Monthly Archives: January 2016

Return From the Grave

I had, honestly, thought that I was done with blogging several months ago but I have found, as time has gone by, that my reasons for leaving have lost much of their force.  I find it very amusing, in fact, to note that the site got more hits while I was gone than it did while I was blogging actively.  Oh well, all those folks that have been referencing the site while I was not flinging words about will have to deal with some new content.

I could give a lot of reasons for returning to this site but suffice to say that I have had cause to do some serious introspection in the past months and have determined that I need to do more things that I am truly passionate about.  If there is one thing that sits constantly close to my heart, it is the paranormal / Fortean / magical.  I find that I have a real need to discuss these things and, since I do not want to fill anyone’s in box with my ramblings, it seems best to bring back the blog.

As before, I shall try to provide something new each week.  I may or may not have time to write as extensively as I did before (which some of you may find a blessing) but I will try to jump back in and offer some thoughts from my ‘interesting’ perspective.

There has been one blip on my screen that I wanted to mention and urge any readers towards.  Shannon LeGro has recently launched a new podcast called Into the Fray that I listen to regularly and have found to be quite interesting and, dare I say it, fun.  Ms. LeGro and her co-hosts Ryan Sprague and Sam Shearon offer some news of the week and have had some excellent guest interviews.  I recommend the ‘cast to those who want to listen to discussion on a wide range of paranormal / Fortean topics.

The other thing that I would like to put out there is that I have, after many deep breaths, finished edits on my first fiction novel and have begun shopping it out to see if I can get it published.  Wish me luck!

Blessings to all as the festival of Imbolc approaches.  I will be back to my regularly scheduled format shortly.