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Thoughts on The Messengers by Mike Clelland

Before I start today’s post, I want to put a plug in for another of my favorite podcasts – Expanded Perspectives.  Being a Texas native myself, listening to Cam and Kyle each week helps me keep the Texas twang in reserve here in the land of the drawl.  This ‘cast covers a huge amount of ground ranging from ‘alternative’ history to Sasquatch into hauntings and on to UFO lore.  The hosts obviously love what they do and they are excellent storytellers to boot.  Highly recommended, please check out the podcast if you are so inclined.


I have had occasion, in the past week, to hear author Mike Clelland speak about his new book, The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee and I actually took enough interest to pick up the book and begin reading it.  I have not completed the text but I can tell you that this book is well written and fascinating from the very beginning, chock full of stories that will make the reader take a closer look at their concept of reality.

And that is exactly what a book of this sort should do.  Mr. Clelland understands that he does not know and understands that the strange things that are happening to him and to his percipients are mysterious, that, indeed, they are a mystery in the old sense of the word.  If one goes all the way back to the Greek root mystes, one finds that the word refers to an initiate, an individual who has undergone the rites of one of several sacred places, most notably Eleusis.

In much the same way, those who are undergoing these experiences are undergoing their own initiation.  Sometimes beginning in childhood, these individuals are moving from a life of the ordinary and materialistic into a life where the Otherworld can break into their consciousness and effect that reality at any time.

I often wonder what would happen if abductees were placed in a magical or shamanic training program when they began to have their experiences.  I cannot help but wonder if they would not quickly learn to turn the experience off when it was unwanted and move more deeply into it when they had the time and space to explore that mystery.  I suspect that some interesting developments in the abductee world would ensue.

Mr. Clelland states, in the interviews I have heard and in the book, that his experiences and those of others seem to be directed by a consciousness that is trying to get their attention.  I strongly suspect that he is correct and, like the oracles of old, some training would allow these folks to get in contact with whatever is trying to get their attention.

I would be remiss if I did not share my own owl experience at this point.  I was in my early 30’s so this was over 20 years ago but I remember the event clearly.   I was working security for a large bank operations center in Arizona and, on this night, I had drawn patrol duty so I was spending a lot of time walking the building and driving our golf cart over to an out building to check its perimeter.  During this time, I was very actively engaged in learning ceremonial magic, practicing various rituals regularly and reading a lot on the subject.

As I drove back from the out building, I turned onto the street behind the operations center and noted something on the street in the golf cart’s dim headlights.  It appeared to be a rag or piece of debris but I slowed, just to be cautious and, as I neared the object, it ruffled its wing feathers and then turned directly toward me.  The object was a small burrowing owl, common in that area, but the bird was not behaving normally at all.  It sat squarely in front of my golf cart and refused to move, staring at me with the intensity that only an owl can manage.  I am not sure how long we sat there but I remember thinking that this creature’s presence was a clear sign to me to keep exploring.

Now, I really do feel that this was a ‘real’ owl and not some sort of screen memory but this event has stayed with me just as my first encounter with my shamanic power animal has.  If you want to be truly amazed by the richness of owl encounters and lore as well as reading some incredible synchronicity narratives, Mr. Clelland’s book is a great place to start.