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Short Follow Up: Alert – Cryptid Roaming Denver Suburbs

I caught this report on Phantoms and Monsters this morning after my own blog posted. The being described in this post sounds very similar to the thing that I saw snatching people off of pathways in the vision reported in my blog this morning. I think that this percipient is quite lucky that he did not become one of the missing and I will be interested to see the witness’ sketch.

In my own psychic impressions, I thought this being might be some predator out of the Faery realm (as I have often mentioned, the Faery can be entities of great power and not all of them take kindly to humans) but, in some ways, the speed and ‘shiftiness’ of the being remind me of the many skinwalker reports from the desert Southwest. The short black fur over black skin reminded me of the manwolf reports specific to people seeing the beings in their homes (this would be the ‘Anubis’ sort of manwolf).

In any event, I would not assume that this being and entities like it are harmless. Remember that some astral entities have the ability to wrap themselves in etheric substance as they come through and are therefore able to cause real physical harm. If you see something like the being described in the Phantoms and Monsters post, do exactly as this witness did, do not run (may invoke the predatory response) but move carefully and quickly away from the entity and out of its sight. Only try to record the event if you can do so safely. A spectacular video is not worth your safety.


The Next Big (Bird) Thing

It really irritates me when I know that I have written something in the past and, because of all the blog posts I have written, I am unable to find that post. Not even sure what word to search for . . .

Ah well, such is life, I suppose. In any event, I recall that, at some point during the life of this blog, I heard a podcast where someone mentioned that it seemed as though paranormal episodes and sightings were down, as though the Otherside were taking a little break. Whoever I was listening to conjectured that whatever is responsible for paranormal activity in the broadest sense (everything from UFO’s to ghosts and monsters) was getting bored with us and that, maybe, activity was just petering out. My comment at the time was something along the line of there being no folkloric support for the Otherside walking away from humans and that I suspected that those powers were simply cooking up something new to “mess with us”.


Well, it seems that, rather than cooking up something new, the Otherworld has simply rotated its stock and suddenly, we are seeing an influx of sightings of what some call Thunderbirds and, better yet, living pterosaurs. Linda Godfrey, best known for her Dogman/Manwolf research, has commented on social media that she is getting more big bird sightings than anything else since the publication of her recent book, American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends and Sightings in North America and I’ve noticed a distinct uptick in winged creature sightings on Lon Strickler’s Phantoms and Monsters. Mr. Strickler has also been tracking sightings of a something that distinctly resembles a glowing, flying manta ray. He is not even sure whether he should call it a UFO or a cryptic. It seems that monster hunters are going to have to join the UFO community in keeping an eye on the sky.


Now, it is my usual custom on this blog to present a phenomenon and then try to offer a magical explanation for that phenomenon. There are some phenomena though that make this extremely difficult since said phenomena are manifesting in different ways and require multiple explanations. A good example of this is the cattle mutilation phenomenon. In my review of a recent book on those incidents, I stated flatly that no one magical explanation seemed to fit the facts in these cases and that the obvious imposition of human agencies into the events made interpretation fraught with peril. I see much the same thing with the recent wave of flying creatures and I return to my theory that certain agencies in the Otherworld are seeking to “mess with us”. By presenting us with multi-layered phenomena, these agencies are preventing human beings from coming up with any sort of universal field theory of the paranormal.

I will say this about some of the broad categories of winged creatures though:

1) Thunderbirds – I will define these as abnormally large birds (many times described as the size of a small airplane) that often seem to resemble raptors or very large crows or ravens. These creatures seem to be something that the Native people of this country recognize (much as they recognize Sasquatch) so, were I a field investigator, I would turn to the Native peoples for their thoughts on these giant birds. I will also note that everything that exists in our world or has existed still exists in the Other but the translation from one world to the next can result in interesting variations in size. Thus the stories of little people, just like ourselves only much tinier, and, perhaps, the sightings of giant birds in our world.

2) Pterosaurs – we have a fossil record of this creature but it is supposed to have been extinct for millions of years, in this world. Again, everything that exists in this world or has existed still exists in the Otherworld, including dinosaurs, saber toothed cats and even mammoths. Time has no meaning for the Otherside so, again, it is quite possible that specific window areas are intersecting with places in the Otherworld where these critters exist and, viola’, modern day pterosaur sightings. The TV show Primeval, with its anomalies, is, I suspect, not that far off the mark.

3) Winged humanoids – I rather suspect that these beings may be spirits who have manifested on this plane. Remember that it is quite possible for a being, if it can develop sufficient energy and skill, to manifest from the astral, through the etheric, where it takes on a form of sorts, and into our world. Given the general creepiness associated with most flying humanoid sightings, I would place these creatures in the strong and intelligent parasite realm and suspect that they are feeding off the emotional responses they engender.

I do not claim that any of these remarks are definitive. A thunderbird could be a manifesting spirit and a flying humanoid could be a failed evolutionary experiment from an alternate human time line. Any of these beings could be artificially created entities constructed by magicians on this plane or in the Otherworld.

I wonder, too, if some of the Powers That Be are not simply putting these things in our path to keep us from getting too complacent in our little scientific, materialist world view.

Etheric Exploration: Wisconsin Drowning Mystery

I had just finished writing a piece in which I suggested that I might like to do an etheric projection on a fresh case and a case popped up for me to look at. Before I go into the projection proper, let me say that I do not think that my results represent the be all and end all solution to this mystery. As with all enigmas, I suspect that a variety of factors contribute to these tragedies and that some, but not all, of those factors are included in this blog post.

A quick word on etheric projection. As I have said on a number of occasions, the etheric realm is that “layer” of the Otherworld that is closest to the physical world in which we (usually) live. The etheric realm is the most ‘dense’ of the realms of the Otherworld and those who travel in it can actually take harm from hostile entities there so etheric projection is not a skill lightly taught in the occult, nor lightly used. The technique does, however, sometimes yield startling results as I mentioned in my previous post.

To the results of this projection . . . Riverside Park in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, had been listed as one of the places where a drowning occurred so I took that site as the locus of my investigation. After entering the necessary trance state, I moved my etheric self from my home to Riverside Park and, after taking a moment to get oriented, began to collect my impressions.

First impression: I had the impression of a river monster of some kind in the depths of the river. I could not see this beast clearly but it gave the impression of being long and eel-like although, when it became aware of my attention, it seemed to project the classic long necked plesiosaur image (ala Loch Ness). I do not think that this creature, if it lives in our reality at all, has anything to do with the drownings, but I include this to give readers an idea of the nature of the projection experience. You never really know what you will encounter until you “get out”.

Second impression: there were a large number of shadow beings in the park. I was a little worried since some of these beings can be hostile to humans and especially to humans who can interact in their realm. I stood very still and was prepared to take off but none of these beings seemed to notice me, even when they bumped into me.

Third impression: As I watched these shadow beings I felt that I was not seeing the whole picture so I took to the air (yes, one can fly in the etheric). At that point, I felt I had a better understanding of what was happening. The beings were issuing from a ‘portal’ and moving into the water. In essence, they were a part of a moving current of energy that was flowing into the water.

There were portals like this sporadically up and down the river as far as I could see (some several miles) and I had the feeling that they might have derived from much earlier times.


1) My theory about these tragedies centers around these ‘currents’ of energy that I noted from the air. I am given to understand from the news pieces I read that the young men who drowned tended to be inebriated. In my opinion, these energy currents were quite strong enough to draw someone who had had too much to drink to the river and even into the river. It is also my opinion that, unless the individual happened to be a very strong swimmer, once that person was entangled in one of these energetic currents, it would be very difficult to escape.

2) One of the writers asked why it only seemed to be young white men who were subject to these drownings. I can not propose a solid answer to that question except to note that I did see shadow beings as a part of these currents of energy. As I mentioned above, these beings can be actively hostile and I adopted a very quiet approach to avoid any conflict. If, for whatever reason, these beings were manifestations of energy that “had it in” for young white males, this might account for the victim selection.

3) I can not state with certainty that my theory is correct. One of the limitations to etheric projection is that it happens to be a very “real time” phenomenon. To ‘prove’ my theory, I would actually have to see one of these drownings taking place. Fortunately, this was not the case since I would have been forced to try to intervene if such a thing were occurring. Given the overwhelming number of these shadow beings present in the energy current, I suspect that things could have gotten quite nasty if I had tried to turn them from their purpose – whatever that was. I only present these observations as a possibility in this case.

Further information is needed so I will attempt a shamanic voyage to this location in the near future (time permitting, of course) to gather further information and see if I can make contact with some of the spirits of the place. More as it develops . . .

Ebola Outbreak

I recently caught this article regarding the Ebola outbreak in Africa on Lon Strickler’s Phantoms and Monsters. This piece is sad on so many levels that I felt the need to address it.

Before I say anything else, however, I want to take a moment to encourage anyone who reads this blog post to do whatever you do to send positive healing energies to this part of the world. Visualization, prayer, magic, work with the dead or dying . . . whatever work you can do, in addition to whatever financial outlay you might make can have an effect in this terrible situation. I am not overly sentimental and I understand that there are forces of tearing down as well as forces of building up, but such a plague surely deserves our attention and compassion.

BarbSprayedWBleach-flex Image from CDC Website.

The sub text that I read in this article is that these people are poor, ignorant, superstitious villagers who need to be pulled from their unenlightened state by the science of the West. Now, I will be the first to say that the belief system in some parts of Africa can be hard to take. As in medieval Europe, it is all too easy for someone to point at another villager, cry witch and set off a series of events that can lead to the witch’s death. I do not for a moment condone this sort of behavior and I certainly want to see the West African people get all the medical assistance they need in order to break this plague.

However, I want you to place yourself in these villagers’ shoes for a few moments. Many, if not most, of these folks live at a subsistence level with minimal access to even the most basic health care and education. While we may not understand them, many of these villagers also have a very clear set of spiritual beliefs and have very likely felt the presence of the spirits in their lives. The much maligned ‘traditional medicine’ has been the only medicine many of them have ever known and, contrary to what we may believe, that medicine has sometimes worked for them.

In other words, these folks are people who are living in a world that most of us can not even begin to understand. When was the last time you had to slaughter an animal or hunt in order to eat? How many times have you had to find an herbal remedy to treat a raging fever? It is an entirely different world from the one that most of us live in and, before we criticize the ‘ignorant savages’ who will not allow doctors and medics into their villages, we have to look at things from their perspective.

The villagers have been living a normal life – getting by day to day, keeping food in their stomachs and, perhaps, if they are lucky putting a little aside for things they consider luxury items. One of them comes down sick with a fever, muscle aches and headache. This individual feels so weak he or she can hardly get to the toilet and their bowels are loose when they do manage it. The person refuses food and, within a week, despite the efforts of the village healer, that person dies. And, then, the people who had contact with the sick one become ill as well . . . some of them even worse, evincing bleeding, red eyes, difficulty breathing and more. Panic begins to spread in the village, the spirits do not seem to be able to conquer this awful disease and the rumor begins to spread that the village or, at least, those who are sick have been cursed.

In these people’s view, a curse is a very real thing (and, from a magical perspective, a curse is also very real, although it does not usually bring symptoms of a hemorrhagic fever). Suddenly, these outsiders appear, with their strange suits and their refusal to show their faces, and say that they know how to treat the illness. Even if the villagers allow this, the mortality rate for this awful disease is still anywhere from 50 to 90 percent. Word travels fast in a crisis, the telephone effect occurs as word spreads from one person to another and it is not long before those who are trying to help are suspected of actually causing the curse.

In these people’s world view, their belief is entirely justified and their banning of doctors from their village is logical to them. They are trying to protect themselves while faced with something new, completely different and terrifying. Like their ancestors before them, they feel that they have to deal with this plague by trial and error, finding ways to avoid it or cure it using the technology available to them since it is obvious to them that the strangers are not having any luck with this disease either! Once you contract this bleeding sickness, chances are high that you will die.

It seems to me that, rather than shaking our heads at the ignorance of these people, we need to meet them in their own mindset. Some of the Western treatments for Ebola do increase the patients likelihood for survival (things like fluid replacement and supplemental oxygen) but it is Western isolation procedures that will be most useful in stemming the tide of this viral outbreak. To get villagers to go along with these strange procedures, I think that we have to move past the ‘medical deity (MD)’ model to a model where procedures are explained to the people by someone they can identify with – a fellow villager or better yet a native healer who has been given some understanding of the disease and can explain it to others in terms they will accept. For example, if the villagers believe that Ebola is a curse, then they should understand that the suits and gloves and other isolation procedures are magical techniques for blocking off the curse and preventing it from spreading.

In essence, my feeling is that, to minimize the suffering of these people, we have to view the situation like we would being in a land where we did not speak the language. We either have to learn the language or, in the case of an emergency, we need a translator.

May the spirits who walk with these people bring forth those translators quickly and effectively so that this plague can be stemmed before it spreads further.


Before I begin this week’s missive, I wanted to take a moment to note that the blog is now over a year old. As I go into year two of this endeavor, traffic on the blog has increased somewhat and I am hearing from my readers more. I am very grateful for this and particularly happy that readers are sharing their thoughts with me.

As such, I want to ask you, the readers, what areas of the paranormal you would like to see covered in this blog. Are there particular creatures or incidents that you would like to see reviewed here? What might I do to improve your reading experience? Please feel free to comment and let me know how you would like Monsters and Magic to evolve.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program . . .

I saw this very interesting set of witness reports on Lon Strickler’s Phantoms and Monsters site the other day. One sighting of a creature described as a gargoyle would be remarkable enough but the researchers who reported on these incidents actually recorded multiple encounters with this creature. One of the witnesses described this being as something “straight from hell” and noted that he wished that it would go back.

While it is certainly possible that one of the Intruders assumed this form in order to scare the beejesus out of people, I would note that the gargoyle is actually a man made construct that was designed to be fearsome so that it could accomplish its purpose.

A Gargoyle at the Cathedral of Meaux

Historians and archeologists, of course, have endless intellectual arguments about what purpose the gargoyles served on cathedrals and other medieval buildings – other than their obvious use as decorative rain spouts. Even the most bland academic recognizes that these “rain spouts” were carved to resemble fierce creatures for a reason and some posit cautiously that they were intended to scare away “evil spirits” while laughing behind their hands at the superstitious Church and the peasants that followed it.

Magic users recognize the purpose of a gargoyle right away. It is quite common for a mage to have a house guardian, a thought form that is created, charged and assigned to protect the home from physical or psychic invasion (or both). Such a creation needs a home, something to bring its energy into the physical plane thus you will often find statuary in a mage’s home that serves as a physical base for the house guardian. Gargoyles are simply house guardians for the buildings that they inhabit.

Remember that, back in the day, masons were more than stonecutters and, even if they were not, almost all important buildings of the time were blessed by the rites of the Church, thus charging their gargoyle protectors. While the belief in magic has died in many hearts, even today one notes people looking up with a mixture of fear and/or awe at these statues, thus feeding them a little residual energy to keep them going. This does not even take into consideration the magic workers who actively “feed” these guardians around the world. A sort of magical restoration project if you will . . .

Returning to our witnesses in PA, I would first note that the area where these encounters took place is in Pennsylvania. I sometimes suspect that the whole state of PA is one giant window area/portal. Either that or there are just a lot more paranormal researchers on the ground there than elsewhere. In either event, whether one is looking for Sasquatch reports, UFO’s or monsters of various kinds, PA is often a good place to start.

So, if we recognize gargoyles as powerful thought forms created to protect churches and public buildings in Europe and, to a lesser extent, the US, we begin to have a frame of reference for these sightings. One of the hazards of thought form creation is the issue of limitations.

Put simply, magic users are generally taught that, when they create a thought form, it should have a built in shut off switch. For example, if one were to create a servitor thought form that was designed to assist in the creative process for a certain project then the servitor would be programmed to dissolve to its constituent parts once the project was complete. This avoids the very real danger which we see in the narrative of Alexandra David-Neel where she created a tulpa without specific intent and then was forced to dissolve the thing when it started to go rogue.

We can not know exactly what limits or shut offs were placed on the gargoyle guardians without extensive occult research. Given the hubristic attitude of the Church at that time (e.g. the thought that the church would go on to the End Times), I suspect that the time limitations placed on gargoyles would have been minimal and that, as a result, some of them have developed limited sentience and gone on to “do their own thing”. Voila’, a magical being of significant power that would be quite capable of appearing to a witness under the right circumstances.

I can not answer the “why Pennsylvania?” question except to say, as before, that the Land there seems to be riddled with portals. I lived for a short while in the foothills of the Catskill range, just north of PA and, if there is as much spirit activity in the mountains of PA, as there was in my old home range, I would give credence to almost anything reported there. While I doubt that the gargoyle thought forms are dangerous (unless you happen to be chiseling your name in the side of a church) or that they can take physical form, they are certainly powerful enough to manifest to physical appearance. I have to wonder, too, if some magical work in that area was not drawing the creatures; it is not beyond the realm of possibility that a “rogue” gargoyle might be discovered and used as a guardian by an existing magical group.

More on the Creature of Mud Creek Road

In my last blog, I talked about an astonishing incident, reported by a couple in November 2011, in which they reportedly saw a being morphing from what they first took to be a naked human to . . . something else. The female percipient likened the witnessed transformation to watching someone become a werewolf while the male witness felt that he was, in the end, looking at a gargoyle without wings. I pointed out that, given the shiftiness of human perception, even in more normal situations, and the energies that surround an Otherworld incursion, the being in question might have been something reasonably harmless which was adopting protective camouflage.

I think this is a good theory since both witnesses survived the incident (and, yes, I am serious) but there are some other possibilities that merit discussion. I will start with the least likely and move to those I feel have more likelihood.

As unlikely as it seems, this case may have been exactly what it seems – a human shifting from one form into another. I have given my thoughts on why I think this is extremely unlikely (energy outlay = highly improbable) but let’s examine how this could be the case. In order for a human to transform from human to animal (or gargoyle for that matter) and back, a massive power source would be needed. People make the mistake of thinking that magic is easy – wave a wand or chant a spell and viola’, you get a result – but this is not the case. Magic like any other effort requires a power source. In mundane terms, the magician trying to pull off a “real world” physical transformation would need to find the equivalent of a nuclear reactor to power the working. Think gods, archangels, powerful old Faerie (which some see as gods) etc.

If a human being had gained sufficient access to such a being’s power (and I can not see an archangel being involved here unless it was to prove an ethical point) then anything, including a physical transformation is possible. As I mentioned before, there are legends of the gods and Faerie turning people into animals so there is some precedent as well. Still, I can not see such a being wasting that much energy. Its far more likely that the generator of such power might simply cast a powerful glamour to make both the “werewolf” and those around him/her believe that the individual was becoming a monster of some sort. Alternatively, the power source being might assist with some real werewolfery and help the person encase themselves in an etheric shell that looked and felt like a wolf or wolf man. In either case, both the shifter and the people seeing him or her would be absolutely convinced of a physical transformation and only punching the etheric shell with cold iron would dispel that notion. Most folks are not going to want to get that close to a raving werewolf.

So, such things are possible and there have even been people who learned or had a natural gift for the building of the etheric shell around the physical body but there is another magical technique that could have produced this frightening phenomenon. In the Norse story Hrolf’s Saga, we meet a hero named Bjarki who went forth into battle in the shape of a great bear. The interesting thing about Bjarki, if I have my sagas straight, is that while the bear was out fighting, Bjarki was out cold in his tent. In other words, this Viking warrior had mastered a form of projection that allowed him to manifest a bear on the field of battle, a solid physical form that played havoc in the enemy ranks until some clown woke the magician and forced him out onto the field of battle in his human form (the battle was subsequently lost, by the way). Such a gift of etheric projection would be extremely rare and would require a huge amount of time, training and discipline on the part of the projector as well as some serious help from the Otherside but I would imagine that anyone seeing the projection coming forth and taking form would be pardoned if they were convinced that they had seen a human transforming into something other. It’s that perception thing again.

Finally, and most likely in my view, is the possibility that the couple witnessed the incursion of an Otherworld being into our world. The Faerie, as one example, are noted shape shifters as are their cousins the djinn. While the creature might have just been adopting protective camouflage, it is also possible that it felt territorial about that area and wanted to scare the couple off, that it was more of a nature spirit and disliked humans on general principle, that it was a very powerful thought form placed there by First People shaman to protect a sacred site or that it was a spirit that fed on emotional energy and so performed this little scenario for a quick snack. In any of these events, I am sure that the experience was truly terrifying and I hope that discussing it with investigators has helped these two young people deal with an incident that would make even the most dyed in wool ‘skeptic’ think twice about his whole philosophy and outlook on life.

The Creature of Mud Creek Road

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have had the opportunity to listen to some of the paranormal podcasts out there. I was looking, the other day, for an interview with veteran researcher Stan Gordon, a man who has been investigating the unexplained for over 50 years, I found a great interview with him over at Beyond the Edge Radio (you will need to dig through their archives on iTunes or other podcast software to find the show). I wanted to see what Mr. Gordon was up to these days and, during the course of the interview, he mentioned a case that I had heard of before but had not had a chance to review here.

You can find the incident report for this occurrence at Phantoms and Monsters, one of the paranormal sites I have dialed into my RSS reader. This particular set of reports came to him from the aforementioned Stan Gordon and I found the first report in the queue, entitled “The Creature of Mud Creek Road” to be particularly interesting since I have a strong interest in shape shifters.

I am not going to quote the entire report, which comes from November 2011, but I would like to note the following. As you read this, please remember that when the couple in this sighting first saw the creature, they mistook it for a naked man crawling along the side of the road.

As the couple watched in amazement, the creature began to stretch its body. The man said that at this point the animal started to stand up on its back legs while also falling over onto its front feet. The driver said that in this position, the creature seemed to be about 6-7 feet tall. The animal then fell over on all four legs. The witnesses observed that the front claws of the creature was now two feet across the center line of the highway, while the back feet remain one-two feet from the edge of the road . . .

The witnesses indicated that this creature appeared to be changing form. The driver said, “Its shape was nothing like when it was squatted”. The woman stated to me that it “shaped into another form.” She thought it was a dark brown color, and looked like a werewolf with a little back hair. She estimated that when it was leaping into the woods, she thought it stood about 9 feet tall. The woman while reluctant to say it said, “I think it was a man changing into a werewolf”. The man after the experience went onto the internet to try to figure out what he saw, and told me that the closest way he could describe the creature would be a gargoyle with no wings. The man commented, “I will never forget what we saw that night”.

This is an utterly fascinating case of what appears to be someone or something caught in the act of shape shifting and it is well worth taking a look at the link and reading the full report.

I have stated more than once in these pages that I find it highly unlikely that a person could make a physical world transformation from human to animal. The energy outlay for such an event would be such that I doubt that even a werewolf could consume the calories necessary to sustain the Change to wolf and then back to human. A physical transformation would require the complete “re-booting” of an individual’s internal organs, bones and sinew and then a change back through the whole process. I never say that anything is impossible – legend states that the gods were able to change humans from one form to another – but I think it would require the interference of a fully manifested god form to bring on such a physical transformation.

So, what did these terrified people actually see? The answer here lies, I think, in perception. Note that each witness concluded something different when faced with this strangeness. The female thought it looked like a werewolf transformation while the male leaned toward a gargoyle.

Our perception of events, especially events outside our ordinary day to day life, can be skewed by any number of factors. Even in the more mundane instance of witnessing a purse snatching, police officers know that three different witnesses may give three different descriptions of the perpetrator depending on where they were standing, what the light was like, whether the day was overcast or clear and a host of other physical and environmental factors. If we add in the witnesses biases, their perception may be even more colored, literally. If, for example, the witness notes that the perpetrator is wearing clothes associated with a local gang, he may “see” the perpetrator as being of the race associated with that gang, even if the criminal happens to be of another ethnicity altogether.

Given that our perceptions are so easy to skew, let’s add in another factor, the incursion of an Otherworld being into our physical world. Such incursions are accompanied by energy, EMF and other, more subtle forces that are going to tend to cause perceptual issues in humans. The male witness noted that the creature seemed perturbed about being observed. It may be that the creature, whatever it was, was actually exerting an influence on the witness’ minds so that they did not see its true form. Its entirely possible that the couple encountered something benign along the side of the road that adopted protective camouflage when it realized it was being observed. My astral/etheric experiences have shown me that a lot of the nasty looking creatures out there are simply parasites that are either trying to get some emotion going so they can feed or are trying to scare you off so you don’t hurt them.

Somehow, I think that, if the thing really had been a werewolf or some other shape shifting monster, this couple might never have made it home to report this strange event.