Desecration of Sacred Ground


Standing Rock Sioux Tribe condemns destruction and desecration of burial grounds by Energy Transfer Partners

I can only think of a couple of times that I have felt moved to post a news item to the blog but this morning, as I made prayers to my ancestors, some of whom are First Nations people, I got a definite message to get this word out since the mainstream media coverage of this sickening event has been all but non-existent.  From what I have seen on social media, this is turning into one of the largest Native protests in decades and the corporation that is responsible of this pipeline has responded against the protestors with violence.

The link above is from the tribal website and focuses on the damage done to tribal burial grounds but also note the paragraph that says:

Thousands of people from across the United States have joined the Standing Rock Sioux to protest Energy Transfer Partners’ building of the 1,200-mile Dakota Access Pipeline. If built, a half-million barrels of crude oil would pass through the line daily.

This pipeline, amongst other things, represents a threat to the drinking water of the tribal people in its path.  Despite oil company protestations of safety, we have only to look at the record of environmental devastation wrought by oil spills to see that the Lakota people of Standing Rock have a very real concern.  These are only the spills we hear about – there are more, smaller spills that never reach the news but that could have a devastating impact on a group of people who are already amongst the poorest of the poor in the US.

Please read the above, do some research and spread this news so that more people will be alerted to another group trying, yet again, to take advantage of Native people.

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