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Missing 411: Faery Led?


I have finally gotten copies of David Paulides’ Missing 411 books and am making my way through them slowly (lots of other reading to do). I am finished with the Eastern United States book and will be going on from there. I realize that Mr. Paulides has now moved into some city cases so I am a little behind the times but I felt a need to get down some thoughts and impressions that I have had since I last wrote about this subject.

First of all, I will state right away that I am not attached to any one solution for this mystery and, furthermore, that I do not feel that there is a universal explanation of the cases. As I have said in the previous writings just linked, there are multiple causes for these disappearances. My own psychic experiences have only enhanced this opinion.

Here are some of the other things that have come out as I have investigated in my own psychic and magical way:

  1. A spirit with whom I have a very close relationship got very uncomfortable when I brought up these cases. Now understand that this being is very protective of me but the spirit warned me outright that some of these cases are the results of predators that “are not of this world” coming through and taking people. I asked specifically if this was related to what humans call ET abduction and the spirit showed me that these ‘predators’ were simply alien and not necessarily in the sense of being off planet.
  2. In one shamanic journey that I took, I asked to be shown the site of a recent disappearance. I was transported into a wooded area (sorry, I am not sure where exactly this was – the vision could have been entirely symbolic) and shown a path that led by a huge boulder in what looked to be old growth forest. At first, I did not notice anything amiss but, as I walked around the area in spirit, I became aware that the feel of the place seemed ‘off’. I changed my angle of view and realized that there was, for want of a better term, a hole in the pathway. I approached carefully as the animal guide with me was not happy about any of this and noted that, when I looked directly into the hole, my perception was of looking into space. I believe that anyone who walked into the hole would not likely be seen again.
  3. As I read the Missing 411 book noted above, it became obvious that, in many instances, the person missing could not be tracked by dogs and left little sign behind for human trackers. In those cases where tracking did work, the subject behaved in a completely uncharacteristic manner – wandering off of safe trails, out of back yards, away from the safety of homes – only to disappear and either never be seen again or to be recovered later under mysterious circumstances. As I read, I could not help but recall the faery lore of Europe where those Faery of the ‘Unseelie” variety, the ones who view humans as prey or, at best, subjects for cruel sport, would attract the attention of a human and then lead them away into the Otherworld. Often this dastardly deed would be accomplished by the appearance of lights that led the subject into a swamp or marsh (geography that appears often in the 411 cases) or by the use of glamour to make the person believe they were following a trusted companion or by the use of glamour to seduce the traveller into following. In any event, the person who was Faery led generally disappeared completely (or sometimes drowned in a swamp) and was only ever seen again if the Faery released him or her, often through the exigency of a concerned relative who knew the lore of recovery.

Given my own impressions of heavy Faery activity in an area not far from one of the Missing 411 clusters (I lived for a while in the Catskills, near the Adirondacks) and the discomfort expressed by both spirit helpers above, it certainly seems likely that some of the predators not of this world are Faery in origin and, if we look with eyes to see, we understand that there is a large body of lore that bears on the Faery kidnapping humans, particularly children.  I would note, too, the prevalence of bad weather following these events; The Fae certainly have the ability to effect local weather patterns and have been known to do so when locals aroused either their affection or ire.

Spirit Talk: Missing 411

Readers who have been following my blog for a while know that I have a serious interest in the Missing 411 outlined by David Paulides in his several books.


Briefly, Mr. Paulides proposes that people have been going missing in U.S. national wilderness areas (and he is now getting cases from other countries) under very mysterious circumstances. Common aspects of these cases, other than people simply vanishing never to be heard from again, include:

*Victims with disabilities or very high intellects

– the victim disappears with a dog
– dogs can’t or won’t track the victim

*Those that are found are often found near water/creeks/rivers and the missing tend to go missing in those locations

*Geographic clusters : mountains and water (see the map from Mr. Paulides’ web site above)

* Victims were often picking berries esp. huckleberries

* Victims often disappear or are found in swamps

* The missing who are found can not remember time away

* Those who are found are semi-conscious / unconscious
– missing clothes / shoes

* Victims are often found in locations previously searched on multiple occasions and “impossibly” far from where they disappeared

* Bad weather is often associated with disappearances

* The cause of death is often undetermined or head/facial trauma

Mr. Paulides details stories of people going missing from the end of climbing ropes and vanishing within a matter of seconds, with witnesses only losing sight of the victim for a moment. There are many podcast and Youtube interviews on this subject and I encourage my readers to look one up and listen to what this individual has to say. In the end, it may end up saving you from a lot of heart ache.

I worked as a volunteer in wilderness search and rescue and have a good idea of the things that can go wrong out the bush. I know that lack of preparedness and sometimes just plain bad luck can kill people in the wild but I also know that people who meet such misfortune do not simply vanish. There are traces left behind and those traces can be followed by a skilled tracker and/or tracking dogs. In these cases, it is as though the person stepped into the void, never to be seen again, and that the National Park Service, for reasons of its own, has decided that missing persons cases do not merit tracking.

Today (19 March) as I sat to meditate, I became aware of the presence of one of my spirit helpers. I had recently finished another book on missing persons (review soon to follow) and must have had the plight of these people stirring in the back of my mind. I asked the spirit to take me shamanically into one of the cluster areas described in Mr. Paulides’ work and was told in no uncertain terms that this would not happen since I was not “dressed for battle”. Given some of my experiences while “out”, in dreams and vision, I thought it best to take the spirit’s word.

Nevertheless, this helper was more than willing to discuss this phenomenon. He showed me, in a sort of mini-vision, a wooded area and then, in rapid succession, a series of events that could befall someone and make them disappear. Honestly, the “download” came so fast that I could not keep up but here are but a few of the things that could have befallen the missing. This list is not, by any means, exhaustive.

* It is well documented in Faery lore that there are entrances to the Otherworld on the face of this planet, most often located in wilderness areas. Some of the missing could have wandered through one of these portals, which are notoriously hard to see and then to escape from, and been lost to the Otherside. In some cases, victims may find their way out (or be ejected) some time later and such persons would certainly be confused and unable to recall exactly what happened to them, just as a person may lose the memory of a dream or vision.

* I was very clearly shown one of the Intruders, moving from the astral, through the etheric, gathering form and seizing someone from a trail and pulling them back to the Otherside. While the being I was looking at had a specific form, I was given to understand that, just as in our world, there are ambush predators of varying sorts that have the ability to enter our world when circumstances are right.

* The spirit tells me that some of these disappearance are human in origin. He would not say much about this other than to point out a strange dream I had a while back about secret government bases in the forest. I am not a big conspiracy buff but we can not ignore the fact that governments sometimes prey on their own people and that there are camouflage and cloaking techniques available that make people able to walk in the forest in near invisibility . . . and that is just the tech that we know about.

* Finally, I was reminded that, not only do the woods house humans who have gone feral, so to speak, but that there are human predators out there (serial killers) who are very crafty, very careful and quite willing to steal people when they can get away with it.

Mr. Paulides, in his various appearances, has recommended that people not hike alone, that they carry an emergency transponder and that they actually arm themselves before going into the woods. I think that this is all fairly good advice, though I have reservations about the use of firearms. I think it is important to note something here though.

If you are taking some or all of these precautions then you have established a mindset. You are not going into the woods unaware but are cognizant of the fact that there might be things, both Otherworldly and human, that could harm you. That awareness and your preparations take you out of any sort of unaware or victim mental status and, in my view, go a long way toward preventing an incident. All of the predators above, human or otherwise, seek to work in stealth. Your focused awareness makes you less susceptible to interference as well as increasing your enjoyment of the outdoors.

First Impressions of My New Home

The great moving adventure is almost complete. After weeks of planning, phone calls, packing, frustration and general mayhem, and a moving company that was less then stellar in their performance, I am finally in my new place in the foothills of the Catskills in New York state (about 45 minutes south of Albany, for those of you who might know the area). There are still boxes to unpack but the furniture is settled, the computers are set up and my internet access is up. Amazingly, this provider seems to be higher speed and more stable than the one in Georgia so I am happy about that.

I have not had a great deal of time to explore yet but I just had to comment on the “feel” of this new area. While I am a Southerner by birth (originally from Texas) and I felt very comfortable with the manners and culture of Georgia, I never really felt at home there. For one thing, even though Columbus was not a huge city, I was coming from a semi-rural area in New York state. I did not realize, until I got to this new location, how “noisy” my apartment in Georgia had been.

Now, yes, I am talking about the sort of noise where people are wandering around talking and playing their radios too loud but, mostly, I am referring to the sort of psychic noise one experiences when one is at all sensitive and placed into close proximity to a lot of people who are all packed together. I am no telepath; I did not sit around in my apartment picking out the thoughts of those around me but I was, unconsciously, always aware of everyone in the dwellings around me. There was a sense of pressure that has been relieved since my new place is the top story of an old home with only one person (the landlord) living below me.

That, in and of itself, is a blessed event but I have to say that the Land here feels completely different in a strange and wonderful way. Again, I liked Georgia just fine but I never had the sense of belonging there that I did after I had sunk roots in Western New York where I had lived previously. As I drive and walk around my new home though, I am struck by an almost golden aura over the forests that gives me moments of deep peace and wellbeing and a strong desire to go and lose myself in those forests for a while and commune with Those who live there. Of course, it is coming into autumn, the season of my birth and my favorite time of year, but I never had this sense of peace about the forest and Land of Georgia. There is definitely something here that speaks to me.

The other thing that I have noticed as I have acquainted myself with my new home, is a surfeit of faery. The house where I have my apartment is surrounded in a wild tangle of greenery – the landlord is not a gardener apparently – and, as I enter or leave my domicile, I am very aware of the spirits who dwell in that wild tangle. I can feel them, too, and sometimes catch a glimpse of one in the woods lining the roadways around here. No Disney pixies, these, but the spirits of trees and plants long rooted that have been allowed to thrive with little or no human interference. Certainly, there has been habitat destruction here as roadways were carved and utility byways were cut through the forests but the area has not been turned into a concrete heat sink and the local spirits seem much more inquisitive about humans than those I have encountered in other places. Once again, I am looking forward to getting out and nosing around in the woods to see what I might encounter. It seems to me that I may have a whole forest of friends waiting for me to come out and play.

I am minded of my post about the Missing 411 books. While these forests certainly seem friendly, my research indicates that David Paulides has placed one of his disappearance nexus areas just north of me in the Adirondacks. Given the huge amount of spirit and especially Faery activity that I sense in the area without really opening up and trying to “see”, I am inclined to hold to my original theory that some of these disappearances could be the work of the Fae. While much of this might be the work of what the Scots would call the Unseelie Court – those Faery beings who are actively hostile to humans – I would not be at all surprised to find that some of disappearance are simply the result of people accidentally wandering through a portal and being trapped on the Otherside.

I know that sounds like something out of a fantasy novel but, if one looks at folklore pertaining to the Fae, such an accidental trip into the Faery realms is often described and the hapless human in question, unless is he or she is unusually witty, often ends up being trapped and having to be rescued by someone with knowledge of those realms – if anyone even realizes they are gone. I shall certainly keep you all apprised as I explore further.

Missing 411

As I mentioned previously, I am in the midst of packing and moving to another state so time has been at a premium but I could not resist commenting briefly on Beyond the Edge Radio’s interview of David Paulides.

Mr. Paulides is a former law enforcement officer who, during the course of his Sasquatch researches, was tipped by a National Park Service employee to a series of mysterious disappearances in the national parks. Many hours of research later, he has published a series of books called Missing 411 (a play on the information number for most phones and the original number of cases that he looked at). The research turned out to be so massive that he had to divide the books into Western US, Eastern US and then North American and beyond.

Please do listen to the interview for details of some of the cases and Mr. Paulides criteria for including a case in his study but suffice to say that this gentleman is investigating disappearances that occurred under mysterious circumstances in the wilds, first of North America and now beyond. As a former search and rescue volunteer, I was somewhat skeptical of Mr. Paulides’ work until he began to detail some of his cases. A mountain climber who literally disappeared from the end of a rope. Hikers at the end of a line of trekkers who disappear without anyone noticing their sudden absence. A child whose disappearance is so rapid that the swing he was playing on is still moving.

Many of the people in Mr. Paulides’ cases are never found. The “disappeared” who are found only deepen the mystery. Many times, bodies are found, laid out as if for display, in places where the searchers have looked or traveled extensively. Other times, only traces of the victim are found, such as a shoe or the person’s clothing. If the person happens to be located, they are often found in a place where no one would have logically looked for them (such as a small child being found several miles from the disappearance site through impossibly mountainous terrain). The disappeared who are found seldom have any recollection of how they disappeared or where they have been. Interestingly though, the victims who are recovered and do have some memory of the incident have varying memories of what happened, including talking to robots and talking dogs.

Now, I am certain that some of these disappearances could be explained by natural forces. The wilderness can be an unforgiving place and even the most experienced outdoorsperson can make a mistake that costs them their life. Bodies, subject to the many creatures seeking food in the woods, can disappear in a matter of days, clothing and bones scattered to the four winds and almost impossible for any but the most skilled to find. Add to that the fact that some people choose to disappear, are taken by animals etc and I am certain that a percentage of these cases could be explained.

But not all of them and certainly not instances like the climber who disappeared from the end of a rope with witnesses holding on to the other end, an individual who happened to be a world class mountain climber. In those cases, one has to look at other, more arcane explanations.

Like Mr. Paulides, I doubt that any one explanation will provide an answer to all these disappearances. The first thought that popped into my head on hearing about these cases, given the wilderness locations of the disappearances, were the faerie abductions noted so often in the Middle Ages and into more modern times. The Faerie (most likely those of what the Scots called the Unseelie Court) have a known penchant for kidnapping humans and taking them off to their abodes or for mis-leading people into dangerous areas and leaving them to die. This certainly seems to jibe with what Mr. Paulides is describing.

The involvement of the Fae would also account for things like children disappearing and then being found miles from their original location without sufficient time for even a skilled adult to make the transition. The folklore clearly states that travelling even a short distance in the land of the Fae can have unpredictable results when one emerges back into the physical world. Also, the Fae clearly, in folklore, have the power of glamour and can make humans see things like alien robots or talking dogs if they so wish.

So, I would certainly put certain elements of Faerie on the suspect list. In addition, faerie lore tells us that there are openings into the land of Faerie throughout the wild places. I suspect that some of Mr. Paulides’ cases could very well be instances of people who wandered inadvertently into that land and were unable to find their way out. Even if these unfortunates did eventually find their way into our world again, the lore tells us that time in the Otherworld is not the same as ours and that the individual often emerges weeks, months, years or centuries after they went in. The person finding their way out of the land of Faerie might emerge into a world where everyone who ever looked for them is dead and, often, the years that have passed fall on them and they literally disintegrate into the dust they should have become years before. Not much chance of finding them then.

This article references faery lore but I will note, in passing, that the Unseelie are only one of many types of Intruder that could take the blame for some of these disappaearances. In any event, it appears that soon I will be within striking distance of one of Mr. Paulides’ clusters in the Adirondacks. I will do some etheric reconnaissance and report the results here once I am settled.