Sasquatch and the Otherworld


Last week, I wrote about the excellent book Enoch: A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams.  In that post, I talked about how, over the course of writing this blog (203 posts!) I have referred to the creature that I call Sasquatch (Bigfoot seems derisive to me) many times and have held, since the beginning of the blog, that Sasquatch is something other than a North American wood ape.

One has only to look at the work of researchers like Stan Gordon or read books like Hunt For The Skinwalker to see that at least some of the manifestations of Sasquatch fall outside our consensual reality.  Apes, to my knowledge, do not go poof when you shoot then, nor do they simply disappear into thin air as a witness watches.  Add this to the near legendary hide and seek ability of the creature, lack of physical remains, reports of people hearing the being walking near them but being unable to see it, the panic that often ensues in a sighting, even when the ‘monster’ is some distance away, the reported cases of Sasquatch and UFO’s together and tracks that are clearly delineated in a line until they simply vanish and one begins to see a pattern of things that are quite out of the ‘normal’.

Open minded researchers who ask witnesses if they have ever had anything else out of the ordinary happen to them will often find that the percipient has, indeed, experienced other Fortean or paranormal events.  Native peoples have a variety of legends about these creatures and, as I mentioned in the blog last week, they tend to regard the Sasquatch (or whatever they call it in their language) as a separate tribe of ‘people’ in much the same way as they view the Little People (what Celts might have called the Fey).  To them, these beings exist but you are not necessarily going to be able to go out into the forest and grab hold of one and bring it back to camp.

The primary reason that I do not think Sasquatch is a simple bipedal ape wandering our forest though is personal.  I discovered a while back that Sasquatch is actually a being that one may be able to evoke magically.

The tale is a rather convoluted one and one where I can not reveal identities but suffice to say that I had contact with a certain researcher back in 2012 or thereabouts.  This person was interested in all manner of Fortean phenomenon and was preparing to go out with another friend, who happened to be a Sasquatch researcher, on a forest expedition.  We had talked about my theory that Sasquatch were more aligned to the Fey than to orangutans so this individual asked what it might take to summon a Sasquatch.  I considered this for a couple of days, not sure if it would work for someone who was not a practicing magician, but decided that it was worth a shot.

I sent the person very detailed instructions on how to open a way between the worlds based on Jason Miller’s rending of space in The Sorceror’s Secrets and issue a Call for the being known as Sasquatch. My acquaintance took my advice to heart but, in their later report to me, stated that they just felt too silly doing some of the things that I recommended (the rite that I set up was pretty over the top ceremonial magic and I would likely do things differently now, should I have the chance).

Despite not having followed my instruction completely, what this person did do seemed to work.  The researcher reported that, all through the trip, the party felt watched and that they had a couple of instances of unexplained bipedal footsteps in the night, a rock throwing incident and one of those corner of the eye sightings that could have been anything but appeared to be the shadow of something upright and bipedal.  Given that the pair were out in the unmarked wilderness, it was unlikely to be another person.

While I could not call the experiment an unqualified success, it was successful enough to make the novice researcher decide that being a witness might be neat but that actually trying to pursue a Sasquatch was likely not a great idea.  Although this person did not feel really threatened, their psychic senses told them that whatever was out there was ambivalent to them at best.

Now, I know that my animals (dog and cat) are attracted to the energy when I meditate or do magical work so it may be that a wood ape would be attracted in like manner.  Given the very specific nature of the working (what was done of it) though, I think it very likely that the researcher actually did manage to call the Hairy Ones through.  Either way it made for an interesting weekend for the researcher and confirmed that I will have to try this experiment when I have a chance to explore the North Carolina woods on my own.

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