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Spirit Talk: Missing 411

Readers who have been following my blog for a while know that I have a serious interest in the Missing 411 outlined by David Paulides in his several books.


Briefly, Mr. Paulides proposes that people have been going missing in U.S. national wilderness areas (and he is now getting cases from other countries) under very mysterious circumstances. Common aspects of these cases, other than people simply vanishing never to be heard from again, include:

*Victims with disabilities or very high intellects

– the victim disappears with a dog
– dogs can’t or won’t track the victim

*Those that are found are often found near water/creeks/rivers and the missing tend to go missing in those locations

*Geographic clusters : mountains and water (see the map from Mr. Paulides’ web site above)

* Victims were often picking berries esp. huckleberries

* Victims often disappear or are found in swamps

* The missing who are found can not remember time away

* Those who are found are semi-conscious / unconscious
– missing clothes / shoes

* Victims are often found in locations previously searched on multiple occasions and “impossibly” far from where they disappeared

* Bad weather is often associated with disappearances

* The cause of death is often undetermined or head/facial trauma

Mr. Paulides details stories of people going missing from the end of climbing ropes and vanishing within a matter of seconds, with witnesses only losing sight of the victim for a moment. There are many podcast and Youtube interviews on this subject and I encourage my readers to look one up and listen to what this individual has to say. In the end, it may end up saving you from a lot of heart ache.

I worked as a volunteer in wilderness search and rescue and have a good idea of the things that can go wrong out the bush. I know that lack of preparedness and sometimes just plain bad luck can kill people in the wild but I also know that people who meet such misfortune do not simply vanish. There are traces left behind and those traces can be followed by a skilled tracker and/or tracking dogs. In these cases, it is as though the person stepped into the void, never to be seen again, and that the National Park Service, for reasons of its own, has decided that missing persons cases do not merit tracking.

Today (19 March) as I sat to meditate, I became aware of the presence of one of my spirit helpers. I had recently finished another book on missing persons (review soon to follow) and must have had the plight of these people stirring in the back of my mind. I asked the spirit to take me shamanically into one of the cluster areas described in Mr. Paulides’ work and was told in no uncertain terms that this would not happen since I was not “dressed for battle”. Given some of my experiences while “out”, in dreams and vision, I thought it best to take the spirit’s word.

Nevertheless, this helper was more than willing to discuss this phenomenon. He showed me, in a sort of mini-vision, a wooded area and then, in rapid succession, a series of events that could befall someone and make them disappear. Honestly, the “download” came so fast that I could not keep up but here are but a few of the things that could have befallen the missing. This list is not, by any means, exhaustive.

* It is well documented in Faery lore that there are entrances to the Otherworld on the face of this planet, most often located in wilderness areas. Some of the missing could have wandered through one of these portals, which are notoriously hard to see and then to escape from, and been lost to the Otherside. In some cases, victims may find their way out (or be ejected) some time later and such persons would certainly be confused and unable to recall exactly what happened to them, just as a person may lose the memory of a dream or vision.

* I was very clearly shown one of the Intruders, moving from the astral, through the etheric, gathering form and seizing someone from a trail and pulling them back to the Otherside. While the being I was looking at had a specific form, I was given to understand that, just as in our world, there are ambush predators of varying sorts that have the ability to enter our world when circumstances are right.

* The spirit tells me that some of these disappearance are human in origin. He would not say much about this other than to point out a strange dream I had a while back about secret government bases in the forest. I am not a big conspiracy buff but we can not ignore the fact that governments sometimes prey on their own people and that there are camouflage and cloaking techniques available that make people able to walk in the forest in near invisibility . . . and that is just the tech that we know about.

* Finally, I was reminded that, not only do the woods house humans who have gone feral, so to speak, but that there are human predators out there (serial killers) who are very crafty, very careful and quite willing to steal people when they can get away with it.

Mr. Paulides, in his various appearances, has recommended that people not hike alone, that they carry an emergency transponder and that they actually arm themselves before going into the woods. I think that this is all fairly good advice, though I have reservations about the use of firearms. I think it is important to note something here though.

If you are taking some or all of these precautions then you have established a mindset. You are not going into the woods unaware but are cognizant of the fact that there might be things, both Otherworldly and human, that could harm you. That awareness and your preparations take you out of any sort of unaware or victim mental status and, in my view, go a long way toward preventing an incident. All of the predators above, human or otherwise, seek to work in stealth. Your focused awareness makes you less susceptible to interference as well as increasing your enjoyment of the outdoors.



I have spent a lot of time, in the past few posts, talking about the idea that not only do spirits lie at times but that they also can effect human perception such that the human believes that one thing is happening when, in fact, something completely different is going on. My discussion, up to this point, has been around the idea that spirit communication is something that should not be done willy nilly but that the would be spirit communicator should be well trained in basic magical practices, especially banishing and work designed to align the magician with his or her Hidden One, before attempting evocation – the calling forward of a specific and well-researched spirit for a specific purpose.


With the best case scenario above, the magician has done the research on the spirit in question so that he or she can test that spirit and ensure that the being presenting itself is indeed the one the magic worker is looking for. No mage worth his or her salt will take any spirit at its word; their discernment process involves testing the spirit for responses in line with what is known about the spirit, their own native psychic impressions of the being they are dealing with and the input of the magician’s Hidden One (however you like to call that) and well-established spiritual allies. Evocation is not a process to be undertaken until the magician has at least managed to establish some contact with that Hidden One, has gained at least one good spiritual ally and has managed to settle their mind through meditation.

The above is the best case scenario. What we have with paranormal witnesses of all sorts, is the worst case scenario, an individual with little to no training encountering ‘something’ and having a perception of that ‘something’ which may be in real time or may be a wholly cast glamour. I am going to work with this idea from the assumption that the reader is the witness and walk you through the steps I might take to discern what it is I am actually seeing (or not seeing, as the case may be).

First of all, know that some things you will not be able to test. If you are walking in the woods, and you have a chance encounter with a Sasquatch, chances are good that the Big Fellow is not going to hang around long enough for you to do much more than point and exclaim and, even if it did, such encounters usually happen at a distance and are not typically interactive. The same thing can be said of most of the “monsters crossing the road” phenomenon that we see in paranormal reports. The witness sees what he or she sees and then it is gone. The creature might have been ‘real’ – in the sense that the witness saw an actual manifestation of something – or it could have been a glamour. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell.

Let’s say, though, that you find yourself in the midst of a full blown incident of some sort. Let’s use as an example one of the classics of paranormal literature, the black eyed kid. There are a number of theories about what these beings are ranging from children playing a hoax to alien hybrids and straight through to vampires. Their pattern is pretty similar, no matter what they are, the BEK (or BEK’s) approaches a person in a car and asks for a ride or knocks on the door of someone’s home and asks to come in.

You are home, alone, of an evening and a knock sounds on the door. You open the door and see a child, usually dressed in a hoodie, nondescript pants and shoes, standing on the doorstep. The child asks to come in to use the phone but something strikes you as “not right” and you hesitate.

Ding . . . spiritual discernment lesson number 1 – always listen to that inner voice. Whether it is the subconscious analyzing the situation and determining that there is danger or your Hidden One yelling at you to look out, if something seems ‘not right’ about a situation, I can assure you this is true. At some point in this scenario, you will realize that this creature has completely black eyes, including the irises. Take a psychological step back from the situation and use all your senses to determine what has cued up your defense systems.

I do mean all your senses, too. Look carefully at what is before you, listen to its voice and any other sounds it makes, scent the air around you and determine if it has a smell. Obviously, you are not going to taste it and I do not recommend touching such a being. Take a deep breath and try to center yourself. If you have a psychic bent, call upon whatever you hold sacred to allow you to see clearly what is before you and why you feel threatened. I recommend, too, invoking (calling into yourself) the Sacred since this provides protection as well as letting spirits know that they have been discovered. Facing off a BEK or other entity can be really scary, let that adrenaline wash through you but don’t let it rule you. Use the fear reaction to clear and sharpen your senses so that you can focus them. Used those focused senses to ‘look over’ whatever it is that is before you.

It is well known in faery and spirit lore that looking straight at a being does not yield the best results. Instead, regard the critter in your peripheral vision and chances are, with your focused senses and the protection of your invocation, you will get an idea of its true form. If this really is not a child playing a trick on you, it will become quite evident at this juncture. Everyone is different so I can not claim that you will get a crystal clear view of being but your perception will be clearer than it would have been if you had not taken steps to clear your sight and you should have a good notion of whether there is really something standing before you or if it is a projection coming from another source.

The Evocation of Anger

I had the misfortune recently to finally come down with some sort of upper respiratory plague. I do not get sick very often but, when I do, I do it well and I am not a believer in ‘toughing it out’ unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Instead, I took a couple of days off of work and watched some TV when I was not napping.

Of course, that television had to include some paranormal shows. I had the opportunity to watch several episodes of “Monster and Mysteries in America’ which I found campy and amusing and one of the ghost shows that I had not seen before. I am not going to name the show but, as with other paranormal investigation shows that I have watched, there was a whole lot of anger going on.


Now, I have given my opinion of ‘provoking’ tactics in a number of other posts. My basic stance: don’t do it. If you have been called to someone’s home or business to investigate a possible haunting, it is downright idiotic to run around calling out spirits all night. If there are entities of one sort or the other in that space, how do you really suppose this is going to settle things down for the people who have invited you into their space? And, if you happen to be going into a place known for activity that happens to have been, say, a sanitarium or prison, do you really suppose that it is the height of intelligence to provoke the spirits in a place where killers and other bad actors once lived?

It might make the alleged investigator feel macho but I suspect that most of the people who use these tactics really have not thought through what they are doing. It seems to me that the only reason most of these ‘investigators’ come out more or less unscathed is that the more powerful spirits really do not want to waste the time and energy it would take to play a quick game of squash with these individual’s heads.

What I found interesting though was the number of times these tactics seemed to produce phenomenon. Setting aside my reservations about paranormal TV and faking evidence, this group seemed to be able to gather some decent EVP’s and other manifestations as they went stomping through their sites. If I were a spirit in their area. I would have ignored them or worse, given their rude tactics, but then it dawned on me the sort of ‘evidence’ they were getting. Almost all of the sound recordings and other supposed manifestations of spirit presence were as hostile as the investigators themselves were.

Now, let me digress for a moment. In magical work, when you want to call a spirit or spirits, there are a number of techniques you can use, from the fairly simple to the ritualistically complex. You have to know what you are calling, you have to have some association or connection to that spirit (usually a symbol or sigil) and you usually have to be working within a particular tradition that outlines the proper technique for evocation. When you take these three things and combine them with the magician’s ability to open portals and empower a rite, you will have a successful evocation. This branch of magic is not one that is learned in a day and it is one that requires lots of practice to be really good at it.

Evocation, however, is a technique that summons a specific spirit or class of spirits. Almost anyone, with a modicum of talent and energy can get a response from something if they have the necessary focus. Please witness all the people who have scared themselves witless using a Ouija board. Even an untrained person can send out a signal on the astral that attracts “astral trash” – parasites, low level spirits and even, in some cases, thought forms – that are looking for an energetic snack. These ‘trash’ energies will play along with people to get what they want . . . ingress to a person’s energy field. So, basically, what happens in provoking style investigations is that the person who is calling out the spirits is getting the type of spirit that likes to snack on the energy that he or she is putting out: anger. While it is possible that the investigator may get some real human spirits mixed in with the trash, it is almost impossible to tell one being from the other without scorecard.

This inability to discern the spirits is yet another reason why having an experienced magician (or a well trained and competent medium) on a paranormal investigation team is not just a convenience but a must. If you, as the investigator, can not sort the spirits and there is not some machine that will do it for you, then you have to rely on the technology that has been available in human culture for centuries. Otherwise, at best, you will tick off the local spirits and, at worst, you will actually attract the attention of new spirits who are motivated by a hunger for aggressive energy. That situation is surely not one that you want to leave your client in.