would be a sheer privilege and that privilege should be treated as such and not squandered in the provision of some concept of ‘proof’.




Monsters and Magic and the Upside Down

First, if I may, a little businesss.  As I have noted in posts previous to this, I am working on my fiction writing.  As such, I have short stories being published in two anthologies this fall.


From Burning Willow Press, I will be appearing in the anthology Crossroads in the Dark II: Urban Lagends.  That tale is based on an urban legend from Angola, NY, where I lived for a time and is called “Pigman Road”.


From Darkerwood Publishing, I am happy to announce that I will be an author for their upcoming anthology Into The Abyss.  This story is entirely original and is set loosely in the world that I developed for my upcoming novel.  The piece is called “Impetuous Youth”.


Those of you that are fans of the Forteana and/or 80’s sci fi have probably watched “Stranger Things”.  This will not be a fanboy rave or rant.  I enjoyed the show but I kept thinking to myself as I watched, “what if . . . ”  (mild spoilers to follow!)

Yes, on the surface, the events in the show seem implausible.  The Department of Energy somehow breeds a superkid capable of extraordinary psychic abilities in the basement of one of the labs?  Somehow, in working with the child, the DOE actually manages to rip a hole in the fabric of our reality and release a predator that feasts on the local populace?  Young boys (why is it never a group of young girls?) find the superkid and help her learn about friendship so that she is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice when called on to do so?

We have seen it all before but “Stranger Things” did manage to put all the elements into a blender, mix things up and emerge with a show that I will be quite willing to watch if there is a Season 2.

The thing about the show that really drew me though was the acknowledgement, crazy as it seems, that we might not be the only beings in the ominiverse and that this fact does not lead inevitably to outer space but may instead draw us deep into inner space.

I am not a physicist but the science teacher’s explanation of the other dimension that the boys come to call the Upside Down, seemed to me eerily similar to some of my own inner plane experiences where I have ended up in places that were familiar to me but not, at the same time.  This paradox needs to be experienced since, like many otherworld experiences it is quite difficult to describe.  Words literally fail.

I have talked, on several occassions in this blog, about the concept of some beings being able to come through what I call the etheric realm and enter our world, under certain very specific circumstances.  I have also described how those beings may even be able to take physical form in the presence of enough energy (like power of the girl, Eleven, in the show).  While those manifestations may not be as long lived as the thing in “Stranger Things”, they happen with enough frequency to freak nice folks happy in their materialist world straight out and cause them to rethink their previous positions.

Another concept that I talk about in this blog a good bit that appeared in the show was the idea of people actually wandering into the Upside Down and either being lost (Will) or finding their way back out by the thinnest of luck (Nancy).  While, for the sake of drama and the ‘uck’ factor, the entrance into the Upside Down in the show was filled with goo, in the descriptions of people who believe they have accidentally wandered in and then out of the Otherworld, the entry can be as simple as stepping around the wrong corner or between two trees.  In Faerie lore, the realm of the Fey can be entered in certain caves, by standing in a fairy ring of mushrooms at certain times, by performing certain bodily motions (a specfic set of turns in one direction and then the other) or by following a being into that realm.

I found the character of Joyce, despite her chain smoking, to be hauntingly familiar.  I think that everyone, when first contacting the real world version of the Upside Down, finds themselves thinking that they have either lost their minds or wishing that they had since it is a whole lot easier to live in a world view where all that one experiences is experienced with the five senses.  I have seen any number of young sensitives (incuding myself at a much younger age) drink themselve senseless to shut down their other senses. In the movies, such abilities are seen as powers but, as Joyce discovered in her shattered and nervous way, being able to talk to the Upside Down, in the ‘real’ world, gets you stares at best and the possibility of padded cells and medication at worst.  It is only the ontinuing horror of the monster and a driven chief of police that rescue Joyce from such a fate and, folks, that does not happen often outside of TV and movies.

While “Stranger Things” made something of a muddle of it, the writers did even manage to pull in the CIA’s mind control experiments (MKULTRA) as an explanation for Eleven’s powers.  I think the scripters might have done better to mention MKULTRA in conjunction with the projects like Stargate (or whatever it happened to be called on a given week) as a way to bring the psychic powers into the mix.  I would have to sit down and rough out a screen play to tell you for sure  . . .

In any event, I found “Stranger Things” to be well worth watching.  It was quite well acted (although Winona Ryder did take Joyce a little over the top, in my opinion) and the Fortean aspects of the show were handled well, taking characters from complete cynicism to forced belief in a pretty believeable manner.  I would be interested in seeing what the producers might come up with for a season 2.



Review: Wood Knocks – various authors


I have made my views on the creature known as Sasquatch plain in other articles for this blog. I have made it clear that I think that at least some of the giants people are seeing in the woods are kin to the Faery and do not belong completely to this world. In the parlance of modern paranormalists, I think Sasquatch is an inter-dimensional being that is capable of walking into our world and back out of it, pretty much at will.

That said, I greatly admire the work of the people who actually go into the woods looking for the creature and who spend their time talking to witnesses, setting camera traps and even flying drones hoping for a glimpse of the elusive ‘booger’. While I think that a lot of them just might be tilting at windmills, it is still admirable that they have the strength of their convictions and are willing to walk their talk.

The new anthology from Leprechaun Press, Wood Knocks, Volume 1: A Journal of Sasquatch Research is a collection of articles from the sorts of people who have devoted their lives to exploring the strange and especially to looking for cryptid creatures such as the Sasquatch. The anthology is an easy read, at just over 200 pages, so do not expect extensive or detailed articles, but it is packed with information that new and experienced Sasquatch aficionados will find interesting and informative.  In my view, the cover art by Sam Shearon is worth the price of the book, all by itself.

The meat of the book is quite good as well.  Whether we are talking Sasquatch amongst the First Nations people (David Weatherly) or hunting the Orang-Pendek in Sumatra (Richard Freeman) or talking about the presence of Sasquatch in Wisconsin and its surrounding areas (Linda Godfrey), the writing is, with one notable exception, crisp and there are cases in the book that I had not heard of, side by side, with some of the old standards. I enjoyed this chance to ‘touch base’ with the work of many authors that I admire and some that I did not know.  Freeman’s article on the Orang-Pendek made me think that the Sumatrans may have a genuine undiscovered species in their midst.

Having said that, there is one article in the anthology that is a confused, rambling mess and could have easily been cut from the line up with no damage to the work. As I noted above, readers will be able to discern this one quickly and will have to decide for themselves whether the tidbits of information in the article are worth the pain of reading the disjointed ramblings of someone with entirely too much research and not enough space to present it cogently.

I would have been quite happy if that article had been cut and the other writers given more space to present their research. I had the feeling, in several of the sections, that the authors had a lot more to say but were unable to do so due to the editorial pen or space limitations or both. This is a real shame since, as I mentioned, there is quite a lot of original research amongst the articles. I would have been particularly interested to see Micah Hanks spin his thoughts on abductions out further and Nick Redfern’s article on infrasound was interesting but too short.

Wood Knocks is noted as volume 1 of a journal of Sasquatch research. If this is going to be a continuing series of works then the series is off to a good start and, with some minor tweaks, I can see such a series becoming a respected reference amongst those Sasquatch researchers willing to flex their minds a bit and look at new ideas, even if they do not agree with them.

Charlotte, NC – Finally Arrived


Well, as I noted some weeks back, the past weeks have been a time of deep transition for me.  After living in the Atlanta, GA, area for a couple of years, my wife landed her dream job at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.  At the same time that this was finalized, I was called to Buffalo, NY, in order to train people who will train people who will replace me, effective 30 September.  After 12 years with the bank where I have worked my day job, my position is being ‘off-shored’ (shipped to India, basically).

While I was not happy about this life event, I learend a long time ago that spirit works in very mysterious ways so, rather than wasting time being angry about the unfairness of it all, I smiled and nodded, agreed to do what was needful and put it out to my friends in other places that I wanted the doors that needed to be opened, opened, and those that neeeded to be closed, closed.  Since that time, several opportunities have arisen, some of which will result in my changing jobs inside the bank rather than leaving entirely.  I continue to discern the proper path for me.

This past Friday, though, my wife and I watched the movers drive away with our belongings and then got in the car and drove to Charlotte.  We spent the night in a hotel and then met the movers on this end.  Our belongings are here and unpacked and I am working at settling in, in my own arcane way.

I walked around the house and lit incense this morning, visualizing and affirming the removal of all energies not of our making and the transmutation of those energies to perfect and beneficial forms.  Nothing fancy as I have not felt the need for a full on banishing since I arrived, just a little house cleaning to get the spiritual cobwebs out of the corners and blow the dust off the etheric surfaces.

Our apartment faces out into a wooded area and, unlike the urban forest around us in Atlanta, this one seems to be teeming with spirit life.  I am already catching the tell tale flicker out of the corner of my eye that signals faery presence and will need to spend some time making offerings and developing a relationship with the spirits that inhabit this place.

While I had no objections to living in Atlanta, I never had the sense, as I did when I drove into Charlotte to make it my home, that I was really welcome.  Altanta is a great city but the spirit of the place is not nearly as welcoming as the one in my new base of operations.  I think that this may be a matter of my spiritual tuning (I lived in North Carolina as a very small child so may have some resonance from that time) and not much to do with Atlanta but I can not really say.

What I can say is that I had the sense, driving down the 85 into Charlotte of the way being opened for me.  I have a great feeling about this new adventure and, once I recover from the move, I am going to take advantage of my vacation to get to know this place better.  For now, though, I am going to play with and do a little obedience work with my small dog and enjoy the fact that I am done moving for a while.

Addendum 02 August 2016 0850


Here is a little picture taken from my front porch this morning which gives you a sense of my new place.

About 0500 this morning, I was awaken by what sounded like a scream but then turned into the deep hoot of what sounded like a very large owl.  Wonderfully creepy and resonant with the vibe of this place.  More as I explore both the inner and outer realms of the area.