A Great Graphic of the Spirit World


This is a graphic that I spotted on Facebook the other day and could not resist grabbing for the blog; it is the work of Ian Corrigan, a long time member of the Druid order, ADF.  If you have not heard of him, I strongly encourage you to look him up; he will shake up any ideas you might have about what it means to be pagan.  I get compelled to put this up (despite Mr. Corrigan’s protest that it needs more work) because so many people seem to be confused by what spirits are what and where they reside.  This graphic takes the simple cosmological structure of an Upper World, Lower World and Middle World and orients the spiritual presences accordingly and leaves room for spirits that might not appear in this particular list.

Interestingly, I had a dream last night that transitioned into my waking state as my alarm went off.  I have paraphrased Orion Foxwood on a number of occasions – spirituality is discovering one’s place in the spirit world – but, in this dream, I was challenged to identify not only where I belonged but actually what I was.  It is easy for us to give the pat answer, “I am a human being”.  But, really, what is a human being?  What is it that makes us a separate tribe from, say, the Faery?  Why do we think we are so special (other than the brainwashing of the Abrahamic religions)?

Perhaps, if we spent more time looking at graphs like this and considering our place in the great scheme of things and less time justifying ourselves as superior beings who have dominion over this planet, we might find the solutions to a whole host of problems.

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2 responses to “A Great Graphic of the Spirit World

  • Stephanie Quick

    Storm – you started blogging again and didn’t tell me, you snickerdoodle!!!

    Man, am i thrilled! Life’s been v busy around here, i’m staying with my mom and helping her with a move across town (completed thankfully) and some health issues which she is healing from. She lives in Napa, CA so i’m enjoying watching the hot air balloons in the mornings when i have a little time – very magickal!

    What a treat! I have to catch you up on a project i did with a colleague, we tried our hand at precipitating synchronicities on the ground of a paranormal weird music radio show – Radio Misterioso – with some success. I’ll let you know when we have materials we can share.

    Another project may be percolating but i’ll contact you behind the scenes. Wow i am just so tickled beyond measure to see you active again – and your timing is superb. No surprise there 🙂 Big Hug and Happy Day!!!! Steph

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