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Magical Protections

Many moons ago, when this blog was just beginning, I wrote a post called Grays – Part 3 (Defenses) in which I espoused the idea that defense against the Intruders was based on a triad: Prevent, Repel and Disperse. I set forward some easy to use ideas for utilizing the triad in your own defense or the defense of another should the need arise.

In the last couple of posts, I’ve talked about a new manwolf sighting in Wisconsin and discussed a strange effect that magic seems to have in my life. I concluded that last post, on The Dresden Effect, with these thoughts from a spirit I have had contact with recently:

This spirit . . . also shook his head at the ‘scientific’ ghost and monster hunters who refuse to take even the most elementary magical precautions before going into the site of a paranormal event. He stressed to me the importance of learning to shield oneself, ground out any energies that one may encounter and cleanse after leaving the site and before going elsewhere. Often, what some perceive as taking entities home with them is simply the result of their energies interacting with energy of the portal area and producing effects on the perception. These effects can certainly feel as real as an actual haunting and may even be perceived by others in the person’s household.

So, let’s take a look at this new triad of shielding, grounding and cleansing/banishing. Each of these topics could be the subject of a post of its own but I have been instructed to leave space open for upcoming ‘news’ (no idea what that might be at this time but life has been interesting of late).


When we speak of shielding, we are speaking of the human energy field. Basically the idea here is that you can make the field more ‘dense’ and therefore less permeable to damaging or disharmonic energies. Think of it like the deflector shields in the Star Trek world only you are turning aside energies that are inimical to you instead of phasers and photon torpedoes.

One can do a temporary shield with visualization and intent and this will work fine in most situations; but, for the monster and ghost hunters out there who need something more permanent the shield needs to be anchored into something physical – usually a piece of jewelry that can be worn unobtrusively. I recommend amber, which hardens the aura but has the disadvantage of needing to be ‘cleaned’ regularly, or black tourmaline as bases for a wearable shield.

Basically, find a shield visual that works for you (a bubble of white light, whirling knives, a pyramid), sit with the jewelry in your right hand and bring that visual to life. See, smell, taste, touch, hear, if you can. Make it real and then give it an intention. Remember to include your power source (gods, guardians, angels, totem animals etc) for the shield and what it is supposed to do exactly. Finally, see the shield being connected to and arising from that piece of jewelry. Wear the piece regularly (but not all the time) and remember to feed the shield some energy at least weekly to keep it strong and attuned to your vibration.

Grounding is essentially the process of taking energies you do not want and composting them – that is feeding them into the earth which, because it is intimately involved in the processes of life, death and rebirth, knows exactly how to handle the energies and render them useful again. Grounding can be as simple as paying attention to where your feet touch the ground to as complex as visualizing yourself as a tree, bringing energy up from the earth to wash out the energies you are carrying, push them through your leaves and back out into the earth. Not only does grounding help you to clear your energy field; it also helps to settle you when you are feeling disjointed or “out of whack”.

Banishing or Cleansing
I’ve already spoken of the cleansing and repellent properties of certain plants, such as sage. When feeling that you have been exposed to energies that you do not wish to take on, you can do worse than to begin any aftercare with a good solid smudging with white sage. This, along with your grounding exercise, will help clear your field of all but the most stubborn energies and the sage works actively to prevent any etheric manifestation.

Once you have done the smudging though, you may be aware that some energies have been removed and that others seen to be hovering around your ‘perimeter’ waiting to get back in. This is when a good banishing ceremony will work wonders for getting rid of the hoverers.

Now, the banishing that most people with any exposure to the occult will recognize is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagrams, a Golden Dawn ritual that has been in existence for some time. The LBRP might be a good place to start if you are fond of angels and respond well to Hebrew god names but, for those of us with a more pagan bent, it is quite useful to develop our own form of banishing.

The sky is the limit here but the basic form that I have developed and that you can add into looks something like this. Stand tall and imagine yourself at the center of the Universe, with the Four Directions radiating out from you – Before, Behind, Right and Left. Now, focus your intention beneath your feet and draw the energy of the earth and the Lower World up through your central channel (I see it as red) and into the sky. Do this for 3 breaths then look to the sky and see the energy of the Upper World (white) cascading down through you. The first energy empowers you; the second energy cleanses you. Imagine the two energies meeting in your chest and forming a grey ball of light. This light increases in strength as you breathe the energies into you (Jason Miller recommends clutching a lightly clenched fist over your chest to give the feeling of something there). Once you feel that the energy is strong and powerful release your hold on it (open the fist) and allow it to expand into a sphere of dove gray light that carries all nastiness away from you.

This is a basic banishing to which you can add prayers, meaningful symbols etc. to make it more effective for you.